1. I wonder if dogs have a sense of what normal dog behavior is and they are actually embarrassed when they get caught doing things like this?

  2. I think it’s probably that he’s engaging in a new behavior that hasn’t been done in front of his human pal, so he’s not totally sure if the behavior will be accepted or he’s doing a no no

  3. I've definitely got my dog Terry in the middle of some real fucky shit while he thinks hes alone, I can see the shame creep across his little face.

  4. Dogs are mentally incapable of feeling guilt, shame or embarrassment. Those emotions are far too complex.

  5. Ha my cat has a toy he bonded with when he was a baby 13 years ago, and still "squirrel friends" with it. I've congratulated him often and now if we dont watch he brings his squirrel between us and the telly.

  6. Mine too! She will literally rub herself up and down couches, rugs, people, anything to get a good scritch.

  7. I have an Aussie mix that does this at our feet. The better to move her head in sideways and bite at them. She does it because she’s telling us she wants to play.

  8. Speaking as a former puppy, I would usually put my butt up in the air when I either, 1) had to poop or 2) when I thought no one was watching me get wacky with it

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