1. Damn I thought they were magical or something lol. Maybe try them again around spawn, that's when I have had the best days with them. Thank you though

  2. My #1 go to, never fails me, "I'm putting atleast one in the boat before I leave" watermelon purple or watermelon candy baby brush hog Texas rigged with a 3/8 tungsten weight pegged. Works every single time.

  3. Yes brush hogs all the way when I run out of lizzards lol. Seriously though they do seem to produce better occasionally

  4. They don’t sell a bulk pack? That’s commitment, been on the fence about buying a 30 or 100 pack of my Green Pumpkin Chartreuse tail 4 inch Yum Dingers… so far they’ve been my go to.

  5. I don't think so but I might be wrong, 2.50 at walmart was the best I'd ever seen them so i hopped on it. I did buy a pack of dingers once though, don't recall doing good with them, may have been fishing them wrong

  6. I usually Texas rig a zoom 6" lizard with a 3/0 gamakatsu EWG hook and a 1/8 oz weight. I like to cut the arms off too if the bites slow. Peg the weight or don't. Both have good action.

  7. Like brackish water said essentially 3/0 or 4/0 hook and a bullet weight of different sizes depending on the conditions

  8. It depends where I’m at, but almost always the yum dinger morning dawn. Cheap, effective, and rarely let’s me down.

  9. Mines the zoom worm. In any dang color. I think I have almost three or more of every color. Please don’t tell the wife…. I have a problem…..

  10. True story I have a couple of buddies that won't fish with me I can tie their lure tell and show them exactly how I fish it I've even given up my spot then cast it for them hand them the pole away and I will still catch one before them. Funny how that works.

  11. I was just gifted a few of these the other day for trying to catch smallies but haven't ever really used soft plastics. Any tips? It'll be smaller rivers and streams

  12. never fished them in a river before, but I rig it Texas or Carolina and will either just rip them and let the arms and tail be the action or hop them along the bottom. Typically fairly shallow and often around structure of some kind. I will say I have not caught a smallie ever lol, but two surprise pike and shockingly a freshwater drum (thought I caught a PB) one these.

  13. Yep. Zoom Dead Ringer chartreuse pepper. I've got loads because once during the pandemic they weren't available for a few weeks. Now I buy a pack whenever I see them.

  14. I've never managed to catch anything on a lizard. I'm guessing a combo of color choice, my retrieve, and the way I rig it. Never been skunked with live shiners though

  15. Yum thumpin dinger in watermelon pearl. Looks like a baby bass and it’s my go to when nothing else is working.

  16. Fat Ika. I throw other soft plastics but every time I rig up a Fat Ika it’s like a sigh of relief when I see how smooth the swim & fall action is. Yet to be skunked, just caught my PB on my last outing, and Pike seem to love it just as much when they are around. Low buoyancy so it’s great for feeling out the bottom, but buoyant enough to be 95% snag proof on a weightless Texas Rig.

  17. 6th Sense Divine swimbaits. Unweighted, weighted, jig trailers, cut in half, whatever. Love those paddletails.

  18. I mean, senkos/dingers are the obvious answer. As far as one that's not ubiquitously used, I LOVE the xZone finesse slammer. Dropshot is my go-to technique and this thing puts up numbers

  19. I've done pretty well with zoom lizard and worms. I got few worms I bought in certain style from some companies that don't exist no more/ I can't find any more. Think I'm gonna pour my own with some alterations to the designs.

  20. Green pumpkin w chartreuse tail, Gary Yamamoto , is my go to lure any time of the year, anywhere in the country it will catch fish.

  21. For Bass it is definitely the Whopper Plopper 75 in the Perch Color. That thing just always catches me fish.

  22. Lizard has been a bait I’ve been trying out this summer. Granted I only used it 3 times but no luck yet. Fishing a green pumpkin chart around cover with 1/4 oz t rig semi pegged.

  23. Recently tried out the 4" zoom lizard on a shakey head. Never had much luck with them until I sized down. As far as can't go anywhere without, ned rig, zman trd or trd bugz. Probably just a confidence thing but I will not get skunked with a ned anytime of year.

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