1. Yeah, I read the book and watched the movie. Tragic, but I'm left wondering if the MC ever got over the death of that girl, and if he went on to find himself girlfriends.

  2. There's a short story set after the events of the movie/book and if I remember correctly he went on to live a fufilling life, got married and had kids. I don't think he could ever get over her death but he lived on and found happiness all because of what Sakura taught him.

  3. Bro you thinking too deep💀 anyway I don't think he could ever get over her death she was hsi first friend afterall

  4. I have never watched this anime but I've heard of the name before and it always weirded me out because the story seems to be a love story on the surface. So what is the meaning of the name? No one actually wants to eat anyone's pancreas I assume, right? Sorry for a dumb question!

  5. Well basically the girl was dying from pancreatic disease and she read in some book that if you are suffering from liver disease and you eat someone's liver than you will be cured same goes for other parts of body So when she first meet the boy she told him this philosophy and then said she can't ask anyone to let her eat there pancreas and then in the ending of the movie when she died she left a message for the boy saying I want to eat your Pancreas expressing her love to him

  6. I can’t remember exactly but I believe it was because of a myth or legend that eating a healthy body part would cure an unhealthy one but I don’t know for certain.

  7. Some of the replies are missing pretty important details. Yes the movie does bring up that eating someone's pancreas would cure whatever disease you have but there's a second scene where the girl brings up that in another culture if you consume someone else their soul will live on inside you.

  8. Hello Guys I was also thinking about making an AMV for Weathering With You suggest me some good song for that please

  9. God's teeth I loved the book and have bought both the anime and live action versions of the movie. I describe it as an Eastern Bridge to Terabethia.

  10. Id watch this but every aniime has made me cry so far even non sad ones in any way Id watch it and be crying the whole time yet i still chose to watch them..

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