1. "Unlike turtles, who abandon their eggs in order to prevent drawing attention to them, Tortoises actually stick around and protect their eggs, sitting on them like a bird. At least two natural predators of these eggs (not the tortoises themselves) are black in color. Black snakes (more than one kind), and Ravens/Crows.

  2. Sorry, but that is nonsense. First, tortoises are turtles. Second, while it has been speculated that some tortoise species might be guarding their nests (

  3. I'm not a tortoise expert by any means, but I had one in a house I rented for 6 months. One day we rescued another tortoise and we put them together hoping they'd be friends. The new kid started headbutting our turtle just like that one, and when we weren't looking after about 10 minutes of such bullying, we found them having sex. So it might not be racism, maybe even the opposite !

  4. Sooo my gf’s brother-in-law (black and Hispanic) came over one evening with his 10 year old nephew (black). Her dog, which is normally super friendly and playful, started GROWLING hard at the kid and barking threateningly. Needless to say we were all shocked and irate at the dog’s response, and it took a solid HOUR to get him to VERY hesitantly allow the very gentle and soft-spoken kid to pet him, but he was still clearly not relaxed about it.

  5. Not many white tortoises. Tortoise sees dark colors and assumes it's another tortoise. Almost all turtles are solitary and territorial, so he goes into headbutt mode.

  6. Total guess: senses heat, white reflects heat, black absorbs and is hotter plus looks vaguely small animal shaped. Headbutt.

  7. No, it’s not. Can we stop this? What did turtles/tortoises ever do to deserve being associated with that ghoul? McConnell looks more like an exhumed corpse, so can we just start referring to him that way and leave the fucking turtles alone?

  8. The white shoes it recognises as random objects or rocks, the black shoe it mistakes for another tortoise and is doing 1 of 3 things

  9. They have good eyesight and night vision, they also can see from long distances and can see a lot of different colors including ultraviolet. They can see better than some predator reptiles like snakes lol (but snakes have infrared vision so they're also cool)

  10. Maybe... ...through experience, he sees the white sneakers as rocks maybe? Maybe there are white rocks around his living space and he knows he can't knock them over?

  11. Sad to see one of my childhood heroes turn out to be a racist POS. I’ll never look at the Donatello the same again.

  12. It's not racist. The black shoe looks more like a turtle than the white shoe... He's trying to dominate his space. That could be a potential challenger. So he checks it to see if it moves.

  13. Don't black shoes matter? T was like "patrolling my beat....white, ok, white, ok, white, ok, white...come back around white, OK, WAIT THAT AINT WHITE..WTF! IS THIS I'MA HEAD BUTT YOU INTO OBLIVION! YOU ARE DEAD, I WILL SMASH YOU...oh wait white excuse me I'll just get back to my beat good day to you; hat tip and wall away"

  14. I keep seeing him and I always laugh. Someone in the old video said it was related to mating but above they say it’s to protect its eggs. I’m not sure but he loves giving headbutts.

  15. When someone comes around and brightens up your day but you still have the thought that made you originally upset in the back of your mind.

  16. I’ve been seein that tortoise on tiktok for a while. Definitely racist lmaoo. Any object close to blacc he just beats it up. Bet he won’t beat me up though 😂

  17. The actual reason why they're doing this is wholesome though, because they do it to try and flip the shoe over... cuz they mistake it for a flipped tortoise.

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