1. Jared Kushner was in charge of the opioid epidemic under trump. I’m pretty sure Kushner’s only qualification was sleeping with Trump’s daughter.

  2. I was told by Trump that Jared Kushner was gonna bring peace to the Middle East. Then proceeded to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and cause a shitload of civilians being killed.

  3. Honestly I think sleeping with his daughter was the only part of Kushner that King Cheeto didn’t like. He didn’t like the competition.

  4. Marjorie cherry picks data to show the dems don’t care about people, when she truly cares about no one who can’t boost her fragile sense of self-worth.

  5. Well to be fair, murdering people with guns is also illegal. Just because something is illegal doesn’t mean people won’t do it.

  6. What's funny is that the only possible fix is something she would never want, which is legalizing cocaine and heroin and providing free Naloxone to addicts. Legalizing drugs of any kind and offering free healthcare would give Republicans heart attacks.

  7. Doesn’t this only make an argument against the liberal cause of declaring guns illegal? Clearly the legality or lack thereof isn’t any kind of fix if people are still dying in droves over this illegal substance.

  8. In President Biden's first State of the Union, he named addressing the opioid crisis and overdose epidemic a top priority of his Administration, and earlier this year released his National Drug Control Strategy to expand access to treatment for addiction and overdose, and to disrupt drug trafficking.

  9. You’re responding to this post with facts, logic, and thought. You assume she’s doing the same. When’s the last time she told the truth?

  10. Ha. Look at you thinking Margarine Traitor Gangrene listened to a god damned word of the State of the Union, or pays attention to administration initiatives.

  11. She is using a dog whistle. The point is not the drugs. The point is to allow her hateful and stupid followers to plug in their preferred scapegoat group (generally black people or immigrants). How dare Biden try to ban guns when he refuses to "fix the problem" of the [black/immigrant] people!

  12. Biden has a policy for opioid addiction but she knows her base won’t look it up. She needs to distract from her anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and blame the bogeyman.

  13. Not only that… they actively ridiculed him for trying to help drug addicts. And they ridicule him for telling his addict son that he loves him.

  14. I love how blatantly hypocritical the GOP is when it comes to seeing a rural issue like opioid overdoes as an "health crisis" and inner city crack use as a "crime wave".

  15. Better yet, vote for Trump since his plan is to give the death penalty to drug dealers. As if that solves anyfuckingthing....

  16. That's why she's highlighting it. This is a classic political move - "The other side doesn't care about you. They do nothing about the real problems, instead spending time and money on non-problems."

  17. These people know what they are saying and are saying it intentionally. Divide and conquer or at least confuse thine enemy. They keep on saying Fake News yet they are THE AGGREGATORS of the same.

  18. Well, at least she's consistent in being a hateful vulture, unlike some other right-wing fucknuggets who are suddenly crying crocodile tears today when they were calling us degenerates yesterday

  19. Should he say something every day? Also, did marje propose some new piece of legislature to deal with this or is she just also standing on the sidelines doing nothing?

  20. Honestly at this point it's mostly her ilk that ARE dying of COVID which is great because there will be less and less of them at the ballot box. If this gets me banned I don't care, I stand by it.

  21. They’re worse than doing nothing, they actively block anything positive the democrats might do in a self interested ploy to keep the other side from getting a “win”.

  22. He literally announced a $1.5 billion initiative to fight the problem in September but reality doesn’t matter on Twitter, I guess.

  23. Keep talking MTG, keep it up. Be the face of the GOP. Gag for that VP slot on Trump’s ticket. Go big or go home, patriotic American. This won’t backfire on you, you are going to be the darling of DC set, you sick bitch

  24. I would die for a Trump/MTG ticket. It would immolate the Republican Party for a decade or so. It would be just like watching the current state of Twitter melting down.

  25. My mother will push the "both sides are bad" idea until the day she dies to avoid admitting she has voted republican her entire life because of racism. She now just doesnt vote. Which I guess is an improvement, but she will never allow herself to vote democrat because that's way too close to actually admitting she was wrong.

  26. An underrated but nasty side effect of the GOP's descent into madness is that it makes it harder to hold Democrats accountable, and makes politics worse for everyone. Realistically the Dems have a lot of room to fuck up before most of us would even really consider changing votes in a general election.

  27. Based on a study I could find, there were 45,222 gun deaths in 2020. While over 50% were suicides, that's still 124 gun deaths daily. At 43% of these being homicides, that's about 54 deaths a day due to murder using a gun. While that's not 300, that's still a whole lot!

  28. Democrats have been trying to push health care for awhile. If people got proper health care, they might not turn to drugs to take care of pain.

  29. Hundreds of people die a day from Covid and Margie complains online about every measure to mitigate it. 5 people die from a different preventable death and Margie complains about calls to fix the problem. Margie goes online to complain that an illegal substance that is being stopped in record numbers at the border is doing something.

  30. I don't want to ve that guy but comparing death from using illegal drugs vs being f'ing murdered pretty much sums up the GOP.

  31. They somehow never understand this. All these deaths they site like heart disease, car accidents, or whatever it may be right....the risk can be mitigated. How can you mitigate the risk of a random psycho gunning you down? Sure you can live like a hermit and that's unrealistic.

  32. Wasn’t Jared in charge of solving the opioid epidemic? Who would have thought that a spoiled, totally unqualified example of the evils nepotism would fail so completely? My word, color me shocked!!

  33. If only that were true. In reality, they harass people who wear masks, and make it harder to get the vaccine in states they run. At this point, doing nothing would be an improvement.

  34. Oh methany you are such a silly! We literally are fighting the opioid crisis every day! Police, emts, all kinds of people are being trained to use narcan so we can save more people! Too much information to fit in your widdle brain, i know!

  35. Yes Marge let’s ban em both. If you were smarter you would know you are accidentally asking for assault weapons bans. I’m glad you’re not smarter.

  36. Evil, wrong, stupid. It’s like these people crawled out from under a rock and just learned what a comparison is. And they are so proud. They were able to use one

  37. Every time a Republican says something, I sit and wonder how anybody votes for them. All they do is play on people’s fears and offer no solutions. Or they make shit up and their supporters unquestionably believe them.

  38. 5?!?! How many hundreds have died in mass shootings from these guns in the past decade? And children too! She is diabolical

  39. Yup. Only 5 people ever have died in a mass shooting, talking about gun control is so out of left-field /s

  40. The Conservative Reptile Mind is unable to make a distinction between these two types of events, and they serve in elected office all over the country. If that isn't the definition of a failed state, nothing is.

  41. Something else to consider here as well; guns only do two things: break stuff and kill things. That’s it. Fentanyllll is a pain killer that, when used correctly, spares patients from suffering in great agony. Disclosure: I both work in healthcare and own an assault weapon…so I feel pretty okay commenting on both. Someday I might need fetanylll…I’ll never “need” an assault rifle…unless we get invaded by killer ducks or something.

  42. Tragically 800k Americans died from covid while she and the other trumpkateers told their supporters to not mask, distance nor vaccine. Not only have non of them been charged with when a single case of wrongful death, or the like... They're free and clear to continue spouting life threatening misinformation and propaganda WHILE still being in office.

  43. The GOP is a fucking cancer in this country, and like any other tumor, needs to be excised before we can even begin healing. That's the worst part... Even if they all disappear RIGHT NOW, we'd still have all new people stepping into the power vacuum. I want to say that humanity deserves it... but other countries are doing great. It's really us. We are the cancer of the world.

  44. Hey fun fact, Biden has done something. I work at the VA and our substance use treatment team has gotten funding for several permanent positions to treat people struggling with addiction and to expend the existing services. It's literally from a Biden Administration grant program.

  45. Also people using drugs at their own hand. Getting killed by someone ELSE with a gun is not remotely the same.

  46. Dark Brandon should legalize all drugs so people can freely buy pharmaceutical grade drugs and pretty much eliminate this. I’m sure she’d support that

  47. She says exactly what trolls on Reddit say to fuck with people. It’s mind boggling that an elected official has the actual brain of a Reddit troll… gonna be a hot afterlife

  48. I hate ignorant arguments like this. There's a little bit of a difference between people choosing to take drugs, and getting slaughtered by someone else's choice. GTFO of here with that garbage.

  49. The only good thing I can say about this POS is that I am so glad she is not my neighbor. Imagine living anywhere near her. 😫😫

  50. Last time I checked, I can’t go down to the fent store and stock up on it after passing a mediocre at best background check

  51. these framings are not analogous. Using the public healthy framing, many more ppl die from gun violence. Using the single incident framing, only 1 person dies in any given overdose.

  52. The funny thing is, systems to alleviate drug use are in place in many cities but Republicans call it a liberal waste of money and whine that their tax dollars go to it

  53. So let me guess this straight. People who are purposely taking drugs that are banned and accidentally killing themselves vs someone using their legal weapon to murder innocent people?

  54. Biden HAS done more than any other president to combat opiates, it’s just easier to not look into it and claim he didn’t because your base isn’t going to fact check anyway and you actually want them getting in fights where people tell them they’re stupid because it makes them dig in farther and farther away from ever being able to accept factual information presented to them

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