1. I’m wondering if someone clicked the profile and visited. It’s possible some verified account changed their display name and pic and joined the call to be funny. Or, it might be them. Do we have that info somewhere?

  2. They didn't get caught, it's mind games kids - just like yesterday tweeting that they spent money in an AMC theatre, this is psychological warfare.

  3. They seem to seriously think that a few FUD social media items are going to make everyone think CS is actually on our side and that all our DD is wrong. Amusing to see this unfold.

  4. They’re trolling bc they made money from the Terra Luna crash, little do they know all they did was delay the inevitable.

  5. They are just listening in to see if the tweet about amc got anyone worried because it took 6 weeks of brainstorm and 3 weeks to photoshop and implement it

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