1. Is it worth shooting it, I feel like it’s a niche item that shouldn’t be fielded, burning it sounds like a waste of money ( but I guess the BOA was already that) and from what I’ve seen around the interwebs no one is buying them. So I guess I don’t really know what my own question was

  2. You should buy an ODST helmet from me and make an awesome halo kit! (P.s. I got one of these, main board tends to fry it's mosphet but not too hard to repair)

  3. So, if I remember correctly, this item performs very poorly put of the box. It's also so limited and unique that it's virtually impossible to upgrade it.

  4. If your asking for the link to evike for the item, they don’t have one as there was a licensing issue with Microsoft so they are not allowed to market or sell them

  5. You should give it to me…:) But seriously. It’s a collectors item more then a good field weapon. Anyone who wants it, would never spend what it’s worth purely because it’s either a project gun, or a wallhanger. Personally I think it’s phenomenal and want it…. But again I don’t want to spend money on it. Trade me a glock? 😂

  6. Lmao my uncles friend had one of these hanging on there wall in there game room a long ass time ago when I was like 12 11 idk but they had one and omg they let me carry it and turn it on and the bitch was so heavy🤣

  7. Bro I’m making a halo airsoft kit, if you don’t want it I’ve got a decent amount of guns I’d be happy to trade for it

  8. They are not really worth that much as they should be in the 300 usd price range but they can go for big prices

  9. Give it to me🤣🤣🤣. But honestly. It's a keeper, cause they r not easy to find. I'm guessing u got it as a mystery gun from evike.

  10. If you keep it, after a while the rubbery coating will start to turn to sticky mush. At least that's what happened to mine. If it does I was able to remove it with rubbing alcohol and alot of elbow Grease, alot! Gun was very easy to take apart. After that a lightly sanded the parts I needed to plasti dip. And it was as good as new. Can't even tell it was redone.

  11. My dude, field it. Airsoft should be fun and if you like it, go with it. I'm drawing up a concept for a highwayman loadout with airsoft flintlock pistols bc it's fun and stupid. Point is, run the gun, have fun.

  12. It's a gun from a video game "Halo". Quite a childish game, in my opinion. Sell it, some people might pay a good amount of money for it perhaps..

  13. Childish, says a grown man who, on regular basis, dresses up in camo and shoots toy guns at other growm men in dress up camo.

  14. Innovation isn't childish. Copying the same M4 style and thinking looking like yet another Buzz Lightyear is cool is childish.

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