1. Their echo chambers are the only place they go for information. It's a massive feedback loop of confirmation bias. This style of population control is what these religions were designed for. It's even worse with Islam.

  2. Personally I think what we are witnessing is the battle of the bulge of the culture wars. The Christian Taliban is staging a last ditch counter offensive against democracy and they might just win some temporary victories, but have already lost the war. As evidence I offer corporate advertising, television programming and every form of media. IMO this decade is going to be painful, maybe even violent, but in the end Christian fundamentalism and conservatism will be dead if we don’t give up the fight.

  3. People turn to religion due to a lack of education and suffering. Those two things are on the horizon. Don’t be so sure that they’ve lost their foothold on things when these people plan in terms of centuries and generations.

  4. Anyone who thinks this is an unrealistic scenario should look at how Ataturk's secular and in many ways socially progressive and democratic Turkey was transformed in less than a decade to a repressive theocratic despotism under Erdogan. From string bikinis to burkas - and it wasn't something the majority wanted or thought was even possible. It can happen.

  5. I loved visiting Turkey and was going to live there (2005) I loved that both secular and religious people lived side by side in relative harmony. Never expected the backward steps they have taken. It certainly can happen anywhere, including America.

  6. The creep of religious beliefs into the public sphere and government has been a war of relentless incrementalism by evangelicals especially, but also by the regressive conservative anti-woman interests of Catholics, Jews and Muslims.

  7. Yes! I am ABSOLUTELY worried about this. I think about it all the time. I believe one of the greatest threats to democracy is the alliance of uneducated evangelicals from rural areas and the Wall Street corporate elite. The combination of those two, one with a huge base of easy to manipulate followers and the other with a huge source of cash & technology is truly frightening.

  8. It’d be really nice if we could take all those abrahamic fundies and just drop them on some remote island and let them all fight it out battle royals style.

  9. Many of the Christian factions will fight among themselves to say nothing of regressive Jewish and Muslim groups wanting either not to live under Christian autocracy or want to carve out their own government structures.

  10. Republicans have been pushing past the entrenched boundaries between church and state for decades. Considering the information the Jan 6th committee have about seizing voting machines, calls by Newt Gingrich for jailing Jan 6 committee members, Republicans continuing to push disproven election fraud, etc, we will be lucky enough to escape living in a Banana Republic in 10 years.

  11. Yep! Religion is just another tool for the wealthy who is the real enemy. They keep us busy fighting smaller battles with each other to keep us from rising up against them.

  12. Germany example isn't great because literally the first sentence in this article says it's a voluntary tax collected from members of specific religious denominations. Let's not get carried away here. Not everyone is taxed.

  13. I definitely am. I live in tx (remember if you live in Texas - primaries are coming up quick, go vote) and old religious conservatives vote in every election. I wish more people would stop being so apathetic about voting and just vote. Early voting is February 14-25, voting day is March 1.

  14. I agree - if we don't use the right to vote, it's looking like we will de facto lose it - but do I vote in the Democratic primary to try to help pick someone who might have a slim chance, or do I vote in the Republican primary to try to avoid having Huffines win?

  15. I know people who are proud of not voting in the previous presidential election, as if it were some kind of statement or "sticking it to the man", because "both choices sucked". None of them seemed to get that literally nothing happens if you don't vote, except one of the guys wins anyway, and it may be the "worse" one. Nobody asks you why. The estimate of the nonvoters affects absolutely nothing. (Although, to be fair, it is technically the electoral college that really counts in the presidential vote and while most states have penalties for not voting with the popular vote, not all do).

  16. Yes, worried. To some degree I can say shit will happen that I don’t like but it won’t affect me — ie, I’m past reproductive age so I don’t have to worry about being denied an abortion (not saying I don’t care about the people who will be affected, I do). But eventually it’s going to affect everyone. I really worry that we will have a civil war. Leaving the country is not a viable option for me. It’s scary.

  17. It’s not just abortion, but marriage equality, the legality of same sex relationships will come into question, they will come for our music, tv shows, movies, what we say, etc. I’m not overreacting, because I use to be in religious circles, that talked about these things. The goal is to takeover.

  18. Civil war is far beyond possible for this country. If a state, or states, were to try to secede, the other side would have the entire military to shut them up. Those seceding would just die a bunch before surrendering.

  19. I hate what I see going on in this nation, and how many Americans lack a basic understanding of the U.S. Constitution and the Establishment Clause.

  20. Americans are frogs in the pot, the Republican Party is raising the temperature a little bit at a time, before you know it, that pot is going to be boiling.

  21. It's only going to become more difficult as conservatives latch onto more and more power. The federal courts are already compromised for decades.

  22. They still won’t say shit, because everybody is so afraid to offend religious folks. People think criticism of religion, is off limits, that they are willing to allow them to get away with everything bad.

  23. What you're seeing isn't a growing trend, its the desperate lashing out of a cornered animal. Christian fundamentalists are seeing their way of life threatened, and are pushing as hard as they can to gain whatever ground they can claim, even as society tires to roll over them.

  24. Yes I’m incredibly worried and we need to fight like hell (metaphorically, not literally unless we’re being disenfranchised) to keep religion out of schools.

  25. The thing about this brand of theocracy is that the people pushing for it don't really find much fulfillment and meaning in their religion, which is why we see so many religious people ascribing to crazy conspiracies these days. It is not uncommon for someone who is deeply religious to be spouting Q nonsense and yelling about 5G chips in vaccines and other crap. Even on Reddit, you see religious subreddits filled with numerology nonsense and Facebook conspiracies, much more so than ever before.

  26. Being untethered from reality is the new religion. Anything that is contrary to mainstream or fact based beliefs must be correct. The more unexplainable the better. After all, if reality was so great, why is the world so shit? Clearly the answers must be found in fantasy and delusion.

  27. Canadian here. The conversation has already started up here about what to do about the current rise of an authoritarian theocracy in the USA. We need to establish new trade relationships with other countries as the US is our main trading partner and who knows how that will be affected. The other more pressing thing is, of course, how to secure the border.

  28. It's super depressing. There are just too many complacent people who don't care, and will be shocked, SHOCKED, when shit hits the fan. To many people who have bought the "both sides are equally bad/corrupt" in our politics. Unfortunately, that hasn't been true for at least a couple decades.

  29. It is concerning, as another Canadian, but we have our own beginnings of it here. Take a look at the Christian Dominionists here in BC and Alberta.

  30. New Jersey has gone very far in this direction and we just re-elected our democratic governor, so I’m hoping we’re safe for another few years. After his term, though, I worry.

  31. A lot can be said abt Gov. Newsom, but he did sign some stuff saying "hell yeah reproductive rights." So he's ok in my book.

  32. I feel that this post is nearsighted. Companies that publish textbooks for younger children do feature historical factoids about American history, and it's done at the urging of Ph.D. professors and other intellectuals in Texas. I know Texas is full of loons but it's not devoid of logic. Case in point:

  33. Everyday of my damn life. And the worst part is the people who keep saying “it won’t happen.” Bullshit. The Christians are in the courts, the police, the military and forming their own armed militias. This country is going to explode this decade.

  34. You are right and it's terrifying. After 1/6/21, I don't know what else it's going to take to convince the American public that these people don't care about precedent or rule of law and they definitely don't care about majority opinion. Their goal is domination, at ANY cost. It's a question of what it's going to take to stop them. Doing so at the voting booth will be far easier than doing so on a battlefield in a few years, but most Americans are asleep right now, falsely comforted by all these clickbait pieces on how Millennials are leaving the church in droves.

  35. They always have been though. Literally since the first forming of this country it's been lead by crazy ass zealots. It's not like it's anything new. I mean I get it, I want separation of church and state as much as anyone else and I'm frustrated by the idiocy of those suggesting our laws get made with the bible in mind. That said I don't lay awake at night fearing that we are turning into a theocracy next year. I think that's a bit much.

  36. I sure am. And it sucks for me especially, because the USA is my new home. I immigrated when I was 17, but the country has devolved significantly since then. It no longer feels like the country I sought refuge in. These are dark times...

  37. It's easy to think that our votes don't ultimately matter. Unfortunately this low voter turnout is largely responsible for the mess we're in right now.

  38. That actually makes me feel better in a way. I’m sorry though, it’s a shitty way to feel. I’m 40 so it’s not like I have THAT many more years to endure but I have young kids and I worry so much for them.

  39. Nah, Trudeau is not likely to fall for that. If the US falls into fascism, I'm heading across Franklin County for the Quebec Provincial border be it legal or ones known to North Country residents. This is one reason for living here.

  40. What drives me up the wall is that these people seem to think their specific theology will be the one in charge. If it does happen, most Christians in the USA will be very disappointed with the results.

  41. I was always worried, but it ratcheted up when FUCKING EVANGELICALS backed and voted for a lying, grifting, rapist. Now they're also anti-vax and anti-mask. They are the dregs of humanity.

  42. Two years ago or so I posted on (I think) one of the Ask subs how people are feeling about the inevitability of civil war in the US, and was met with absolute scorn and derision for even asking the question. The unanimous consensus from everyone who responded was that the question was a bunch of hysterical, far-fetched nonsense about something that would never really happen.

  43. In 2024. when Trump gets 'elected' even though he will get only 38 percent of the actual vote against 45 for the Democratic candidate, we will see the culmination of the Fundamentalist Christian Republic of America. "God bless the FCRA"

  44. we should be so lucky if it’s someone as incompetent and stupid as trump. He’s not an ideologue he’s a demagogue. We really have to fear is someone more capable like desantis

  45. Isn't the only real reason the American Right has gone so hard for religion/evangelicals in the past 50 years that they saw it as an effective tool? Because they recognized religion could weaponized for political populism, not necessarily because the members of the political right actually believed and practiced the religion

  46. I've been saying it since the emergence of QAnon. We are living through the end of the age of reason in America. Just like what happened in the middle east 1000 years ago.

  47. Eh. Shit will keep getting more christy for a while, then it'll get significantly less christy all of a sudden. We're basically just waiting for a generation of leaders to die off so the future can start.

  48. I think you're severely underestimating the amount of young people in the christian theocracy movement. And a lot of those young people are running for office in their disproportionately powerful states and counties, and winning.

  49. No, not really worried at all. Maybe because I'm older. I remember how things were in the 70s and the rise of the Moral Majority in the 80s and all of that crap. We don't really have the televangelist cabal with direct access to our leaders that we used to. I'm sure they talk, but believe me, it's nothing like the influence Billy Graham or Jerry Falwell had.

  50. Was the moral majority in the 80’s trying to seize partisan control of the election certification process(Wisconsin) and trying to pass laws where state governments can just toss whatever election results they don’t like?

  51. No. We're in the "one step back" that tends to follow the "two steps forward". On the long timeline, there's still saw-toothed progress.

  52. Yeah I think attitudes like OPs (treating this as inevitable) are shortsighted and self-defeating. Religion is less and less popular amongst young people and something like overturning gay marriage seems almost certain to backfire given that even a small majority of Republicans are in favor of it now. Not to mention that it would only be overturned (like abortion) at the Federal level and blue states will be free to continue as they wish.

  53. The de facto state religion of the United States is evangelical christianity no matter how much I hate it. It has been tolerated up until this point is what's really scary.

  54. Before they get to eating other cults, they'll first kill all the Others, which includes all of us, just like the Nazis did. They're already burning books. If you haven't been posting about your beliefs on social media associated with your identity, good. I believe they'll use the surveillance state to track down non-Christians, just like the Nazis did. Everything you post is aggregated by the NSA along with a ton of other metadata provided by your phone. This was the danger of "I have nothing to hide" and "Privacy is dead, get with the times."

  55. Have you guys not watched Handmaids Tale ? Jokes aside, we spend the whole time watching saying ‘that could totally happen’ and it scares us. Even from the other side of the planet.

  56. Every single one of us that have lived in a theocracy or experienced one. Even those of us that are religious. We don’t want it. It sucks. As a Muslim, I have more religious freedom in the US than I would have in Saudi Arabia (or Iran, or ISIS, or the Taliban etc). It scares the living daylights out of me that 50% of the voters in the US were brainwashed enough to support Trump; those same people would happily vote in a theocracy and then blame minorities for losing their rights to do anything. 😡

  57. The world has started going away from religion for some time now and i suspect we'll keep going away from religion. Thats why you have the "this is what happens when you take god out of school" crowd every time you tell them you're trying to save the sea turtles because you bought a paper straw.

  58. same, me and my partner moved closer to canada just in case. we’re a two hour drive from the border if we need to bail and we have healthcare job skills they’d want, even if they’re not taking lgbt refugees

  59. Pretty terrifying as they only need about 20 percent of the population on board given the numbers. Theocratic fascism will for sure be chosen by the corporate overlords over any semblance of public control over policy, nothing like being hurled over the cliff in defence of corporate hegemony

  60. A long but very detailed look at Dominionism, and how these fanatics are working every day to dominate our country and our government

  61. It's pretty much already here. Letting anyone know you're not Christian, let alone an atheist, is grounds for social ostracization, loss of employment, and verbal attack in public. The US is a big place so obviously there are pockets of tolerance but the vast majority of the places I've lived it is outright hazardous to not put up the image of being Christian.

  62. They are all the power, and it’s freakin insane. I never will understand, how a lie could fool people, for 2000 years, like I don’t understand.

  63. Im hoping the 1/6 commission will gather enough evidence to indict all the leaders and planners of the insurrection, including Trump. If they do, that should at least calm down the theocrats for a time.

  64. You should be more concerned about the entire healthcare and educational system collapsing in the next 5 to 10 years.

  65. “At bare minimum, abortion and birth control will be illegal, marriage equality will be reversed, all mentions of anything LGBTQ will be banned from the media, women will systematically encouraged to be housewives in the kitchen, public schools will have Christian prayer and teach creation myths as science,”—

  66. i'm not. i don't know how old you are, but i'm middle aged and i can tell you that the grip religion has on this continent is at its most tenuous since the pilgrims landed. it's a shame that the supreme court is stacked with relatively young conservatives, that's going to continue to be super shitty. but anyone that thinks we are 8 years away from living under the spanish inquisition is under 30 years old and should read more. this country's biggest threat has to do with class and wealth distribution, not religion.

  67. I would be surprised if there is an America in 2025. Shit is about to hit the fan both politically and financially by the end of the year. And i really hope it does. You ever learn about the French revolution and why it happened? If not, Google it. You'll see where I'm coming from. Also, fuck religion.

  68. The growing atheism of younger voters can't save us if atheists aren't allowed to vote any more. Or if voting as a whole stops being a thing.

  69. I think evangelicals and going to have their work cut out for them with the Catholics and Jews. Theocracy seems unlikely. Shitty government with stupid laws seems inevitable.

  70. Politically the Catholic right are more than just allied with the evangelicals. I would anticipate it being a kind of non-denominational theocracy. Kind of like the Unitarians I guess, except evil and a theocracy.

  71. I don't live in the US and don't plan to live there, except if something exceptional happens, but I fear what can come of it. Really scary stuff going on there.

  72. I'm less concerned about a theocracy than I am about a minority party controlling the Supreme Court and all future election outcomes to pass laws and start wars that enrich a few wealthy individuals at the expense of everyone else

  73. Unlike the manufactured fear that nearly all conservatives are using to keep their voting base in fear despite no real threats of us becoming green hair gay socialist/communists under democrat leadership, there are real consequences for this dramatic shift to the right in USA politics. Trump single-handedly did more damage to environmental law progress than all other presidents combined, for example. The list goes on.

  74. Along with banning abortions & birth control, the very next thing for the christo-fascist Taliban agenda is to investigate ALL miscarriages

  75. I think there would be a revolution if things are done drastically. You will have two Americas. The problem the red states have that promote this ideology is they are the net takers. By pushing too much, too fast, the blue states will tell them to take a hike.

  76. Was watching The Handmaid’s Tale, with Trump and his supporters spewing Christian-flavored sharia was surreal. Now women are losing body and reproductive autonomy,nationally and globally, because “god”.

  77. If we end up with an autocracy or a right wing dictatorship the fact that religion will get shoved down our throats will be just one component of a much larger cluster fuck disaster. The new regime will block thoughts. Ideas. Dissent. Science. Reason.

  78. It is not going to happen, it is already happening. Kids are forced to admit the leave in a "nation under god" or say nothing about their nation every morning. National motto is "in god we trust", public meetings starts with prayer, etc, etc. Yes, it can get much worse when it becomes a fundamentalist theocracy.

  79. Trump will be the death of America. We've got two years before the coup. A state religion will probably be part of Trump's regime.

  80. Yes and I feel like liberals are just shaking their heads and saying man these people are crazy. when they should be marching in the fucking streets. Are we going to let Republicans take away our votes? Are we gonna let them control a womans right to her own body? Wake the fuck up. Its happening NOW!!

  81. It doesn't matter, the theocracy will never overcome the current oligarchy. Who is elected is just semantics. The politicians are 'captured by their donors' as a person much smarter than I said.

  82. This is an interesting point that I’ve contemplated as well. As depressing as it sounds, I think our Oligarchy could be the main deterrence to a full-blown Theocracy or Dictatorship. The machinations that would lead to the latter 2 forms of government would create massive civil unrest, undoubtedly drop our country’s credit rating a few notches (costing billions), interfere with international trade, and potentially strip major corporations of their autonomy (imagine what the Trump regime would do to Facebook and Twitter if no one could stop them). In short, it would be bad for business. My only fear is that corporations would go with the flow or even jump onboard until it was too late.

  83. There are no leaders out there that can rally people against GOP effectively. That’s the core of the issue.

  84. A big problem is that the media is in the pockets of the two parties and they won't give the needed attention to any outsiders who could change things.

  85. Anyone not concerned about it is just not paying attention, or they are stupid enough not to realise how ugly it is going to be for everyone, including Christians.

  86. True and I think this is a message that really needs to gain more traction. These people will be shocked when they see Donald Trump's true colors after he has total power and no longer needs their support to keep it.

  87. Well. While I see what you mean, and it is concerning, I think any issues of this nature would be short lived.

  88. "The Constitution is almost impossible to change at this point. And while it is not perfect, it is still the only unifying law of the land. So while voting may be skewed via gerrymandering etc, unless there is a true majority that want Theocracy it will not happen."

  89. Highly doubt it. We are in a secular pullback with geriatric believers frantically trying to push their propaganda before they have to punch their ticket. 10-20 years from now (after The Great Bust: end of the boomer lifecycle) the west will be much more secular.

  90. Take off your tin foil hat, there a few to no countries that are as progressive in terms of racial equality, sexual orientation/preference and religious beliefs. Jesus you lot are sheltered lol.

  91. Not worried. The fastest growing religious group in the US has been "non-religious" for some time. Young people are the most secular-minded demographic in the US.

  92. It's a frightening proposition. For those who won't believe it's a threat, I invite you to look at pictures and stats on Iran and Afghanistan before the Islamic "revolution" in the 70s. Hopefully, we won't be forced back a hundred years, but we have to stay vigilant to keep it from happening.

  93. These people have been trying to make it a theocracy at least since the 1980s. The fact that they haven't succeeded is more about how slowly they have been able to infiltrate the government rather than how much we have been able to push back.

  94. Roe is getting reversed in april, give or take. That one is a lost cause. But if we do well in november we can keep anything else from happening, and maybe even sign abortion rights into law. (which generally super-cedes the courts, compared to lawsuits, which is all roe ever was.

  95. Literally what the fuck are you talking about? This is the most exaggerated, panicked post I have ever seen in this sub. Seek therapy. No, you're no going to have to escape to another country as a refugee.

  96. I don't honestly believe that there will be a theocracy. Every major religion is hemorrhaging people. There are more people with atheist and/or secular beliefs than ever before.

  97. Absolutely, get ready to fight for your rights, because they are coming to take it. All of the ingredients are there, we are one election away from Christian nationalist control. The masses are sleepwalking into the fourth reich, the cult had a practice run January 6. The next one will be worse. Buy guns, prepare, get active, because they are absolutely coming. I wish i were hyperbolic about the fanatics, but as you said, if you are paying attention, none of this is a surprise, more like an end game.

  98. 100%. Been prepared for this since November of 2019. I stand next to these nut jobs once a week at the gun range. It will be fucked up fight if it comes to pass.

  99. Sharia Law, Eveangelical style. You aren't the only one seeing it. I had a conversation with person of faith about this very thing recently.

  100. An authoritarian theocracy is extremely likely. It's game over as soon as the next Republican gets elected to the Presidency, which could be in 2024. Democrats are asleep at the wheel while it happens in slow motion.

  101. Absolutely. I lie awake at night worrying about it and I think it's nearly inevitable. The GOP, hereafter referred to as the SNP for "Stupid Nasty Party", will take back the House and Senate in the next election cycle. The democrats, largely ineffective at this point, will basically cease to exist as a force in politics. The SNP will clear the way for trump to return to office by any means at their disposal including violence. We can then look forward to the undoing of everything progressives have achieved in the last few decades: voting rights for minorities, gay marriage, workplace protections, environmental regulations, health care, corporate regulation, etc. It's all going down. From then on our corporate masters will have us working six days a week and on Sunday we'll get to worship at the church of their choice. Think I'm wrong? They'll have the Congress, the White House, the SCOTUS, the state houses and they're moving into school boards all over the country. We can look forward to a fascist/corporatist/theocratic state and the end of the American Idea. Perhaps the Left will fight back but that leaves us with a civil war. I've advised my kids to look for another place to plant their flag.

  102. Canadian here, yah. People think "oh that will never happen" but the US came frightfully close here recently and is still wilfully flirting with it.

  103. What do you mean "coming theocracy"? America has been a theocracy for 230 years. All our laws are based on the christian religion, national leaders regularly go to prayer breakfasts, and it is impossible to be elected to any office in the land as an atheist. We're no different from Iran.

  104. The women, the black people, and the queers outnumber the Christian right significantly. If things get too bad there will be a war.

  105. Where is the evidence that it will actually reach critical mass to make these things realities. I could see abortion reaching national illegality but not LGBT and definitely not birth control. Abortion has arguments that extend outside of religion such as the definition of life as starting at conception, and where you draw the line is actually kinda arbitrary or at least hard to to consistently and accurately. For the other two issues, it’s hard to see how we’re realistically headed that direction. At the very least, we have a Supreme Court and filibuster in place to prevent this.

  106. My opinion for all its worth, which isnt much, is that in order to combat a potential theocracy within the united states we must stop making center leaning people feel alienated and like they are having there personal freedoms eroded. We must get away from the" if you dont agree your wrong and a horrible person" mentality. There are alot of people whether religious or not that just want to make a living and live there lives how they see fit without the government micromanaging them. I feel like a way to do this would be to stop insinuating the removal or limitation of NONVIOLENT peoples guns. Even though the 2nd amendment is a divisive topic, what a lot of people dont understand is gun owners enjoy guns like somone else might enjoy books. Its not only the feeling of safety but just that they enjoy them. Develop and stick to a plan to balance the budget without raising taxes on lower income citizens and stop overspending. If we cant afford an agency, upgrade or social service then its not ment to be and will have to be worked into a sustainable budget. Again just my personal opinion.

  107. It’s a theocracy of people who have never opened a Bible, yet claim things they heard from someone else about it to be true. These are not Christians. Just jerks.

  108. Yes. I am terrified. While most Christians and even the majority of Protestants aren’t evangelicals, let alone dominionists, the crazies don’t need to be the majority to take power. The tiny minority of Americans that are evangelical dominionists has wiggled their way into our government and implemented off-their-rocker crazy politicians, which is absolutely terrifying.

  109. The Christian theocracy is merely a tool to an end. Trump "played" the christian but he couldn't even cite a singe verse when he was asked to share his favorite. These guys don't go to church and and don't believe any of that religious crap, but they play those rubes to suit their ends. This is about 1. Power and, 2. money. The desires of the religious will be swept aside, or at best pandered to, once the shift of power is complete and they are no longer useful. The same with the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and other anti-government movements, they will be swept aside once their usefulness is gone.

  110. I'm definitely concerned about the rolling back of abortion rights, but -- while it may be outlawed in some states -- I'm confident it will never fully become the law of the land.

  111. I'll tell you this. Having the right wing proto-facists and gangster police be the only people who are armed is going to make it nice and easy for them.

  112. The Christian Taliban has been maneuvering to take over the US government for several decades now. Some of the more radical groups are even in favor of the imprisonment and/or genocide of all atheists.

  113. I've been worried that we could be in danger of creating another autocracy. It reminds me of the rise of Nazi Germany. It's very real and very scary.

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