1. I’m with you too. I don’t know how to adapt my Relinquished deck now? Maybe another super poly target?

  2. Was thinking of going hard on 3 Allure of Darkness to just dig for Relinquished Fusion. I play an Invoked Relinquished deck, so Invocation can also Summon Millennium-Eyes Restrict in a pinch.

  3. You could just add some branded cards. Summon lubellion w/ DM and Fallen, then use it's effect to banish them and make dragoon. Does lock you into fusion for a turn but that isn't really an issue for dark magician.

  4. The problem with this is the Lubellion requires a discard and Dragoon requires a discard for the negate which is rough to do for DM. I mean you get the boy out and everything, it's just a lot of commitment.

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