1. You nailed it. On first read it makes you think Varys is harmless but after you get to know the character better it makes even more sense that Varys is doing this as a charade. Love this theory

  2. ‘Exaggerated delicacy’ def makes it sound like he did it on purpose. Whether that’s him deliberately trying to distance himself from this particular scheme or just saw it as an opportunity to make people underestimate him has yet to be seen

  3. Note as well how they’re both working in tandem to mislead Ned in this encounter. They may have different motivations for doing so, but it’s overwhelmingly apparent that each of them knows that the other is lying but are aligned in their interest of pitting the Starks and Lannisters against each other.

  4. This dosen't really make sense. Varys had no reason to do such a thing. He didn't want a war and even went out of his way to try to stop it.

  5. The ADWD epilogue chapter explicitly contradicts this though. Doesn't Varys say something along the lines of "It's a shame I have to kill you two. Even with Cersei messing everything up the realm would remain stable under your rule."

  6. Because people wanna think GRRM is writing is 5D puzzle and that simple folk like us haven’t figured it out yet.

  7. Technically, Tyrion and Jaime simply came to that conclusion. It’s not “confirmed” through incontrovertible proof. However, the explanation really doesn’t make sense if you think about it critically at all. Why did he pay with an easily-recognizable Valyrian Steel dagger? How did he even get that dagger? Where did he even find this assassin? Joffrey certainly has it in him to order a hit on a child, but I simply cannot believe he orchestrated the whole thing himself. I don’t disagree that he could have been involved, but I sincerely doubt that’s the end of the story.

  8. Technically. Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion assume it. I wouldn't call it revealed. I am by no means disagreeing with it, it makes the most sense. I just wouldn't use the word revealed because without explicitly seeing it or an admission the door is still technically open just a crack.

  9. None of the players gain anything from assassinating a valuable hostage like Bran even before the war begun, no. It was an amateur move, has Joffery's stink all over it. I get the reveal didn't add much that late into the story, but the motive being impressing Robert is consistent with the character.

  10. Cat could not have announced her arrival in Kings Landing any louder if she had a bullhorn. A little bird overheard Cassell’s conversation with Santagar and relayed it to Varys.

  11. IT WAS JOFFREY FFS... Grrm may keep information from you, fail to finish a book, but WONT LIE to you about the fucking plot, just to surprise you by revealing the actual answer. This is called being a FUCKIN MORON, which he is not. He is not twelve freaking years old. For fuck sake just stop this nonsense. It was joffreeeeyyy......

  12. Varys is there because they all have spies watching each other, where they hang out, and especially at the docks. Catelyn didn’t exactly sneak in, and yes varys would be extremely interested in why Catelyn is being hidden in Littlefingers brothel.

  13. This theory doesn't make sense once you stop and think about it. You make a lot of assumptions especially with Catelyn and since she is a pov character we know it's not accurate. If she knows the assassin was after Jon it would have been very clear in her subsequent chapters.

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