1. I don't really think so But maybe look how much it can support in the manual or website of purchase :)

  2. Yes thank you I didn't think so either. My husband was stressing me out saying it would hold it. I finally convinced him to get a real aquarium stand. Plus - I love my accent cabinet and didn't want water damage!

  3. 36 times 8lb per gallon = 288 lbs. Round up to 350 for decorations and margin of error etc. It's possible but you will eventually damage the finish due to water exposure. Tge particle board furniture is made of will fail if it gets wet.

  4. Yes thank you. We ended up getting a stand that fits up to 75 gallon. I agree - too heavy for decorative furniture. But now our 36 gallon aquarium is leaking. One day we'll have fish lol

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