1. Looks like they switched over to Velvet Hammer management — other clients include Alice In Chains, Deftones, AFI, SOAD. Interesting to note bc they had the same management for basically 20 years up until this point

  2. Sounds like good management, AIC Deftones SOAD are all super successful and pretty much legendary bands especially AIC. AFI is cool. Don’t know why they switched but seems like the latched on to a good new management team

  3. I’ve definitely heard them talking about Larry recently but he’s older and probably doesn’t want most of those responsibilities anymore. They all refer to him as family so I’m sure he’s stuck around and helps when needed but maybe not in a full time manager roll anymore

  4. Perhaps they'll have many more opportunities to play small shows/release more music more often. NOFX being independent has enabled them to do soooo much stuff. Though everything won't be in-house for A7x, they'll surely have a lot more control over their program.

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