1. You guys are commenting faster than we can moderate - so if you don't see your comment show up right away (due to it being filtered for some reason), don't worry, we will make sure its visible before the giveaway closes

  2. This is amazing Christian! And keep up the top work on Apollo! It's been my favourite Reddit client for a long time now. Also my favourite animal is cat!

  3. Hey Christian! Absolutely love Apollo. This one of the best built iPhone apps period. Keep it up! (Also if you could pretty please make double tapping the Posts button take you back to the Sub list, Iโ€™d be forever grateful. I swear that used to work.)

  4. You should add the Pangolin to pixel pals. Iโ€™ve heard that may just be how Covid got started! (South Park reference donโ€™t hurt me).

  5. I think a golden retriever would be a cute pixel pal if not already added! Thanks for all the work you do. Fingers crossed you draw me! :)

  6. Love Apollo. Though on iOS it c/m bugs me that I canโ€™t get links from other sites to use Apollo instead of the Reddit official app. Tried most of the workarounds with mixed success.

  7. You should add a pixel pal giraffe. For iPhone 14 users its neck should extend behind the dynamic island and you should just be able to see its head boop around.

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