1. If Rift actually delivers on being a quality, classic style AC game everyone who wants the classic formula back should buy it day 1 and send a message to Ubisoft it's not dead.

  2. If infinity isn't a failure I'll honestly be surprised. With the exception of Rainbow Six Siege, pretty much every other Ubi "live service" game has flopped or is extremely niche (For Honor). And even with that said, R6S has been struggling for a while as ubi forces it further and further from its roots.

  3. I’d say they are all an exiting one I think infinity is the most likely to fail only because it’s a big project but the one called rift that we get to play basim will bring back and older assigns creed feel to it I believe and that’s why I’m very excited for that one the one called nexus could work if they don’t make it feel so Arcadia

  4. If they successfully make an old style game set in Baghdad, I will fall back in love with the franchise. I’ve been pretty disappointed by almost every game since Unity.

  5. So does linear mean you fail if you’re detected? If so, not excited for that aspect of it. Bagdhad sounds dope tho

  6. It is a leaked VR game. There are screenshots of the home screen of the game along with brief info about the gameplay circulating online.

  7. Rift for sure, I liked Basim’s character and was hoping we could see his backstory. That and the fact it’s going to be linear and like the older games.

  8. And that you are aesthetically going to look like an assassin and have the hidden blade and all that

  9. 10 years ago would have been Infinity. Whether live service means along the lines of Destiny 2 and Valhalla or if it means the Helix menu from Unity, I would have been excited.

  10. Me too. The live service features in Valhalla were terrible and full on live service games sounds terrible. Just make an MMORPG at that point since it fits the genre more. Also don't have a VR headset.

  11. They’ve always made multiple games at once, these aren’t releasing simultaneously. Infinity is 2024 or later, Rift is in the coming months. And Nexus is probably between the two as filler. It’s also a VR experience that probably wont be very good.

  12. I wish they channel their resources at Rift, because this is the only promising thing they’ve got for over a decade now. They better nail the visual presentation of the world, the gameplay, a true parkour experience, the history, the lore and the storytelling.

  13. Yeah, basically this. Everything listed has an asterisk attached in one form or another and with some asterisks larger than others but all that the players should easily spot because it's Ubisoft.

  14. Rift sounds cool. but i'm not holding my breathe on Assassin's creed games. To me the games have been on a decline ever since Origins. When they started bringing in more RPG mechanics

  15. I have more faith in rift than infinity but if they tone down the isu supernatural element, and go back to a more grounded with sci-fi elements I’d be happy. I miss the interesting historical settings. Valhalla and odyssey just didn’t do it for me

  16. I know its not forward thinking, but they really just need to stick to the single player stories, so Rift in this case. I always felt the historical aspect of AC is what drew people to the games. There is so many different places left to go.

  17. I am more exited for rift, playing as basim in a linear story driven game. And i hope that the preorder bonus or season pass include ac 1 remake.

  18. Altair is my top three if not favorite assassin, so finding cool Easter eggs with him as Basim starts to realize why the hidden ones should become the Assassins and have a stronghold would be sweet. Designing the modern day robes, explaining the meaning of the red belt/sash, the hood lore (aside from just practicality, it’s also obviously symbolic but how?), the use of hashish. The meaning of the white color, the focus on birds. Etc. Origins was the origins of the Hidden Ones, this could be the origin of the Creed

  19. I can't be hyped about anything ubisoft related, they'll spit on it and botch the game, breaking my heart if I dare to be hyped about any of their products

  20. Just voice whatever you feel about these. You don’t have to be positive or negative or excited or anything. It’s a discussion post😅

  21. Man, I so don't trust that live service one knowing ubisoft. Tbh I just don't trust it bc it's live service since the last few live service games have taken more than 6 months to deliver any content and the live service label has been used as an excuse to have bad progression and nothing to grind for.

  22. Honestly, none of them. The most likely to be good is Rift, but Ubisoft lost all of my trust with how awful Valhalla was. Infinity I am dreading. Live service bs is probably one of the worst things to have happened to gaming, and is almost always a scam to release a shitty, broken, and incomplete game at full price with the excuse of "it will be good someday." Just look at Anthem, Godfall, Fallout 76, Avengers, Battlefield 2042, etc. And given how bad the microtransactions are in the non-live service Ubisoft games recently, I think they will be terrible in Infinite. Personally, I hope it fails so bad that either the franchise dies before it gets even worse or they reevaluate it and actually make AC games again instead of bloated mid rpgs.

  23. None, the only one that looks decent is Rift and they’ll probly ruin it by going towards the same route they have the last few titles

  24. If the leaks(bringing back old play style,stealth,combat, especially Basim) are true,i am so excited for Rift than infinity.

  25. Rift by a country mile. I would love a scaled down AC game in the vein of AC Brotherhood. As someone who has been playing since the beginning, Infinity fills me with deep sense of worry about the future of the franchise.

  26. If I had a VR headset I'd be at the very least curious about Nexus, I recently got to try playing a VR game for the first time in the city and man that was quite something. Hope VR catches on but I digress.

  27. None of these sound all that interesting if I am honest, sounds like a totally watering down of the franchise to milk it some more. Only just started playing Valhalla because it was part of my PlayStation package.

  28. Honestly none. This has been going way past it's expiration date. It's hard to be excited for anything when you know that what you're going to get it's just a product designed to make you excited for the next big thing.

  29. After that Ragnarok 'Expansion' (If you could call it that) theres literally nothing Ubisoft could announce that I'd be excited for.

  30. Rift is probably gonna be really cool but how would we see Basim's past with the Animus because you can't go back through your own memory so will there just be no modern story? Or is he going to meet an ancestor of his or just be telling us his story in sort of a flashback sequence?

  31. Rift might be the closest thing. But I think the best we can hope for is Valhalla with hopefully more parkour focus?

  32. Not very tbf, assassins creed has melded into run of the mill RPG and not much assassins creed anymore IMO

  33. Rift is rumored to be coming in 2023, which makes it the longest gap between two major titles, and Infinity was rumored to arrive no earlier than 2024/2025.

  34. None of them do. Howeaver if there is one that may have something in store is Rift. The live service platform one is a no go for me.

  35. Honestly a bit of all, rly liked the recently games tbh, my least interest is maybe in nexus since I don't own a VR headset, but I'm glad they want to try an VR Assassins creed.

  36. Or not. Things can die sometimes, it's not a big deal. It makes place for new things. I'm not a fan of everything being risen back from the dead these days.

  37. All of it! GIMME. Most excited for Infinity though. The live service model would be perfect if done right and I trust Ubi to do it right.

  38. Infinity. I love th idea of never ending AC content. Nothing sadder than the day I finished all the content in Odyssey and Valhalla after 300+ hours, and then I was like, “well now what??”

  39. Rift. Then Nexus. Infinity makes me actively upset. I wish they focused on Rift. VR I could take or leave but it is cool. So I'm fine with it.

  40. Rift, they could continue the line of what they were doing with Origins and Odyssey there. Also, love the region.

  41. The VR. Nexus. An interesting concept and whether it’s a failure or not, I’m glad they attempted

  42. Is Infinity going to be simply PVP or maybe more like World of Warcraft? Will there be different timelines to log into and play in?

  43. Infinity isn’t a game. It’s been officially described as a platform where future games will be released, ranging from massive RPG ones like Valhalla to smaller more linear ones to remakes, crossovers and return to classic characters.

  44. I don't care about VR at all. They could cancel it and Id be fine with it. The other two seem fun, so I'm good with those

  45. Bruh for a sec I thought the symbol in the rift was the pagan Slavic wheel of Perun. Good to see they are somewhat building the foundations of the original AC

  46. With Nexus being VR, that's a huge missed opportunity to call it Animus. But, if they manage to do it right (...unlikely), VRAC could be AMAZING. I've got Mirror's Edge in mind.

  47. Pretty excited for Rift, to be honest. I enjoy the new Creed games for what they are, but you have to admit they’ve lost their stealth roots. I’m pretty excited to see them revisit the Middle East with modern graphical capabilities.

  48. rift. infinity sounds awesome on paper but i can tell it's going to be a giant flop. seems like a money sink though it might make piracy harder

  49. As long as the story inst incredibly dull like valhalla and there are pleanty of sidequests i really dont care much about the setting and such, ohh we also need hidden blades.

  50. Rift. My only concern with infinite is if they time gate content and remove content like Bungie does with Destiny 2.

  51. To be perfectly honest I'm not at all excited about infinity. I like my single player games to have a beginning, middle and end. The live service stuff just doesn't do it for me but Valhalla made it clear that that's what the franchise is now.

  52. Unless Nexus comes with the Animus from the movie, I don’t see how you make a traditionally 3rd person game that involves running, jumping, stealth, and fighting elements into a first person VR experience where you just stand there. Hard pass

  53. Damn bruh, when I saw that Cuneiform symbol in Rift, I immediately Ancient Sumerian or the Akkadian & Assyrian kingdoms, fuck 🤣

  54. People never remember the game being made by Clint Hocking and Darby McDevitt, of course that one won't come out any time soon though.

  55. After the bush league moves like not thinking we’d want one handed swords, STILL being unable to fight with your hood up while wearing an assassin outfit (while NPCs can), and having the assassins (hidden ones) becoming side characters in the storyline, I don’t trust any of their decisions. Especially as games are becoming less and less realistic and more cartoony

  56. Definitely excited for Rift, I want to see more of Basim and Loki's story play out. Don't know enough about the other two, but I'm a little more optimistic about them.

  57. Probably infinity but I'm not gonna get my hopes up, odyssey and Valhalla were really disappointing and the next game will more than likely be just as disappointing.

  58. I think Infinity might be good if it is Hitman-esque like I think it will be. Decently sized maps set in different places across the world (maybe through time too). Probably a hunt for some artefact that keeps getting moved around and the Assassins have to track it down by getting the next location by searching for information and killing Templars.

  59. Call me a pessimist, but I don’t get excited about AC games anymore. I’d love to eat my words, but at this moment in time I’ll wait and see if Ubisoft actually cares about the franchise and not just about making money off it.

  60. Whichever one isn’t a mobile app, live-service disaster-in-the-making, or Fallout 76-esque online-only MMO-wannabe

  61. I've been an assassins creed fan since day one. I've bought and played every AC game and I think I would also buy all the future titles as long as their is a huge story in each of their titles. For me AC is a way for me to break out of reality and my day to day stress and just lose myself it its universe. I really hope one day we get original combat and stealth back into the AC games and I'd also love to see a MMO of AC in some form where your clan is your brotherhood and you can have ceremonies and such to have new members join etc.. like a HUGE Roleplaying game where the players also make the stories.

  62. Infinity at first glance but live service how? Looter shooter style like division? With min/max grind and no gear really Locked behind paywalls other than cosmetics. Or is it gunna be like “pay $20 to get Altair’s sword this week”

  63. None. I've given up on being excited for AC. I'll see how I feel when the games actually come out and I can see what they're like.

  64. Rift because it’s a linear story about a character we already know and sound the most Assassins Creed like (which at this point idk what that is) I feel like it will be different from Rouge since we already saw that type of betrayal.

  65. Honestly, I’m just a sucker for the older AC games, and I hope that in the future Ubisoft makes more of that type of gameplay, rather than it feeling like just any other RPG. Still, it can’t be worse than Odyssey. (I think that it’s a stunning game, but terrible for Assassin’s Creed)

  66. The possibilities with infinity are endless but I’m worried Ubisofts greed will ruin it, however I’m still anticipating to see what it brings.

  67. Rift and an original AC remaster would be nice this year since I'm playing through all the games in historical order with the original being next after I finish Valhalla. I say Rift because I don't have anything VR and someone told me Infinity will basically be like ESO and I'm not into that.

  68. I guess Rift, because of the possibility it may be like classic AC. But I’m not counting on it because Ubisoft is very untrustworthy. Since Infinity has a bunch of presumably smaller games, that might be okay too but it’s live service so that sucks.

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