1. Conservative voters have a weaker band with religion than in past times, which CD&V still advocates (in)directly. Most of them move over to both N-VA and Vlaams Belang. Vlaams Belang isn't unlogical since conservatives also have a great deal of Flemish-minded people and Vlaams Belang considers themselves to be a conservative party.

  2. CD&V is draining. My pet theory is that CD&V's audience is partially dying off and being replaced by young voters, a significant part of whom are of course alt-right.

  3. "I'm only voting for openly racist parties because they called me racist 😢" is the worst excuse of far-right voters. Far-right ationalism grows up in Flanders because more and more Flemings are far-right nationalists, not because we call them out for that.

  4. i've said it before refusing to govern with them is just going to end up with them as a majority party at some point. and the higher they get the more people realize that "oh they might not be a joke anymore"

  5. When two parties have 50% you're still miles away from an absolute majority. But I get your point. It's anywhere between 41 and 53% btw.

  6. This is what you get when the largest party that was in the government for five years (N-VA) barks like VB when it comes to migrants but bites as a moderate party? also don’t forget the you shit leftist/centrist parties with no backbone (except for PVDA). Why would those VB voters who switched to N-VA stay there when they can go back to the original and that actually would carry out its program?

  7. Groen + SP.A + PVDA are still just exchanging voters between them. There really needs to be a change of strategy of the left if they want to influence policy again.

  8. SP.A should adopt the Danish immigration model that the Danish social-democrats promote as shown in this week's Pano broadcast, and they will win the votes of the lower classes who aren't fond of immigration back. Those voters have currently left the SP.A for Vlaams Belang. Since the Danish social-democrats have adopted their strict stance on immigration, they have become one of the leading parties there again. Currently they are the only governing party there in a minority government even. If the SP.A wants to survive, it should follow their example and adopt a similar immigration stance. Let the more pro-immigration people to Groen and the PVDA.

  9. SP.A has been thoroughly discredited. Many of those who voted for SP.A because they want a left-wing programme have left for PVDA. I'm sure the recent overture to N-VA hasn't helped in that regard.

  10. The only thing they could do to attract voters from the right is to start hating on brown-skinned people. Maybe. They have a huge image problem, no matter what they say.

  11. That poll was probably correct at the time. Fatigue just set in amd Calvo and Almaci fucked up their advantage.

  12. This and the whole: "I might have to do something back for the community if I don't have a job for two whole fucking years."- thread really made my week!

  13. I'm gonna start a left-libertarian ultra-populist platform and save Belgium. All VB has over N-VA is ad hominems, a "volkse toets" and a volume button that doesn't go down, fake and misleading news to construct a narrative and other scummy debate tactics.

  14. The constant spreading of fake news, the homophobia, the overt racism, the violence (Pukkelpop, the Marrakesh march), the open hostility towards all other political parties, the astroturfing, the white supremacist dog-whistles and fog-horns, getting a barely-crypto-actual-fascist elected, chastising the press for being Lügenpresse...

  15. Yeah, how could they believe that people would stop voting for VB by doing nothing but repeating that such voters are nothing more than stupid racists...

  16. After talking to my brother and hearing them complain about the vast increase of minority children in schools and how they affect their upbringing: i.e. more likely to be the rowdy kids with foul language and general disrespect towards which is taught early nowadays, I kind of see why he votes VB.

  17. Really don't get this. Are people really thinking that any powerless(!) immigrant is a greater treath than their bosses that have (probably) been ripping them off for years?

  18. If we keep going the way we're going we won't have a planet in 100 years or less. But we can't stop fighting about people from which stretch of land are superior to all the other ones. Or even which part of the tiny stretch of land.

  19. Well, the more ecologically knowledgeable fascists think "sure, the biosphere is done for, but at least the last wretches drawing their last breath in dying bunkers across Europe will be white."

  20. Wasn't the planet just getting a little warmer? Who told you it will disappear out of nothing in 100 years?

  21. Als iemand over vb en migratie begint, dan vraag ik gewoon welke andere punten van vb ze nog steunen. Meestal blijft het dan héél stil, want ze weten eigenlijk niet wat er nog in hun programma staat.

  22. Betekend dit ook niet dat de andere partijen slechts 1 punt moeten bijwerken om het signaal van de kiezers te respecteren?

  23. Pensioenen, Energie, Belastingsverlagingen, Vlaamse onafhankelijkheid, Getrapte sociale zekerheid voor nieuwkomers enz.

  24. Telling people they're dumb because of how they vote while being unable to get your post right in one time really makes you look smart my friend, well done.

  25. I could argue our Flemish and federal government were anything but red, or I just could save myself some time and just say what everyone will be thinking anyway: you are an idiot and get back to

  26. "De regering is rood..." Is VB niet een pak meer rood dan de huidige regering? Of betekent "rood" alles wat niet voor het sluiten van de grenzen is? VB heeft de verkiezingen toch gewonnen met een links economisch programma, niet? Minimumloon op 14 euro, pensioenleeftijd terug naar 65, hoger pensioen,... Allemaal copy paste van het ABVV hoor. Nu, dat is natuurlijk maar volksverlakkerij als je er het stemgedrag van het VB in het parlement op nagaat maar goed...

  27. Wat voor een zwakkeling moet ge niet zijn om u fascistoïde delusies hier te komen verspreiden en niet eens te durven pleiten voor de onmidellijke executie van 'landsverraders'. Op die manier gaat ge als reactionair niet serieus genomen worden ze

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