1. To be fair whether you're running 3 crossout or 3 gamma + 1 driver you're still taking up similar room in your decklist, so if you want to stick to budget I say go gamma since you can get the full package for about a third of a single crossout

  2. I only had room for 2 cross out but I can drop Alpha MOB to 2 and I’ll have room for 2 gamma and 1 driver

  3. If your deck realize heavy on a certain combo, might try running some small arcatype engines that you could use to bait your opponent to ash before so you can go on with your combos

  4. My Deck is Tri-Melffy. I “usually” can bait it but if my best play requires no cards on the field (Obedience Schooled) which is the one case where I can’t really bait it out (If I’m lucky enough to start with a Fraktal I could use that as a bait but she’s down to 2 copies)

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