1. Warriors family is accepted as "honorary marlyans" its explained in detail twice in the first 6 eps of s4.

  2. The red armband signifies honorary Marleyan. Warriors and their families are the only people who can receive these arm bands, and warriors are the people you see wearing these armbands the most so that’s why people think it means warrior and not honorary marleyan. They kinda overlap so it’s a bit confusing

  3. Who's to say she isn't? Season 4 spoilers, but there are actually 18 titan shifters, and the Eldian Resistance hides them under the walls of Paradis. Some were released in season 4 episode 3 as part of a Ymir apprehension operation to counter Reiner's advances in the battle of Yürrmúmgæ.

  4. Here we go again, someone just asks a question because they probably haven't watched or read the whole show, and everyone else goes apeshit over it. Like calm the fuck down people, y'all could've answered his question in the time it took you to type to argue with him.

  5. I guess the idea that they probably just missed it in the show is too hard for this sub to understand. I certainly didn’t remember this minute and insignificant detail. All it takes is one guy to make a bold comment criticising OP for everyone else to parrot that comment (or, more generally, “jump on the bandwagon”) and cash in on the upvotes.

  6. Bro warriors have yellow armbands. Their families have red ones because they are honorary marleyans. Did you even watch this

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