1. We haven’t teased any music... again, if we have cool parts that we don’t think work as songs we can release through NFT’s. That way people hear it and can own.

  2. I think that would be awesome. I love unreleased and unfinished songs. It kind of leaves it up to the imagination of where the song could've went, and makes for awesome jam along tracks. I would easily go for this.

  3. You promised us 30 minutes and you gave us over a hour of your time. Thank you good sir! Until next time 🤘

  4. That's definitely a cool idea that I'm sure many fans would love to buy them... he said after spending two minutes learning what NFTs are.

  5. Well the point would actually be to make very few and let fans make money and trades on the secondary market. You would have something that no one else can own because it’s tied to a blockchain.

  6. Hey Matt, for what it's worth when I was younger A7x were the band that got me into music itself (let alone the genre), so this is a privilege for me.

  7. I’m honestly working daily to improve my singing. Used wayyyy to much muscle to create that squeezed sound and it was really bad for me. It’s even harder to unlearn. I work on it daily.

  8. Do you think the next album will be even more ambitious/monumental than The Stage or have you composed something more concise?

  9. Have the band or you ever thought about doing a score/soundtrack for a movie, game, or show or anything like that? I know you guys did work for black ops a little bit, but I mean more in depth than that.

  10. Yeah, chest voice will tear you up if you are singing high.. just not sustainable... working on a balanced mix. It’s hard on stage w adrenaline etc.

  11. Wait what, Street Sprit like from The Bends? I only heard that song for the first time like 2 days ago - realised I never gave The Bends a full listen to I set aside some time for it.

  12. Hey man, hope you find a lot of enjoyment from us fans going crazy over any new interview 😂 I very much agree though, it'd make for a cool valuable item.

  13. I think that would be a pretty cool idea for the hardcore fans haha, considering a bunch of things are like that now and are headed that way in the future

  14. I just spent a couple minutes trying to figure out what the heck an NFT is and I still don’t get it. But quick question, Metallica or Megadeth?

  15. I still don't know much about nfts so excuse my ignorance, but if you guys were to do this how would you implement it.

  16. I think we would do drops on nifty gateway.... check out that site... collectors would have to transfer fiat to ethereum and have a crypto wallet like meta mask... you would buy the item w crypto and it would be sent to your wallet where you could do with it as you please. HODL while it gains value or trade. Sounds confusing but I’m convinced it’s the future. More and more of our daily life will take place on the blockchain from defi to music to art to land.

  17. Hey Matt you need to get back on the Dan Lebatard Show as their golf analyst! I always appreciated that you got the show

  18. I’m trying to have LESS responsibilities when it comes to commitments. I’d rather jump on here and talk directly to the community and do less “press”. But to be fair, that was fun.

  19. I definitely see the value of having something like that, but as a long time fan I don't think it's something I personally would be interested in. But that might be because I'm mostly ignorant of how exactly NFTs work. Thanks for stopping in! It's great to see you interacting with the fans in this way.

  20. I'm a sucker for old demos, discarded songs etc., would love to hear anything from ye olden days. Maybe even live stuff? I made a playlist of your old performances on YouTube a while ago:

  21. Marc Man wanted to try his own arrangement of strings so we agreed to record them. What made it on the record was our original idea. We felt the extra strings took away from the “sharpened elbows” of Afterlife... too symphonic.

  22. Hey what’s up, I would honestly be down to collect art and unreleased music plus I’m already doing so with collecting vinyls just missing a few but I’ll be done hopefully soon. Also I just wanted to say I love your guy’s music if it weren’t for the stage and finding your song nightmare on black ops 3 I wouldn’t have been able to discover such beauty hopefully someday I can meet the band when this things finally over unfortunately I just missed this but I hope that you see this P.S. I hope that everyone in the band is doing well and as well to you

  23. Is there any specific direction that you would like to see rock / metal bands go in in the near future (stylistically, aesthetically, etc)?

  24. I have ventured very far outside rock at this point so I’d love for something that interests me to pull me back in. Whether its compressed recordings, the same samples on drums, the blocky mixes, the sing scream sing formula... it just doesn’t click with me right now. I honestly have no problem with the scene and I hate to sound like I’m bad mouthing it but it’s just the truth for me personally. I’m sure this will be followed up w people posting a bunch of bands that they are sure I’ve never heard. I assure you I check out everything recommended here. Just most doesn’t click for me.

  25. Honestly we would like to get into a flow of less tour and more music. We got a new warehouse/ headquarters that we are building out a studio. We have done a lot of consolidating in the off time. I think it will all be good once we get going.

  26. I know you’re obviously not an expert on this, but what do you think is a realistic timeline for when things are “back to normal” and you guys can tour again?

  27. I think you will see some tours possibly in September...followed by a mad rush and total clusterfuck... normalcy hopefully by summer 2022... but who really knows.

  28. It won’t be... the music will leak to youtube etc... everyone will hear it... there will just be a few authenticated owners.

  29. Hey, Matt! Not related to the topic, but I hope you are safe. As an aspiring writer, who takes a lot of inspiration from A7X songs, I have to ask this question: cyborgs or dragons?

  30. If the world was ending tomorrow, What would one thing you would like yourself and a7x to be remembered for, what would it be?

  31. I have a question, do you think you guy might release music that isn't necessarily a part of the new album like maybe a song that you would do for a charity event? Or maybe a tease of some new music. Or have we heard some through DWJ?😬

  32. A friend of mine wants to know: how are you guys doing and are you planning on coming to Salt Lake City when you go back to touring?

  33. Just want to say how much I appreciate the music. You guys have been my favorite band since 2004. This last year has been really rough for many reasons. I put on A7X every day. It is nice to lose myself in the music. Looking forward to whenever you are able to put out the album you guys want to put out!

  34. Hi, dudes, big fan here <3. Why have you guys never played some musics in live like betrayed, sidewinder and the diamonds in the rough album? Hugs from Brazil.

  35. Matt! I have a million things I want to ask but theres one thing I wanna ask you for.. my friend is going through a rough time (break up) any words of advice/statements I can show him to help cheer him up?

  36. I think it's a very cool idea but it could be a slippery slope to a micro transaction like music service. Yeah you can own the "Canon" music (game) but you don't get these funky extras (dlc). It's really depend on how predatory they were marketed.

  37. I know I'm SUPER late to this party but as someone who mines NFT's (ETH) I'd love to see this happen. You could do it over something like the Ethereum network, which would allow you create your own NFT's that run on top their blockchain. Then you can do things like what Matt has described above without having to develop a new blockchain.

  38. Just recently found all of the songs you did with other artists besides A7X, have to say that "Turn out the lights" is fucking hilarious, got me into a few other Steel Panther songs too.

  39. This past year I bought a small bag of Axie Infinity Shard and AAVE and still holding. Wouldve bought more, but instead decided to go balls deep in Cardano(ADA) last April.

  40. I just learnt you have a reddit account! Thank you A7X, changed my life for the better since I discovered you all 15 years ago. I miss the Rev as well 💛

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