1. Some are theories. Some are explicitly stated, but there are quite a few brief characters whose fates and lives are easily overlooked. A lot of these characters have very minor roles, but they have fates that are still to be determined.

  2. These are really nice. I like the idea that Hallis Mollen is the Hooded Man. Though I think I like the theory that he's some kind of figment of Theon's mind just as much.

  3. I like to believe stonesnake will be important at somepoint(wether its returning to the wall or a prologue chapter showing us what the others are doing) it just seems weird for an unimportant character whos only in something like 3 chapters to be mentioned in every appendix after a clash of kings unless george has something planned for him.

  4. I was always a bit confused about the Edric situation. What was stopping Stannis from just ordering Estermont to just send him back? It's not like he'd be more loyal to Davos than the king

  5. The missing Lannister kid that dissappeared when Joffrey was attacked traveling back to the red keep.

  6. My personal favourite is what’s happening with Ramsay in the North during the WotFK through Bran and Catelyn’s POV. The stuff with the Hornwood lands and inheritance and then we see the outcome of this later on.

  7. Yeah, on my re-read this was an awesome story to piece together. Mostly Bran's POV though, at least until Theon takes Winterfell.

  8. Ben Blackthumb has been the Harrenhal black smith for almost seventy years. "Ben Blackthumb - A Wiki of Ice and Fire"

  9. Going into Winds there's some really interesting hints of stuff happening almost entirely offscreen I am excited about... lots of developments around the Stepstones, for example, between the Three Daughters' trade war and pirates (like Aurane and Salla) setting up shop and remnants of the Golden Company seizing islands.

  10. Tumco Lo and Larraq , Barristan Selmys squire and made into knights. Cool to see more of them both along with Barristan fighting in a battle and how their story turns out. Tumco Lo is the guy Selmy compares to Jaime Lannister as a best swordsman so really looking forward what happens to him.

  11. Ser Willis was at the crossroads inn when Catelyn Tully takes Tyrion Lannister prisoner. He was the first to proclaim his loyalty to House Tully and to agree in accompanying Lady Catelyn to the Eyrie with Tyrion as prisoner. He survives the ride through the Mountains of the Moon, and is the only Riverlands man-at-arms to survive the journey. He, bronn, and rodrick cassel (badly injured) are the only combatants left alive over atleast 20

  12. One thing that I feel like no one talks about is Nymeria's absolutely massive wolfpack that is terrorizing the RL, and how (if at all) Arya might reunite with Nymeria and how that'll go.

  13. I'm convinced Marillion is alive and was lowered down from the Eyrie by Mort in the crates after everyone else departed. Littlefinger is a smart man. He knows the worth of a charismatic singer. Marillion charmed his way to Lysa's pet from nothing. LF will use him for something even though he's got dirt on him witnessing Lysa's flight. He just has to get him out of the Vale.

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