1. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a staunch supporter of Aegon in the Crownlands. His hold on Stokeworth is shaky, so if he can hitch himself to a new monarch and get confirmed in his titles that would help. He can also tell Aegon "i'm an old friend of Tyrion's"

  2. Given that Tyrion will be riding with Dany I think he could be more likely to side with her. Or maybe he preemptively supports Aegon and the whole point is that creates a minor conflict between Tyrion and his former “friend”. But either way he won’t be massively important by any stretch

  3. His ties to Shae may be that he was allied with Varys the whole time. He could be put on the small council lol but I'd expect he doesn't have much of a role now. His job is done.

  4. I really thought they were going to give him the Twins because “all the Freys were dead” and thought they were going to joke that since he wanted a castle so badly he would get two

  5. An illiterate mercenary who doesn't understand how loans work gets Highgarden and position of Master of Coin. Brilliant writing.

  6. I don’t think Bronn has many further ambitions. If his character is involved, it will be as a matter of his own survival or opportunism, choosing between following the Crown, Aegon, Dany, etc. but from his perspective, he’s a destitute sell sword now ruling over a castle and lands, I think he’s more than happy with his payoff.

  7. Yup. Whereas in the show he became increasingly involved because he was a foul-mouthed fan favorite. I could see him taking the opportunity to support Dany when he hears rumors that the Imp is with her, but really he’s a side character who won’t be the focus of anything

  8. I don't know about ambitions, but he's got a lot of potential to make an impact still. As pointed out elsewhere in this thread he's got potential claims for multiple castles, and can cut off the Rosby Road and part of the King's Road if there's a big enough distraction. If someone offered him something of value, especially a close personal friend of his who may be coming back home alongside an army with dragons, he might be convinced to use what he has for their advantage.

  9. 'Bronn grinned one last time, and walked out of the door, the castle, and his life'. I always thought that to be a quite a poignant ending to Bronn and Tyrions relationship. Whether or not that means he appears in person again I don't know. I like that his roguish actions are being told second hand, I kind of hope we don't see him again but hear about him and his bastard tryion living a great life at Rosby. I assume Bronn will bend the knee to whoever the most powerful is that comes along in the conflict to come. Cant see him being loyal to Lannister when dragons come, but he might be keen on joining tyrion again.

  10. Given Cersei's idiotic handling it him as an issue, he has gone from squalor to lordship. His sense of survival will have him marshalling whatever swords and support he can muster to Stokeworth. If Cersei were anything but a paranoid moron in the books she might have found a way to extricate him from his keep, but after her walk of shame Bronn isn't that big of a concern for her. I imagine he will quietly insulate his position and lend his support to the claimant of the throne that he feels has the best chance at victory. Side note: I believe this will mostly happen from the POV of other characters thinking about what he's doing; we won't see much of Bronn in the spotlight....unless Martin was as vexed by the master of coin turnout as we were in which case Bronn will die horribly.

  11. Cersei killed Lollys sister who was the Lady/heir to Stokeworth, thus making Lolly's the Lady Stokeworth right?

  12. He betrays Cersei for Aegon, possibly getting a decent reward in the process. If Dany comes west with Tyrion as her Hand, it’s possible he could betray Aegon for her if he gets even more out of the bargain.

  13. He will do what Bronn does. Take advantage if anything he can. He will party with hiis bunch of crooks and if there's a chance to gain something his little army will sure intervene. Remember thst he is chilling in his castle near the capital

  14. No way, ain't no fuckin way he has any crazy plot twists or anything, best case scenario is he comes to King's Landing to pay tribute to Aegon as Lord Bronnold Stokeworth or something. I doubt he'll even reunite with Tyrion.

  15. He is a Tyrion loyalist with lands and men under his command. If Tyrion returns to Westeros I can imagine Bron will come back into play.

  16. He isnt a Tyrion loyalist. He is only loyal to himself. He switched from Catelyn to Tyrion to the other Lannisters whenever it made sense for him to do

  17. I don’t think we’ll personally see bronn again but I think we will hear about him. I think he will likely take advantage of the coming conflict, playing both sides until he can betray one to his greatest advantage. I think he either ends up controlling both stokeworth and Rosby or he ends up dead.

  18. He'll become a stay at home knight raising his adopted son and preparing for another until he gets a good offer to make more money.

  19. I think he’ll be involved in the Rosby inheritance. In the Dance epilogue Kevan says it can wait, which I see as foreshadowing that the crown’s refusal to deal with it is going to be a problem.

  20. He betrays Cersei for Aegon, possibly getting a decent reward in the process. If Dany comes west with Tyrion as her Hand, it’s possible he could betray Aegon for her if he gets even more out of the bargain.

  21. I think one overlooked fact is that Stokeworth lands were vital to keeping King's Landing fed when the Tyrells were hostile to the Lannisters. With winter here at last, I could easily see those lands becoming important.

  22. Knowing Bronn, he would probably pull a Tywin, feign obedience and swear fealty to all sides promising support but do nothing until he sees a clear opportunity and then he will make his move.

  23. Bronns character in the show got a lot a screen time and more stuff to do because he was a fun popular character. The books won’t be so kind to him. There’s way more stuff to tie besides his arc in the books.

  24. Dunno why but I want him to stay good with Tyrion till the end... too many people have ditched Tyrion, poor guy

  25. Ser Perkin the Flea. Maybe by crowning Tyrion Tanner as a bargaining chip like Trystane Truefyre, alongside all Kings Landings' local harvest

  26. I could see him being instrumental to Sansa’s storyline. As others have pointed out, he’s in a strategic position and it’d be interesting given their connections to Tyrion.

  27. I doubt there’s much for him honestly. Bronn was always a bigger character in the show, so unless Tyrion somehow has use of him or Cersei tries something again I don’t see him being all that involved

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