1. Heh they were always honest about it, growing up in the church in the 2000s I heard a lot of vile shit. One of the reasons I left Christianity and never looked back.

  2. Yeah, I definitely prefer evil to be right out in the open where I can see it, but honestly this is nothing new or surprising

  3. No don’t you remember Jesus said hate thy neighbor as thou hates thyself, especially if they are different from you and love differently from thou.

  4. He's in my city. Been saying this stuff for years. Look through their Google reviews and you can see them from 5 years ago with this kinda thing.

  5. Isn’t there supposed to be a separation of church and state? I’d feel like they should be taxed like every other corporation since that’s all what it is

  6. Fun Fact: Satanic Churches pay taxes even tho they are official churches... idk if they're forced to by the government but I know regardless they do it happily

  7. Religions now serve the sole purpose of justifying the prejudices of their members. Whatever you hate there’s a shitload of morally questionable church leaders that will tell you you can still get into heaven if you give them money. It’s kinda perfect.

  8. Not new. Look at the papal committees of yore, editing the Bible to the bits that served their politics, to the buying and selling of indulgences in the middle ages. Radically progressive movements are co-opted by the powers that be as swiftly as possible to both disempower the movements and serve their own purposes. That's how it's gone since the pharaohs.

  9. Normally they spout some drivel like "hate the sin, love the sinner." At least this guy is being honest that it's actually "hate people who aren't like us."

  10. And? What are we going to do about it? Vote religion out of office or they'll own us. Doesn't matter how much you post and rage.

  11. And someone tried to tell me that that we all just need to stop misunderstanding psychopaths and that they need as much as love and respect as we do. No, just no.

  12. I don't believe in the devil... but if it did exist then surely this kind of attitude would be the point.

  13. I really do hope there’s an eternal hell for all of these Christians to go when they die of some preventable cause. Can you imagine having to be stuck with the spirit of republicans for eternity?

  14. Oof yeah imagine reading the Bible everyday, making a career around understanding and relating the scripture, and thinking Jesus would be down with any sort of hate….. bruh

  15. Jesus literally said don't hate others and don't judge others. Yet what do these religious bigots do the most? Hate on and judge others..... WWJD.... He'd be praying God doesn't smite their stupid fucking asses.

  16. Man they don't even try to hide it anymore. I remember seeing "Red State" thinking it was totally implausible and now I don't. Scary times

  17. Statements like his put very dark thoughts and fantasies in my mind. Unfortunately, I can't describe those thoughts without upsetting the Reddit TOS. 😠

  18. If one were to tie a person to the ground over a gopher hole, block all the other exits except one with rocks, then smoke out that exit, the gopher would dig it's way out through the person. If that person were tied face up, it would take a little while and they'd live through most of it. Just saying.

  19. 2023 is the year it actually all turns to shit. The religious fuckwads are now hearing it straight from the mouth of the almighty. "Its ok to hate" is a vile platform and will bring violence to the like we will not be able to idly hide behind our fucking keyboards. A huge fight is coming and without it we are fucked.

  20. And this is why I don’t go to church. If you need to church every week to have some old dude explain a book to you or you need said book to be a good person, it’s time for therapy, not prayer.

  21. And yet we still don't tax these organizations. If you want to use your platform for hate, politics, or anything that has to do with other people outside your shitty beliefs, you need to be taxed. I bet that non-tax income goes towards your organization's political influence in the government. Tax the church!

  22. Gentlemen I present to you a prime example of an American Christian. I mean I am an atheist and I know that’s not what Jesus meant by loving your neighbor

  23. This is Abrahamism in a nutshell. We're murdering some here, and they're murdering more elsewhere. It's all based on a mythical pimp from Judeah. Yikes.

  24. There is no hate like Christian love. This is the only good thing about the current Twitter. It helps us legitimise the fact that many evangelicals are just purveyors of hate speech and stochastic terrorism.

  25. And Pastor, not a single soul will be sorry when Housekeeping at the Econo Lodge in Vancouver finally ignores the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and enters to find your slightly blue body hanging from the clothes rod, dangling by the jump rope you used in your autoerotic asphyxiation mishap. The cops will do their best to keep confidential the girl’s underwear you had over your face, the anime mini skirt you were wearing, the My Little Pony dildo in your hand, and the vibrating egg you had in your butt, still buzzing away when they got there. I’m sure everyone will pretend you were just the salt of the earth when they are interviewed.

  26. And this was the entire point of the Sermon on the Mount. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Teaching the next generation of Christians to hate the right people. You know, like Jesus said.

  27. That church is in Vancouver WA, I wonder why the IRS hasn't been called on them, I bet this pedo looking greaseball is also lying on their taxes.

  28. I love that he's trying to use Isaiah 28:16 when Isaiah 1:17 says Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.

  29. This temple needs to be burned to the ground if hate is spewed from the preachers mouth. He’s indoctrinating the young and vulnerable to hate those that are different than them. He’s looked over the “love thy neighbor” commandment.

  30. Always remind the weird Christian folk of Isaiah 45:7. They don't particularly like that one...I've been told "it doesn't say that" a few times.

  31. Love thy neighbor, and ward off evil. Preach peace and love, but be wary to take the life of the wicked and vile at a moments notice. That is what the Lord set for us. So many Christians forget about that, or outright deny it’s existence to see themselves in a higher ground than their opposition. God loves all, and so shall I. All until Gods word would dictate my disdain for them that is.

  32. I hate to say this, but you gotta kill him. That’s the only come back. He’s coming for any “other” he can find and he’s bringing violence….you want peace with them, prepare for war. This is sickeningly horrible.

  33. Ironic words from someone who is suppose to spread the love of the lord. Sounds like bigots using religion to justify hatred and violence. The same tune that’s been sung for millennia now.

  34. God hates those who bear hatred. God loves those who bear love. Very simple mindset, yet so few can follow it properly, always twisting it to fit their own beliefs and ideals. They too shall feel the Lords wrath and justice while we rest in Heaven.

  35. Not hating is a fundamental aspect of what Christianity claims to preach lmao. They’re saying the quiet part out loud.

  36. Why are these people leaving their house and going to the grocery store in peace? This guy needs to meet Jesus so he can learn his actual teachings.

  37. People like that don't believe in Jesus, but they sure as hell believe in the power claiming they do holds over their marks.

  38. Jebus loves the hate, he talked about it all the time. Well that's what my pastor told me. I've never actually read the book, but I'm sure he wouldn't lie about it for personal gain.

  39. As a child I was taught to be wary of false Christian’s who openly sought to burn the wicked. As an adult that takes on a different depth.

  40. “Love thy neighbor? Never heard that quote before!” There’s a reason I don’t go to church. They’re Hippocrates. I remember this one time in Sunday school they told us about building wells in Africa and I suggested giving them Beira filters as an easy stop gap and the response I got was “how do we use that to teach them god”. They really don’t care about anyone

  41. I would feel pretty safe betting my last $20 that there’s some homosexual porn on at least one of his devices.

  42. Sigh…I’ve been hip. And it’s so exhausting. I know it’s not easy to hear verbal confirmation. It sucks because I would love to be proven wrong. Then I can temporarily feel contented and relax. Pro tip: Look at the actions and not only the words next time. Knowledge is power.

  43. Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:7‭-‬8

  44. Man I wish I was religious… then I would have the satisfaction of knowing these people will burn. Unfortunately, I don’t and they will get rewarded for their disgusting lives

  45. At least they're admitting it rather than trying to hide it behind their "love the sinner hate the sin" bullshit.

  46. As a society that should be enough to close this church and have him removed from the clergy. What he said is disgusting and should not go unpunished simply because ‘religion’

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