1. Lmao this is weirdly adorable. Its an opossum. They are usually pretty skittish and avoid interaction with humans. They are notorious garbage thieves just like raccoons tho

  2. Between the two, I’d rather have a possum. Raccoons are cute, but they’re major rabies carriers and aren’t afraid to rumble. I’ve seen one fuck up a pit bull. Possums just play dead and smell bad, lol

  3. This is the most frightening description of an opossum I’ve ever read lmao you’re killin me with the “unhinged its jaw” part.

  4. That sweet baby is an opossum. They’re North American’s only marsupial. They eat ticks and other disease carrying insects, have a low body temperature so practically, if not technically, immune to rabies. They have very poor eyesight and are known for playing dead or “possum” when they feel threatened, and are very shy. I had one that visited my squirrel feeder on my patio that was the sweetest thing. Came right up to me when I sat on my patio and didn’t run away. They’re fascinating animals are a benefit to the ecosystem. Also the ones I’ve been around seem to like dry cat food of all things, lol.

  5. Without my glasses on, I mistook one of these one evening for my cat, Hoover. It came up on the back porch, right to my chair. Hoover had some dry kitty food on the concrete by my chair.

  6. Poor thing has a little head wound. Possums are so beneficial. It was nice of you to offer it water. They are usually very thirsty little guys, especially in the summer!

  7. this sweet opossum has an injury and could maybe use a little kindness while recovering. thank you for sharing some trash snacks with him. maybe you’d like to leave out a small offering of fruit and stale cat food?

  8. I love you. I love that you looked at a possum, didn’t know what it was, and your instinct was care for it. Here, you look like you need some water to wash down that trash! Humans are gonna be okay, we’re all gonna be okay

  9. They’re a blessing! They’re nature’s garbage disposal. They’ll eat anything edible on your property, including ticks, mice, rats, etc. And, they don’t get rabies.

  10. Didn’t even need to see the picture by the description alone. Excellent work! Haha! (Also Opossum)

  11. They're my husband's favourite animal but they're not wild here and there's almost none in zoos etc so I'll need to save to go and see some in the USA

  12. I was walking home one night and the street lamp was out. This kitty walked across the sidewalk in front of me so I leaned down and called it. It stopped so I go to pet it. IT WAS NOT A CAT. I had never been close to a possum before. They have sooo many teeth.

  13. You’ll do all right if you can put your trash in a can with a locking lid. Although, raccoons will tear the trash out anyways. Opossums aren’t as good with locking kids.

  14. Opossums are so cool! They are North America's only marsupial, and also the oldest mammal, they have the most teeth of any mammal in the US, they eat tons of ticks every year, are very very unlikely to carry rabies even after being exposed to it, their "play dead" defense is actually them fainting, they can use their tails to hang from stuff (semi prehensile), and they are so cute!

  15. This is a friend! They’re very benign visitors, and don’t tend to make messes like raccoons. When I lived with my parents, we often had possums that would share our cats food on our back porch. Like others have said, they are immune to rabies because their body temperature is too low for the virus to survive. As a kid, I used to chase them away, but they’re naturally very shy, so if you don’t want it on your porch, you typically only have to knock on the glass and let it see you through the door and it’ll skedaddle.

  16. North America's only marsupial. Shy and generally harmless. Beneficial because they are one of the few creatures (maybe the only?) that eat ticks.

  17. Seeing a possum this close without knowing about possums sounds like some real nightmare fuel. They are actually chill dudes though, nothing to be afraid of, you don’t want him getting used to eating your trash though.

  18. Awww, a silly little trash goblin! I have a sticker with a picture of a possum screaming and the words “assigned feral at birth”.

  19. They probably know what they are but might have never encountered one in real life before. I know they are super common my area but I’ve only ever seen one because of how skittish and seclusively they behave. They probably smell my dog too and stay away.

  20. I saw one walking up the middle of the street in the neighborhood I used to live in Las Vegas late at night. It had scratch marks on its back like it had been in a fight with a cat or some other animal.

  21. Opossum. I'm sorry OP but I have to admit that I laughed out loud at "it unhinged its jaw and hissed like a snake" 😂 these lil dudes are so weird, i love them

  22. Thats a Virginia Oppossum.... Leave it alone, it will wander off. Not a threat to anything but ticks. They hiss, but don't normally attack when not trapped. They prefer to curl up and freeze. Hence the term "playing possum".

  23. We have a young neighborhood possum and they eat the food our dog turns up her nose at. Our dog is very old and now picky about the fresh food that we prepare for her. When she leaves any, we’re happy that the possum will get the rest of it. (Dog is too old to hassle the possum like she would have in her youth.)

  24. We have one that loves our porch. We feed an outdoor cat and the raccoons and possums are on the porch every night enjoying the snacks.

  25. Opossums are very important for bug control. Don’t kill it they’re relatively harmless. Just leave them alone. Great for tick control.

  26. I am amazed that anyone would be confused by an opossum. Seen em every night in my yard while I was feeding my friends (about 20 wild raccoons that I hand feed) until I moved into the city. They liked cat food alot.

  27. It's an Opossum! They eat ticks and dont carry rabies so are nice to keep around but they are very clever and will get in your shed, or garbage! A spray bottle to squirter it will deter its efforts without hurting it!

  28. Start reading about rabies and watch some videos. Not saying they can/cant get it just a stay away from animals that are fine with you being there.

  29. Opossums are just non-aggressive like that. They can’t run very fast so their defense tactic is literally just to stand there and hiss very loudly, and if that fails, play dead. They actually have a low body temperature that makes them resistant to catching rabies.

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