1. Feels like it'd be a Reed sister event with those visuals, no? Which hey I'll gladly take, and I guess would likely involve her by extension. Maybe a look at their past instead of the 'present' that main story covers?

  2. with all the purple I sorta wonder if its gonna be reed's sister as the 6* though it would feel sorta out of nowhere.

  3. I'm looking forward to the Invitation to Wine rerun. The mechanic of killing mobs by hitting them a number of times was pretty easy and it let me use some ops I often don't. I also defeated the boss first try so I'm pretty fond of that battle.

  4. iirc on stream they said the next cny will be in yumen on stream so itll probably be the eldest brother and like du yaoye as the banner.

  5. It would be hilarious if Reed gets an alter for this event as a 6* nonlimited (Caster?). Would be funny because her 5* is notorious for getting shit (15op skin, clown module and upgrades, overall meh kit since release) so if her alt isn't gonna be a limited I would literally laugh 😂😂

  6. If she is getting i doubt tho mayb since there's no more alter restrictions so they can pump out 6* alter not being tied to limited event..

  7. you say it like its bad but a non-limited alter would be a great break to a shitty pattern. would love saria and shining alters to be non-limited and not have a split rateup and bad spark system as the only way to realistically get them after their release

  8. Reed gonna be a 6* caster alter power creeping Eyja in similar fashion as Mlynar and Pozyomka.

  9. If they do make an alter for her, she better keep that flaming swinging tail with the flame and lil smoke vfx from it. That's literally the best part about Reed imo.

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