1. First one that comes to mind is Cersei walking by the stairs where Ned Stark was executed and reflecting how badly that turned out for her family.

  2. Another Dany moment that gets me is it comes time to burn the slavers of Astapor, she thinks of her brother Rhaegar and thinks “I’m crossing my Trident” or something to that effect. Very powerful imo. Dany’s chapters make up some of my favourite and least favourite in the series but her inner monologue was always excellent

  3. A less serious moment, but Dany in ADWD kills me when she fails at her hat-weaving attempt. Can’t remember the exact line, but it’s something like, “You’re the blood of the dragon, you can figure out how to make a hat.” Love her.

  4. Ugh! I remember that vividly Idk there is just something about Dany and Arya that get me when it comes to their inner monologue So powerful

  5. Jaime just going around the Riverlands reasserting his alpha dominance after losing his hand. Slapping Connington and Frey and Roasting every idiot lesser lord and knight he comes across while at the same time being honorable and protective of those weaker than him and finally feeling at home again among his men while besieging Riverrun. I love when he called Hasty Baelor butthole.

  6. "I rose too high, loved too hard, dared too much. I tried to grasp a star, overreached, and fell." jon connington. this has helped me through a longtime depression, and it never ceases to make me cry. i lost the love of my life, just as jon lost his prince. ive never felt a love like that again, and even if my view of them is idealised, nobody could live up to what they represented, or were for me. it helps getting into jon's head and knowing im not alone in this.

  7. Definitely Jaime. Personally I think he is the most compelling character, and his chapters have definitely became my favorite whilst reading the books. Observing him dealing with losing his hand and having an identity crisis and having to work through that is incredibly moving and deep. One of my favorite lines in the book series is Jaime thinking over and over "Lancel and Osmund Kettleblack and probably Moonboy for all I know." It really illustrates just how rocked to the core Jaime is.

  8. Jaime, Stannis and the Blackfish are probably the only three characters in ASoIaF I can strongly relate to.

  9. Tyrion. Enjoy how moody and petty he is (despite his self-perception that he’s stone cold like his daddy). His later chapters when he’s being depressed and hilarious and the chapters when he’s at the top of his game and feeling it in ACOK are both great.

  10. Davos I ASOS while on the Spears of The Merlin King is my favorite chapter in the series. It's almost entirely internal monologue and memory.

  11. I love that Davos chapter it has literally got me through some dark times in my life. When he decides he has unfinished business and resolves to live is a great character moment. There really isn’t another chapter like it. There is no dialogue besides with himself.

  12. Huge fan of Tyrion chapters, where on a reread it is clear he is thinking several steps ahead of what he's saying.

  13. Probably Catelyn during the red wedding. Instead of recognizing the warning signs of betrayal Catelyn Tully stays involved with and thinking only about herself. “Roslyn has a fake smile that looks plastered on”, oh well I was nervous at my wedding. And it just keeps happening. From making Greatjon drink too much, to ignoring the alarming amount of missing people that support Robb Stark and the overflowing booze fountain whilst the food is turning peoples stomachs (including hers)

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