1. Lmao "an underrated location", nah. There's no end to the crackpots and whack-a-dos coming up with BS about Alaska from HAAEP to a "pyramid under Valdez" to alien abductions. It's all BS.

  2. Oh, that's actually scary, we aren't too crazy, as I stated in the post, we try to approach all these theories with a skeptical eye and genuinely follow scientific evidence and proof.

  3. has anyone noticed less magpies in the last 20 years? do you think that the bird deepfakes have a problem rendering these corvidae?

  4. I have noticed that magpies have extended their range north of the Alaska Range. Use to never see them in FBanks but now see them frequently

  5. Sooo asking just for fun, you all know anything about the pyramid Tom Delonge mentioned a while back?

  6. Haha yes we've heard of it, but we haven't investigated it at all. Some of the members in the group have on their own time, but no assignments have been given relating to that

  7. Husband wants to move to Alaska. He was stationed at Eielson for 4yrs. Is it true stuff is hard to get there like supplies and stuff? He wants to live like a damn bushman in BFE nowhere, I need an actual house or cabin with running water and a decent kitchen but don't want to be smack dab in a city. I need woods. You gotta be tough to live in Alaska, no? Your Squatches are bigger and meaner I hear. Not really looking forward to UFOs and earthquakes though I've experienced all of the above.

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