1. Agreed. If you want a lunch burger your out of luck at Goodfriend. Still not open till 4 on Fridays last I checked.

  2. A while back i read in The Dallas Observer (i think thats where i read it) that The Peak Inn at 132 N Peak St, Dallas, TX 75226 i supposed to have good burgers. I personally have not eaten there. But id like to one day.

  3. I won’t say without a doubt but if you’re going to be downtown specifically and like cool cocktails definitely go to the Woolworth. It’s right by the giant eyeball and has a nice bar with cool drinks and a delicious burger.

  4. Lakewood landing, Lee Harvey's and Adairs for the dive bar vibes. Bonus, Adair and Lee Harvey'shas live music, Lee Harvey's will be outside tho.

  5. Go to the Dallas Observer's webpage. I believe they just had a nice article about bar burgers in Dallas. In addition to Angry Dog which is good: Neighborhood Services, Bar None, Snuffers.

  6. There are a ton of suggestions here, I would recommend googling these places first to make sure they’re the type of vibe you’re wanting. Good luck OP, I hope you find a good burger and a quiet space!

  7. Angry Dog. It's a bar. It's a cool, old bar in Deep Ellum. They have a ton of draft beer to choose from. And they have great burgers. So yeah, the "Best bar in Dallas for a burger" is Angry Dog. Some of these other answers are non-responsive to your question. (And the angry dog hot dog is greatness, too)

  8. Stackhouse! 2nd floor outdoor seating with skyline view, and get a big oatmeal cream pie while you're there

  9. I agree with the Angry Dog votes 👍🏼 also because I love their sweet potato fries. Also, Easy Sliders is yummy, they have great tots as well.

  10. Go sit at the bar at Hudson House off Lovers Ln and enjoy one of the finest cheeseburgers in Dallas. You’ll enjoy the atmosphere as well.

  11. Ok so not bars or waffle fries (sorry!) but if you want a really good burger, Burger Time Machine in Denton is amazing and Scotty P’s which is in various parts of Dallas is amazing too. I moved here a few months ago and I have tried a lot of burger places so far so these are the best ones I have found!

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