1. play up Aemond's trauma from getting his eye cut out and his crappy relationship with his dad. show how Aegon really didn't care about the throne until Alicent and Cole dragged him in. show how Daeron is like the perfect son and heir and if Viserys wants to pick an heir he should have picked him. plus it would be cool to see a just Lannister who's good at rulling and you can have my boy Ironrod in there.

  2. Nah, I'm okay Aemond just being a total pyscho the whole time. I think the character that needs to be beefed up is Aegon II. He's very underwritten and unlikable the entire story without being interesting like Aemond. Add all those nuance points to Aegon instead.

  3. I don't think there's enough tragic backstory in the world to soften the blow of what Aemond ends up doing to House Strong. Even in a world of gray characters, he stands out as pretty dark. Like yeah, Joffrey and Ramsey didn't have idyllic childhoods, but it's kind of hard to turn the dial back when we know what they do as rulers.

  4. if I remember correctly the whole eye being cut out incident ended with Rhaenyra demanding that he be questioned along with Lucerys getting away scot-free so that probably didn't help Aemond much. (do note this is from the wiki i got sidetracked reading world of ice and fire so i haven't reached viserys reign yet in fire and blood)

  5. Why? Why overplay the Green's reasons for their bullshit, instead of portraying them as the power hungry pricks they are? Even in your comment you acknowledge the Greens are pricks for dragging Aegon in, why should they deserve equal treatment?

  6. Totally agree. I think making Aegon II more sympathetic and being someone who is just pushed into this position would be interesting. Have him go mad after he’s burned.

  7. I mean Aegon kinda was pushed into the position, wasn't he? It's been a while since I've read F&B, but IIRC Lord Otto, Queen Alicent and Ser Criston Cole were the ones making all the moves after Viserys died, yeah? There had to have been at least some degree of "If you don't seize power right now, Rhaenyra is going to kill you and all of us as well" that drove his decision making.

  8. I think flushing out Aegon and Criston Cole could go a really long way towards making them more sympathetic. Both are fairly empty characters in the books with unclear motivations.

  9. Aegon II as an unwilling puppet, then a defeated warrior, then a comatose prisoner, to a King reborn to end up murdered by his followers.... sounds like a great story to me.

  10. Yeah I hope the show does a better job with Aegon II, in the books he doesn't feel particularly fleshed out and is basically just an unlikable, one-dimensional, cunt.

  11. Thank you!! Have no idea why people pretend the Hightowers married for ambition and did everything they did out of lust for power meanwhile the Velaryans married for love and were simply doing the righteous thing. They both made purely political marriages and they both got really prickly and sulky at the prospect of that power move being threatened. If the Velaryons were married into the Aegon II branch and the Hightowers were married into the Rhaenyra branch everything would play out exactly the same.

  12. They will. Most of the people will be sympathetic to the black cause but there are more interesting characters on the green side. Aemond is a gigachad, and Criston, while a total disaster for the realm, is an interesting character. Aegon however is bland.

  13. Agreed. They keep talking about how grey and flawed the characters are in this show, and how it’s true to GRRM’s world, but reading F&B makes it seem a lot more black and white (or black and black eventually), even trying to set aside the narrator’s bias.

  14. Never figured out if this was intentional on George’s part, but a lot of people have called the Dance

  15. I think it's a given. Aegon in particular is very thinly written as a character, so developing out some sympathetic sides to him would kill two birds with one stone.

  16. Yeah, Aegon II was happy to just be a playboy prince who screwed serving wenches and got drunk. It was only when they told him that Rhaenyra and Daemon would kill him and his brothers, sister-wife and children that he accepted the crown - at least, according to F&B.

  17. Yeah, Aegon II didn't want to declare but Rhaenyra supposedly would have eliminated him and his family as threats.

  18. Exactly, imagine how exciting it would be anticipating the new episode every week and the audience being divided, half of the viewers supporting the Greens, the other half supporting the Blacks. Rather than the Blacks mostly being seen as the good guys and the Greens as the bad guys.

  19. Both sides are flawed but good grief Greens are the absolute worst. And this show’s gonna do a 180 and whitewash tf outta Alicent “Mayhaps the whore will die in childbirth” Hightower. Realm’s Delight, my foot. That was Rhaenyra’s title ffs

  20. Some days, I feel like I read a completely different book. I don't understand why people say that George loves the Blacks so much more than the Greens. Nothing in the books made me think the Greens are "just a slimy gang of psychos" any more than the Blacks. I feel both sides were represented with morally gray characters fairly equally (although I still prefer one over the other).

  21. We all know greens will portray as the big baddies it will be lame unfortunately even geroge was sucking off daemon wayy to much.

  22. It's interesting, when the read Fire and Blood I was way more sympathetic to the Greens. There's an established male-preference inheritance precedent, Rhaenyra's kids are obvious bastards she's tortured people to avoid revealing, and Daemon is a psycho. Rhaenyra is not evil but she is incredibly selfish, while the worst you can say about Aegon pre-Dance is he's an unambitious cheater. So I was completely floored when I came to this sub and saw that people overwhelmingly favor the Blacks.

  23. In F&B we see things more from Rhaenyra's perspective (even though it's written like a historical narrative). We are "with" Rhaenyra through every phase of the war, while Aegon II disappears for a huge chunk of the story. F&B spends a fair amount of time on Rhaenyra's slow descent to selfishness and paranoia, while Aegon II goes from unwilling king to enraged psycho mostly "off-screen". That alone makes the Blacks a bit more sympathetic to most readers than the Greens, even if they're probably pretty close if you sum up all their sins and weigh them against each other. Also, the Greens are the first to start of the cycle of deadly violence with the events at Storm's End.

  24. People do really underestimate how dangerous changing the convention of how heirs inherit would be in a feudal society. You'd guarantee civil wars every generation.

  25. There was a precedent from a single vote where the lords were asked to pick who would be the next king, not what the official law of the land should be. Then Viserys declared as king that his daughter was his heir and never rescinded that decree. The decree of a king holds more weight than an undeclared precedent. I could argue the great council set the precedent that a king could name whoever he wanted as heir, Jahaerys passed over his living son and his first sons heir to name his second son’s son. That was Jahaerys naming his own heir (with the lords council).

  26. I think the same way. I'm way more sympathetic to the Greens and I don't understand the overwhelming support the Blacks get. Maybe people are projecting very intensely on Rhaenyra being the Dany of this show and I'd love if the story addressed her failings (that just grew with the war) to balance with the evil that is also on the Green faction.

  27. Same. This is the only issue I have with HOTD. in the current political climate, the show is gonna be boiled down to the story of a female facing sexism. Her side’s right, the other side’s wrong. If you side with Greens you’re sexist. Even the book was a little too biased.

  28. I always felt Viserys was an idiot. Given history of succession. Viserys was King, his female cousin being passed over he was out of his mind to name his daughter heir when he had 3 sons, other than Dorne sons always come before daughters. Aegon II should have been heir I think & it wouldn't have come to war.

  29. Yep. The only way to avoid a civil war would be marrying Rhaenyra and Aegon or naming Aegon heir. Also, Viserys let two factions form under his nose and did nothing. He should have accepted Alicent's proposal.

  30. I hope they don't paint Rhaenyra's coronation as some brave and righteous moment of a courageous woman clapping back at patriarchal Westeros.

  31. What do you mean by 'fake charges'? maybe for the omniscient reader looking from above, but for anyone in-Universe, Ned accepted that he was conspiring against the King.

  32. What else do you want her to do, sit on her ass at dragon stone while she gets out-couped? If what the greens did was so just and right then why did they do it in secret and with Viserys’ undeclared dead corpse still around

  33. Make Daeron more central and sympathetic and like the Greens version of Addam of hull give a lot of weight to the battle of tumbleton.

  34. I think they are really gonna show the conflict between Alicent and Rhaenyra. Like from being besties to enemies, the mind at conflict, stuff like that

  35. I agree, but you’re kidding yourself if you think HBO is going to make the side denying a woman the throne MORE sympathetic.

  36. Both sides can be flawed *and* one side can be the absolute worst. The Blacks do several morally reprehensible things, but the Greens started this whole conflict, and none of it would've happened if the Hightowers and Aegon weren't dedicated to being pieces of shit. They could've just accepted being wealthy, comfortable and powerful, but they had to be in control, so they started the whole conflict.

  37. I've made a pro-green video before. What the show needs to do is to explain the legal history of Westeros. By that account the Greens are right. Or at least have a totally valid perspective.

  38. Aegon would have made a good king had the degenerate blacks not given him tragedy after tragedy. An able ruler who despite what Rhaenyra and Daemon did to his family was able to exercise mercy to his nephew despite threats to do otherwise. He had Aegon, Rhaenyra's son, as his captive for months and the kid was not maimed because unlike the blacks Aegon had a shred of decency in him. I do not know how anyone can side with the blacks after reading about their actions and the blatant favoritism that allowed them to subject a continent to brutal warfare while ignoring all social conventions and flaunting bastards as heirs. Greens deserved that throne and Rhaenyra was an inept heir for so many reasons.

  39. I've always been completely the opposite. When I read Fire and Blood it seemed to me the Greens were 100% in the right and were portrayed not as good guys but certainly as who you are meant to root for, whereas the Blacks are more powerful and have more support making it somewhat of an underdog story. Yeah Aemond is pretty terrible but everyone seems to love Daemon and he's done equally heinous acts. Yeah Addam and Alyn are pretty cool and Nettles is interesting but so are a lot of Greens. Daeron, the Lannisters, even Criston Cole seemed to me like heroic characters I wanted to survive and win. Meanwhile the Blacks are doing dark magic and assassinating children, most of their early battle victories rely on tricks and subterfuge. It's surprising to me that everyone sees Alicent and Aegon as villains and not Rhaenyra and Daemon

  40. Viserys should’ve acknowledged the council of 101 that granted him the throne over his female cousin with a better claim and named his eldest son heir, period. This would’ve saved so many lives, kept Strong bastards off the IT, keep Daemon from being king (even tho I love Daemon character), and keep Rhaenyra herself off the throne, like women were intended and kept from being the remainder of the Targ dynasty. Learned from their mistakes finally. Rhaenyra short reign earned her the nickname “Maegor with Teats”.

  41. Ideally Helaena realizes it Larys behind everything and he has her killed. Maybe she leaves some clue for Aegon II or Cregan to eventually fine. It would be especially heart wrenching if she forgives the Blacks and wants to make peace even after her sons murder.

  42. Books are always worse than TV, authors don't realize how heartless they're being (re: realistic) until someone has to act it out in front of other people.

  43. the GREENS are essentially the villains because they started the rivalry that led to the dance. Specifically Ser Otto,

  44. The problem with this story is that the writer himself was very biased towards the Blacks, while forgetting that he literally made them worse than the Greens by just being hypocrites.

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