1. Also the sap. I live a few months out of the year in the USVI and one of my little jobs (in season) is picking mangos that I sell to stores. ALWAYS use a mango picker! I went out into my orchard one morning and one of the Airbnb guests on property was climbing one of the trees to get at a mango. She got a rash everywhere from the sap/rotted mango residue all over the tree.

  2. I do this all the time. I did it 15 minutes ago. I have never had a reaction yet. Does that mean I won't react to poison ivy either?

  3. Taro/elephant ears as well. I have streaks down my arms and legs from where it came in contact. Huge blisters with tons of pressure. Skin healed but none of my freckles grew back

  4. None of your freckles grew back? Wtf! That is some insane outcome. I don't even know what elephant ears are (apart from the ears of an elephant lol).

  5. This is for all the folks that don’t know - elephant ears refer to alocasia and colcasia (and caladium) plants. There’s loooots of different kinds. Colcasia is also taro and the tubers can be eaten!

  6. Cashew are as well. The fruit and nut are safe to eat, but the plant, including the shell of the nut may be allergenic. If you find a piece of nut shell in a container of cashews, toss it out without handling it more than necessary.

  7. I found this out in the WORST way. Peeled and ate a fresh mango one night as a snack. Just a bit later I got a little “romantic” with myself. The next few days were not fun.

  8. It's something I wish wasn't true haha. I grew up around mango trees and could handle them no problem until suddenly as an adult I got an explosive reaction without ever having direct contact.

  9. I have harvested mangos and eaten them straight from the tree with no ill effects. My neighbor feeds them to his pigs (served in a giant clam shell). I wonder if the amount of oil varies by region or cultivation practices. Or whether they're harvested ripe vs. green. This was in the Philippines.

  10. About 50% of people are immune to urushiol contact dermatitis. I believe this is in part due to genetic factors (individual sensitivity can also increase or decrease over one’s lifetime).

  11. Same. I eat a lot of the Indian mango variety and i used to peel it by biting off the skin. The sap would be all over the mango skin but i did not have any reactions to it. Although I remember getting some stinging sensation in my throat and mouth from eating other varieties (not sure which ones)

  12. This is good information - the flesh of the fruit does not contain much urushiol, so isn’t a problem unless you’re extremely sensitive to it, but there’s a decent amount in the skin, so ripping it apart with your teeth is… not recommended.

  13. Yeah I thought I was in the clear last week with eating a mango. I looked up online the proper way to cut it...and eating the flesh made my lips swell and my face break out. I gotta say, I'm gonna miss mangos

  14. I accidentally ate a tiny amount of mango skin that I forgot to cut off and nearly died of anaphylaxis. Had horrible hives for a week , swollen knees and swollen lips. Worst experience of my life.

  15. Get tested for pistachio and cashew allergy- if you’re that allergic to mango, you may also be allergic to those two nuts in the same family

  16. Weird you should post this now, I just listened to the episode of This Podcast Will Kill You about poison ivy and learned this fact. Ha

  17. It's also great timing for me because I currently have a rash from mango lol but that podcast name sounds cool, I might check it out!

  18. The other thing to know about that oil is that it isn't just an allergen. It's a sensitizing allergen. As in something "that makes you more sensitive" with repeated exposure. Every time you touch it, your body learns to be more allergic to it. Repeatedly being exposed to the oil can cause an allergy to begin and can make an allergy more severe.

  19. Wait what? Forreal? I've never been allergic to poison oak, ivy, or sumac. I've also touched it way too many times.

  20. Yep, this is what happened to me. When I was a kid and wandered around a lot in woods, I woukd occasionally get it but no big deal. As I got older, I'd run into it while camping and while annoying, usually calamine lotion and Benadryl would knock it out.

  21. Thanks for telling me, the last time I got poison ivy I had a rash for over a month, could hardly sleep, it was terrible. We finally sanitized my entire truck and thats when it finally went away

  22. Yeah me too. I’m super allergic to poison Ivy (like I have to take steroids when I get it). But I’ve never had even the slightest reaction to mango. To be fair, I don’t usually come into contact w the mango skin. Just the fruit.

  23. One of the lucky ones lol. I've never even seen poison ivy, oak, or sumac but am now advised to never eat mangos again

  24. Wow! I ate mangoes right out of their skin the first time I had them. I got huge rashes on my arms and lips. I thought I was just allergic to mangoes.

  25. Interesting. Mangos are local where I am (PR) from. Always just picked and ate. Peeled with skin. Never heard any warnings about touching or rashes. Could it be a genetic thing? Maybe to keep away colonizers?🤣🤣

  26. A few months ago I tried a mango from the grocery store, and my mouth and face broke out in such an intense and painful rash that I had to go to the doctor for steroids. Nooowww I know the likely reason why. Thank you for posting this, I hope it saves more people from the awful Mango Rash lol

  27. Does this have any effect when eating mangoes? Or is this only something to be weary of when picking them?

  28. It shouldn't be a problem if the skin is washed before eating. Check online how to cut them because you don't want to be eating the skin

  29. OP Don't ever go to Hawaii there's mango trees everywhere and they are constantly dripping sap and other various liquids.

  30. I had a good friend who LOVED mangoes but had this reaction. Every now and then he would just decide that it was worth it and just be numb for a while!

  31. As someone who grew up climbing mango trees, yes the sticky substance on the outside of the fruit as well as the bark, it's sap-like, is very itchy. Those red giant ants living on the tree do not help either. I climbed down with sap all over me and ant bites. Not a good combo, but a good lesson and the best mango ever.

  32. I wonder if this could be the reason why I had a food allergy reaction to a juice with mango juice in it. I’ve been too afraid to try again to test the theory.

  33. In mango juice they can use the inside of the kernel during the industrial process and it has more proteins so more risk of allergic reaction. I was advised to stay clear of prepared products but I'm allowed to eat the fruit

  34. I get an allergic reaction on my face even when I just eat the flesh. I can have someone else cut it and rinse it, I can buy it pre-cut, either way my lips swell and get this sandpaper texture, and feel dry and itchy. And it lasts for a WHOLE WEEK. Miserable the whole time.

  35. I got severe poison ivy a few times when I was a kid. My pediatrician actually recommended that I eat mangos to help combat the rash.

  36. What you say is true, and even too much mango can itch your throat. But living in the midst of Taiwan's mango country foothills, bordered on one side by bamboo mountains and reservoirs, and on the other side by rice fields and lingjiao water chestnut ponds, I can attest that there is nothing in this world, on a hot tropical day, than a fresh mango ice slush (芒果冰沙) to quench the thirst, cool the body, and bliss the mind.

  37. I am allergic to poison ivy, sumac, oak and even Brazilian pepper trees (they are everywhere in Florida), but strangely enough, I have no problem with mangos or mango trees. A friend has two trees, and they are currently in season yet I'm fine, and was last season as well. I look at a pepper tree and I break out.

  38. Pistachios as well. My relative with a poison ivy allergy had an anaphylactic reaction to pistachios the first time she tried them.

  39. Is it the plant or the fruit cause I’m severely allergic to poison ivy but I eat mangos all the time and never had any problems.

  40. The oil is found on the skin and leaves of the plant. If you rinse the skin thoroughly and cut around the skin you shouldn't have a problem eating mango unless you're just extremely sensitive to the oil

  41. Huh, I always saw that you shouldn’t eat mango skin because it can cause a reaction, but I’ve never had that issue. Now it makes sense- I’m not allergic to poison ivy either, so I guess I’m just super lucky to be one of the few that are also unbothered by mango skin. The more you know!

  42. I had to go to the emergency room when I was kid after a bad reaction to a mango. Swollen lip, body rash, and stomach pain

  43. The fruits the cashew is picked from, and cashews themselves are also in this family of plants and are also loaded with urushiol. It's an extensive, often very itchy process to pick, shell, peel, and roast cashews to eliminate all traces of urushiol and the workers in Africa who do it are paid very little for their work. Oftentimes they're using plastic shopping bags instead of actual gloves to prevent getting the oil on their skins. Other, more experienced workers who don't get reactions anymore and can handle the nuts barehanded.

  44. Also... never burn mango leaves and branches. It will put the irritant into the air and cause skin rashes, eye and respiratory irritation.

  45. okay this is fascinating to me because I'm not allergic to poison ivy and I REALLY dislike mangoes. I doubt they're related but I find it interesting

  46. I started getting rashes from eating mangoes in my 20s; it would start out like bad chapped lips and then a rash appeared all over my mouth, followed by awful itchy blisters covering the roof of my mouth. It took a while to discover what was causing it since the reaction was always delayed, like 2-3 days after eating them. I’ve recently developed the same reaction to cashews and pistachios. I was never sensitive to poison ivy before all this started but I sure am now.

  47. I think I'm immune. Grew up in southern USA, ran through poisen ivy many times, have never had a reaction. Now I live in the SEA tropics and have several mango trees and I even propagate them, never had an issue but I've heard of this many times.

  48. I found this out the hard way 30 years ago when I moved to Hawaii. It was mango season and I just picked them up off the ground and ate a few. Next day my mouth was totally full of poison ivy. I can eat mango but have to peel the skin first.

  49. I have genetic immunity to the oil in poison ivy and all the other urushiol producing plants. Never get to mention it much.

  50. Want to increase your love for mangos? Try Indian mangos. We have 1500 varieties here and most are yellow-orange in color. Extremely ripe and dripping juicy and sweet. Order Alphonso mango and you'll never go back. Mango is our national fruit and our nation goes crazy when mango season arrives.

  51. That's unusual. I'm very much allergic to Poison Ivy, but I've never once broken out after handling Mangos with my bare hands.

  52. Yeah, and Tomatoes are the only human consumable fruit (or anything else) in the Nightshade family (a family of highly poisonous plants, such as oleander and some other common notables)

  53. It may seem like that however the nightshade family(solanaceae) ranges from annual and perennial herbs to vines, lianas, epiphytes, shrubs, and trees, and includes a number of agricultural crops, medicinal plants, spices, weeds, and ornamentals. The most notable members of the Solanaceae family are tomatoes potatoes peppers eggplant petunia goji berries tobacco and deadly nightshade. While most of the members contain deadly alkaloids like deadly nightshade quite a few do not. Oleander is not a member of the Solanaceae family it's part of the Apocynaceae family but it does share some traits with nightshade mostly that both contain toxic compounds and have pretty flowers.

  54. Yup happened to me with a mango tree. I am so lucky it was in my arm and not my face. It actually didn’t hurt. But definitely a chemical burn. The scar just fade enough after a fee years

  55. Me who climbed my grandparents entire mango tree as often as I could as a kid and literally just picked fresh mangoes if I could reach them

  56. And tomatoes are in the tobacco family... What you gonna do all you anti smokers when you want your pizza???? Big tobacco got your ketchup too!!

  57. My grandmother was allergic to poison ivy. She ended up in the hospital after a neighbor was burning some in his yard. She even had it inside her nasal passages. As soon as yearly allergy shots were developed for it she started getting them every spring.

  58. I binged and ate an entire package of dried mangoes and developed the most painful follicle infection that took weeks to heal. Still have a scar and it was a couple of years ago.

  59. I literally just learned this yesterday after sharing some mangoes with my 3 year old daughter. She had a reaction just like poison ivy, not bad thankfully, just itchy all over and still is this morning.

  60. I used to eat mangos by cutting tic tac toe shaped grids into the fruit white it was still on the skin, then kind of flip it out and eat the fruit off of the skin. I would also break out every time I did this and assume it was just a normal breakout. Turns out I was sitting the skin and rubbing it on my mouth.

  61. Maybe it comes down to genetics? A certain amount of people don't have reactions to the oil -- so maybe your country is full of super humans? Lol

  62. My dad talks about being allergic to mangos after having a real bad reaction as a kid. If I remember the story involving picking mangoes too. This is a revelation.

  63. One time when I was a kid I caught a caterpillar and needed to get it some nice food! I went out and started harvesting the near by plants. Ended up picking a ton of poison oak, and basically my whole body turned black and blue. My family drove me to the emergency room, and they called CPS because they didn’t believe poison oak cook get that bad and in their eyes my parents were just trying to cover up beating me black and blue.

  64. I can't imagine how that must feel being allergic to mango gunk. Today just climbed one of our trees and plucked some mangoes and had some mango smoothie for dinner.

  65. Mangos are delicious with no reaction here. Sucks for the people that can’t eat this glorious tasting fruit

  66. I found this out about cashews the hard way. I’m pretty sure the nutrition bar I was eating either had a bad cashew or part of the shell in it. Immediately after eating it my throat began to sting like never before, it was incredibly uncomfortable. Then I went red and started getting itchy hives that landed me in an ER at like 3am. I have no known nut allergies and this was just a fluke, but I’ll never touch cashews again to be safe. Only sticking to mango flavored things as well.

  67. So, long time ago I helped my Dad clean the garden after he trimmed all plants and trees. Some days later I got a rash all over my arms and discovered, through my Aunt, that she was allergic to a tree that we had in the garde and, apparently, I was too (in my country it's called RHUS). This rash lasted for a few weeks and consisted of red patches which itched more than anything I experienced before.

  68. I'm over here wondering if my parents are immune because they used to eat mangoes like apples, skin and all. My dad probably isn't, he mistakenly cleared one of the poison weeds(it was either oak or sumac) and his arm was very messed up for like 6 months.

  69. I had an allergic reaction a few years ago when I purchased and cut up a full mango. I had always just eaten precut mango chunks before then. This makes so much sense now.

  70. I had an au pair from Colombia who would eat mangos like an apple, skin and all. She looked at me like I was crazy when I asked her about it. I've known about about the Poison Ivy relation and, I always found it interesting how it affects people differently.

  71. Cashews are in this family too, so if you're sensitive to mango you might also have an issue with cashews. My understanding of this allergy is that , like a latex allergy, it's cumulative. Of course some people will never have a problem, but for folks with an underlying sensitivity it might take a number of exposures before you have a reaction. I ate mangoes and cashews all my life and didn't have an issue until I was 28, but I wasn't surprised because I always had really overblown reactions to poison ivy contact.

  72. I'm extremely alleric to poison ivy, where my entire body turns into a wet scab if I get near it. For some reason, Mangos have never bothered me. I'm paranoid that one day it just..... will.

  73. I went to several trips to El Salvador. My last one in particular we went to this small little village and they greeted us with a liters wheelbarrow of freshly picked mangos. I being the idiot I am ate about 7 mangos in the one sitting. The next morning my face looked like a pufferfish that was also a burn victim and my arms itched with the undying fury of 10,000 suns. Took a week to look somewhat normal again and took another week to lose the general red coloring across my whole body. The prednisone was fun at least, but would not recommend eating so many mangos. Also ate several freshly smoked cashews and their fruit (I forget the name) that day and those are also in the poison ivy family so be warned. Now every time I eat a mango my body goes in a little shock and my throat gets a little itchy in memory.

  74. I discovered my allergy to it when I was 12! I can’t even eat the flesh! But I broke out in splotches and itchy bumps all over my body 😬

  75. Its crazy the reactions people get. I live in a tropical area, lots of mango farms and they have a high turnover of workers for this very reason. Same with papayas. Whats worse is mango season is sweltering hot so wearing protective coverings can suck. All it takes is to pick a mango with yah gear down for a second, have it squirt a drop of sap (that shit can reach high speeds yo) at yah to get a reaction. Mangos are tough pickin.

  76. Well I guess this would explain why I haven’t been able to eat mangoes or cashews without my lips breaking out in a million tiny blisters

  77. Interesting. I put mango everything and eat the fruit raw. I've also had horrible breakouts from small amounts of poison Ivey in the past. Granted that was when I was a kid. Maybe grew out of it? I dunno. I eat fresh mangos like watermelon though.

  78. To the best of my knowledge is that you need prior exposure to the plant before you have a reaction and with each reaction your body is more sensitive. I didn't have my first reaction until I was 19 despite having mango trees in my yard and handling the fruit all Willy nilly. Maybe one day you'll find yourself just allergic to mangos lol

  79. I get this, I have had it so bad. I passed out on the wooden floor waking up the next day. I hitting my head. My mouth was swollen an my butt was so itchy. My head blew up like a balloon and red with weeping mouth. I went to the hospital next to the house and they said I had herpy’s but I had not had sex yet. How could I get it. Later I added it up and it was the mangos 🥭. Then a little research found out that mangos are related to poison ivy and cashews too. That’s why I get such big blisters when I get poison ivy.

  80. I ate some mango when I was like 8 and had to be rushed to the emergency room. My face and throat swoll up so bad it was insane

  81. So I read "managers are in the poison Ivy family" and thought this was gonna be some shitpost about immoral managers in Gotham city.

  82. In an interesting twist, I'm _not_ allergic to poison oak but I am allergic to mangoes. But, unlike others, my reaction to mangoes is from the flesh, not the skin. I get hyper-dermatitis that results in hives from light touch and pressure (seat belt = welt / hive). The longest this has lasted is a couple weeks.

  83. To the best of my knowledge about 3/4 of the population has an adverse reaction to varying degrees to urushiol.

  84. I’ve been dealing with a mysterious rash on my inner arms for the past week and a half. Admittedly, I’ve been indulging in mangos. Sorry to be weird af, but could you describe your rash in more detail? Still waiting for a doctors appointment and my skin is driving me crazy.

  85. No I don't mind. So it started with a cluster of really itchy raised bumps on my arm. I broke out all over my arms and legs. The rash later developed to be more red. In some spots I guess I had more contact with the oil I developed yellow bubbly blisters

  86. When i used to pick lemons off the tree i would often get poked by their spikes and they were often itchy or caused allergic reaction on the skin. I just assumed it was because they were dusty/dirty. Do lemon trees have some poison oil?

  87. I got bad poison ivy before with rashes all over my legs and arms. I have a mango tree in my back yard and pick mangos off of it and eat them all the time and no issues 🤷‍♂️. How!?!?! Science I guess

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