1. Imagine literally being one of the richest people in the **history of our species**, having the ability to do **anything you want and humans are capable of**, and you spend it being a shitlord on social media, arguably the dumbest thing humans have invented. I am just absolutely, completely flabbergasted.

  2. He's a fraud, of course he's going to take credit. An archive of the capital status twitter thread. It gives the complete history of Elon's lies.

  3. After Elon started claiming he founded Tesla I realized he was full of shit. Now he claims he invented Starlink instead of buying it. I knew it was only a matter of time before he was going to start claiming he founded Twitter too.

  4. I read that last night and honestly, it has been great to be vindicated after all these years. When I'd first heard about him, there was no fucking way he wasn't lying through his teeth. Science, every discipline, is insanely collaborative and rigid in every aspect of academia and has virtually non-existent wiggle room except in exceptionally rare cases which remain contingent on convincing an entire committee of jaded, bitter academics to break a specific tenet.

  5. I think eventually all Elon Muskrat is going to be able to take credit is for killing Twitter and making Mastodon a success.

  6. I just saw a post that he didn't even complete his degree? Kinda lines up with my impression of him. Sad that the most successful people are just the best at conning people

  7. There’s a series of YouTube videos by common sense skeptic called debunking Elon musk. They pretty much go into his entire history from childhood to now.

  8. The wildest part about that is that he stole the idea for Zip2 by interviewing with a startup that was already working on the idea, then ghosting them and taking the idea for himself.

  9. Barging in with a boatload of cash to turn a great idea or a baby fledgling business into a full-grown business can be a great thing, and I don't hate Musk for that.

  10. Where did he initially get his riches from? I kind of remember the PayPal Elon days, but if he bought his way in, where did he make his money from prior?

  11. Forreal, doesn’t it bring you a little comfort to know that, despite having all the money in the world, this fucker is still a bored, depressed loser sitting on Twitter all day haha

  12. It turns out that Elon also faked his credentials. He never got a bachelors in Physics and was never in any graduate program. He was in the states illegally and only when his fake degree was discovered were strings pulled to get him a degree in Economics.

  13. I don’t understand the desire to work for him. Years ago my brother had career day at Purdue for engineering and the interviews for SpaceX were 4 times as long as Gulf Stream, Lockheed, etc and starting pay was much lower with SpaceX requiring 60 plus hour work weeks yet the line to interview was out the door. My brother pick Gulf Stream with better pay, hours and no self righteous CEO.

  14. How does a guy show up last week and still think he is entitled to take credit for years of work and development?!?!

  15. The entitlement of a man who has enjoyed taking stolen valor from the work of thousands of engineers and workers his whole life.

  16. Not that I don't believe it, but I'd like a source for that info. It comes in handy when I have my internet debates. 😁

  17. “Through the unspeakable genius of Daddy’s slave mining, and being a dot com bro who got incredibly lucky with high risk investments, I deserve all the credit for something I bought a month ago that has subsequently lost most of its staff and value. Everyone praise my genius!”

  18. He clearly thinks he is funny, that sacking workers is funny, and that his reputation for claiming credit for the work of others is funny.

  19. paying the original founders extra money to name you as a founder has to be one of the lamest ego strokes in the history of self aggrandizement

  20. He’s just pathetically desperate to be a comedian! But good comedians are smart, insightful, and articulate. So I’d say the new term for someone who is the opposite of a comedian should be called an “elon.”

  21. I regret being duped by him years back when he first entered into mainstream. I kept hearing about all of these incredible things be was doing that seemed as though they were the spark that would finally push humanity forward. A new space program, electric cars, bullet trains, etc. I'd joke sometimes that we'd need Elon Musk to come do/solve whatever needed done, as if he were this big visionary. My brother always hated him and I wasn't really sure why. I guess he paid closer attention.

  22. The Elon bots have been deployed. Expect blank, brand new accounts to start getting thousands of likes with repetitive pro space Karen comments

  23. I really don't know how a man could possibly be so deluded that he's taking the credit for the results several other people accomplished for nearly 16 years because he simply paid money for it.

  24. I’m so thrilled that his degrees were fake and now everyone knows. Still fooled me. I thought he had 2 BS . Still no scientist, never has been never will be. Just another piss baby who had his ppp loans forgiven.

  25. As someone who put in the work to actually earn a science degree (BSME), I say fuck Elon Musk and his crepey ass looking face. I mean how the fuck can you look both saggy and taught at the same time!?

  26. When I first heard of musk, I had thought he came across as a decent guy. How bloody wrong could I be? He's a weapons grade narcissistic bellend.

  27. Oh, it's been a long time I've hated him. I started hating him when he was greedy with Tesla (even though he wasn't the inventor or CEO at the start of it), his dumb decision making, his stupid "Loop" thingy, and now with Twitter. He has proven he's just a dumbfuck with tons of money to burn.

  28. I use to like him in college mid 20teens.... He had ambition and sold the idea he wanted things to be better/affordable.

  29. That’s the best part, you can tell people about his lies and bullshit and the muskrats will still eat his ass. But when he self destructs publicly….. mmmm chefs kiss

  30. Dude, same. I hated this guy, for absolutely no reason, the minute I saw him. Just instinct. I have been straight up bathing in Schaedenfreud the past couple weeks.

  31. Right? It’s been so painful to see random friends all fawn over him through the years. That fucking cringe Joe Rogan interview. Him smoking weed while he drug tested all his employees. So hypocritical. All his word vomit tweets that people would treat as genius gospel when they were just idiotic rants. His posturing as a real life Tony Stark. His calling the actual Boy Scout rescuer a “pedo” on Twitter just because his idea to save them didn’t work…and now him getting mad about what anyone says negative about him on Twitter haha. He’s such a tool. I will never understand his creepy chud-simp fanbase.

  32. There was a time when if you said anything negative about him on Reddit you would be swarmed by his fanboys and downvoted to hell. So glad most people are seeing that he’s a joke and a con finally.

  33. Me too. I said to my doctor once “Elon musk is not a good person and way too many people ignore his bad qualities because he’s ‘lol rich Internet funny man’” and they did not believe me

  34. what a fucking dickhead, how blind do you have to be that this is not the time and place to be so entitled... He's turning into Trump, he thinks that no matter what he does he'll always have enough useful idiots following him to stay relevant...

  35. He always was Trump, this is what Trump was like in the 80s. If you look at old news articles everyone thought Trump was a financial god king genius back then too, then Trump turned into a more publically insane nutjob as he aged. Elon is time adjusted Trump. The only difference is one is a tech fraud and the other is a real estate fraud.

  36. That guy is really obsessed with AOC. She isn't gonna fuck you Elon. Shit, at this rate I don't think much of anyone is gonna fuck you dude.

  37. I work as a line engineer at Tesla Berlin. It is the worst job you can imagine. The highest managers are just uneducated people who agree most with the cult.

  38. What if everyone at Twitter just agreed to ignore him? Like, just keep going about your day, if he says you’re fired, ignore him and keep working, security office ignores him and doesn’t remove anyone’s access, HR/payroll ignores him and doesn’t terminate anyone, etc.

  39. Taking credit for twitter is some seriously sociopathic shit. And what is up with his obsession for AOC? Such a creepy ass reply to a tweet that had nothing to do with him.

  40. He was seen as an innovator futurist, sorta taking up the space Jobs left. Some people don't see through his chicanery because it makes them feel smart.

  41. He is most likely 100% sincere with this statement. Meaning, this fucker actually believes he does amazing things every moment he's alive, even when he's making moronic decisions. Dude is a fucking joke. A bad one.

  42. Dude twitter sucks and has always sucked. The generation that blew up twitter, instagram and snapchat etc. Literally killed the internet and ruined the way people socialize online. Good riddance to all of that toxic garbage.

  43. This asshole turns a nominally functional and sometimes-profitable company into a smoking crater in less than two weeks and then is like "you're welcome"? For what? Letting us watch you shit down your own leg in public? Go home Elon, you're drunk.

  44. This may he the end of Elon Musk. I, and I assume LOTS of others will NEVER use or buy a product he is involved with EVER again.

  45. Musk didn’t do a damn thing to create it. Just like his other businesses, he just took over someone else’s hard work.

  46. It's like thanking a team of construction workers for their job on the new building and then a wrecking ball says "you're too kind'

  47. Muskrat is such a twat. I bet he does take credit for twitter like he pretends he invented Tesla. buying it like he did his phony degree.

  48. The place has been around for over a decade and he owns it for a week and feels entitled to all that achievement too. What a wanker.

  49. Elon is not a savior nor will he ever be Iron Man. He bought his way into most of these companies. He is a glorified product manager at most 🥳.

  50. I saw an interview explaining why he chose the name Tesla….but the funniest thing to me is how he claims to invented the electric car, when no even the real founders invented it. As a matter of fact my older son had one at 4 yrs old way before Tesla was around 😂 we got it a walmart cheap! and my dad would go every where in his golf cart 😂

  51. I can’t wait for all the ex-Twitter workers to get together and build a new “Tooter” with all that knowledge they have. Should take no time to make it again. Every user with a clue will move across immediately. And the workers will get to keep the money.

  52. Honestly, who would’ve ever thought that Elon musk would be the biggest advertiser for worker, solidarity in modern history? This is showing that the “job creator” farce has been laid bare. Workers have so much power in our society if we only realized it.

  53. Sadly because like facebook before it, it sort of gets used a lot as a means to share certain information and functions almost like a townhall meeting. In writing/publishing, it is viewed as a one of the current means of marketing. Politicians use it as opposed to having organized debates. It is a cesspool and we need something new, but it seems like social media stuff is now part of life and twitter-style is part of it.

  54. He has never built anything he did not build tesla he only acquire things on the backs of others greatness and pretends that he’s a brilliant man and a genius. he’s a fucking idiot and a narcissistic misogynist. What an asshole

  55. This dude is pathological. He truly believes he can roll in and take 'founder' status for every company he buys.

  56. No other service right now gives oppressed or marginalized people around the world as large a platform to show the world what’s happening to them. I’m thinking about Ukraine and Iran right now.

  57. I am ashamed to say I ever thought well of Elon. I still feel like SpaceX is important for humanity, but holy fuckity-fuck that guy is such a rancid, odorous, 250 lb sack of shit in a 10 lb bag.

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