1. I thought at first it was trying to be clever—the PLANET as a ball of rock isn’t in danger, WE are. Like that Mother Nature comic. But no; he dumb.

  2. We aren't even trying to save life but our society and our way of life. Life won't die off, human society might

  3. If you say we're just trying to save life, theyll just say "look at venus by comparison with no life on it! Earth is doing fine!"

  4. I mean apart from it staying some ball of rocks it may well not be. The Hothouse Earth paper from 2017 showed that at this point we have pushed the Earth climate system into a completely unprecedented state. Absolute CO2 was higher before, but the rate of change matters a lot for the future development and it is unprecedented. A few decades ago we were confident the planet would recover just fine without us on it, now it is not certain anymore.

  5. Oh shit! So Venus has a livable environment?! Fuck! Can he select a team led by himself to start a frontier there to prove us all wrong?

  6. Technically it does have a habitable environment. About 50 miles above the surface there is a band that has earth pressure and earth temperature. If you were on a floating platform at this altitude you could wear normal clothes outside and just need a scuba type apparatus to breathe. It’s the only other area in the solar system that this is true.

  7. Well, rising CO2 isn't a threat to the planet, it'll keep on spinning like a big space rock. It's a threat to humanity and LIFE on the planet. Which really fucking sucks. If he want's to go live on Venus, let him. He won't be missed lol.

  8. Technically, the asshat in OP is right. Climate change will have no impact on the planet. As for the life forms currently surviving on the planet though...

  9. To be fair this is a valid tweet. We don’t need to save the planet, the planet will be fine. We need to save ourselves…

  10. Guy has a point, planet will be fine with global warming it’s just a lot of living stuff including ourselves would be fucked. Those weird ass fish living at the bottom of the ocean all chill about global warming.

  11. Why do they deny climate change? As capitalist Republicans they should embrace it, say the world needs new tech and start selling product to deal with it.

  12. It's cheaper to use what already exists. They do NOT want to build out new technology, because research and development is REALLY expensive. That's why entrenched industries or even entrenched individuals at a company, constantly resist change.

  13. it's hard to embrace new ideas when one of your core tenets is "be as regressive as possible, even to the detriment of yourself and those around you".

  14. Fossil fuel companies understand that their product is obsolete and environmentally catastrophic, so they turned support for fossil fuels into a white Christian identity issue.

  15. This has always been my question. Energy companies, with their nearly bottomless capital, should be aggressively switching to clean energy. Oil and coal are falling by the wayside. They could cement themselves as evergy providers for the next 500 years if they'd just invest in themselves.

  16. Most of these fuckers only got another 10 years in their tank, no time for such an investment to pay off.

  17. Their oil baron sugar daddies don’t like what accepting climate change would do to profits, so neither do they. Rather than try and innovate new, cleaner technologies, it’s much easier to just pretend it’s not a problem or doesn’t exist so oil can remain the prominent energy source.

  18. They support the existing big businesses that represent their large donor base. They don't support disruptive start-ups or any threats to the dinosaurs that fund them.

  19. I always joke about the human arrogance of climate change in this manner. We aren't killing earth, we are killing life on earth.

  20. Yes, the words taken 100% literally without any context are true, but it's a still bad faith dishonest argument because no one has ever argued that climate change is an existential threat to the literal rock that comprises the planet. Climate change is a threat to the global human civilization and the biosphere that live on the planet. And human civilization and the biosphere will both continue to exist is some form. Climate change may kill billions and cause a great many species to go extinct, but life will go on.

  21. No one cares that the fucking rock will still be here. There's a trillion rocks floating around stars. This rock is only special cuz it's atmosphere currently supports life.

  22. Comparing it to Venus is problematic, other than to use Venus as an example that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. A better example would be the Pemian extinction event, where global CO2 levels exceeded 1000 ppm and the temperature increased by circa 10 C. While 10 C is insignificant compared to Venus, just as the CO2 concentration comparisons are insignificant in comparison, this temperature change caused significant damage to the ecosystem, resulting in a mass extinction event known as "the Great Dying," where over 90 percent of all oceanic life perished and 70 percent of all land life perished.

  23. I just hope the intelligent life that eventually evolves after the extinction event we cause is more intelligent than us.

  24. Steven J. Milloy is a lawyer, lobbyist, author and Fox News commentator. His close financial and organizational ties to tobacco and oil companies have been the subject of criticism, as Milloy has consistently disputed the scientific consensus on climate change and the health risks of second-hand smoke.

  25. I legitimately thought it was a satire account as that tweet could be funny in that sense...but this just makes it incredibly infuriating as they're just trying to peddle shit to morons who don't know any better.

  26. Good to know the literal rocks comprising the planet are not facing an existential crisis from climate change. That will certainly make billions of climate refugees feel better in a few decades.

  27. "ThE PlAnEt Is StIlL tHeRe" yeah, it's a barren, lifeless landscape, much like the brain of whoever this person is.

  28. lol he's not wrong, he just forgot the part where there aren't any living organisms on Venus. but yeah, the Earth will probably be fine once we're all gone.

  29. I thought this was tongue in cheek - it’s obviously not, but he’s entirely right. Venus is still there, and Earth will be too.

  30. He’s not wrong. We aren’t killing the planet, we are killing ourselves. Earth will outlast anything we can do to it, it’ll be a grey lifeless husk, but it’ll still be there.

  31. Even if Earth becomes unlivable, the planet will still be here. We won't, but then I suspect Earth would be quite happy with that scenario.

  32. He is not completely wrong. the PLANET will still be there even with a toxic atmosphere, we however will not be here anymore.

  33. Maybe you should go live (or atleast try to) on venus..... I mean your body will still be there so it must be fine.

  34. It blows my mind that all of these politicians and lobbyists and lawyers are willing to let the Earth be fucking destroyed so they can make money, before it gets destroyed. It's at this point I wish Hell was real 🤘

  35. The messaging for climate change needs to be different. The planet is not in trouble - as indicated above, the Earth doesn't care if CO2 is .04 or 96.5%. However, WE care. It's our HABITAT, or BIOSPHERE that we need to preserve and save, if we want to save ourselves...

  36. I really think he needs to take a personal trip to Venus to check it out himself. Go talk with some of the people living there.

  37. I don’t blame you for thinking that. How could it be anything other than satire, right?!? Upvoted for being a reasonable take.

  38. His profile says “Fox News contributor” and he constantly posts bad takes about climate change. He’s a blue checkmark.

  39. Send him and a few million other idiots like him to Venus. If they live for a week without harm, I will be impressed given they have the cognitive abilities that even a baby can outmatch. Plus, Venus's atmosphere is hot enough to melt lead and incredibly dense.

  40. It is true. The planet has gone through climate changes it's entire existence, however humans have not. But Earth will be just fine after it clears it's human parasites.

  41. This is shit you say to prove the importance of climate change, because the point (I thought) couldn’t be more clear.

  42. You know venus with its ~800f degree surface temperature and 93x surface pressure of earth. Can we send these idiots to live on venus? Pretty please?

  43. He has a point, the planet will be just fine. And plants and animals will adapt. Given time. Humans on the other hand, will have a hard time.

  44. Its technichally the truth because the planet would survive, but all life would cease to exist so thats a downside I guess?

  45. To paraphrase a god damned genius: The planet is going to be just fine. The planet isn’t going anywhere….we are.

  46. I went to Venus back in 19 aught 9 and it was NOT pleasant. First of all, everyone there was rude. All they did was scream in agony... But at least the screams didn't last long since their lungs were evaporated almost instantly.

  47. And guess why nasa never does mission to the surface of Venus? Because the co2 makes it hotter than mercury which is the closest planet to our sun. It also makes so much pressure that anything we send there get pulverized and crushed in a very short period of time. Venus is compared as earths hellish twin

  48. He's kind of inadvertently right. The planet will be perfectly fine. The living creatures on the planet on the other hand...

  49. What? Can you not survive in a Venus-like atmosphere? Can you not survive in oxygen deprived environments? What are you? Some kind of hippie liberal?

  50. I do think we need to phrase this better bc the planet is going to live on and be just fine, it’s certain living organisms that are under existential threat.

  51. The republican stance. Climate change does not exist, so let's fly to another planet, like any of them have a liveable atmosphere.

  52. I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this:

  53. ...and Venus is the warmest planet BY FAR (even though Mercury is much closer to the sun) precisely due to the abundance of greenhouse gases in its atmosphere

  54. What the fucking fuck? These people really do just try to cater to the dumbest of the dumb. We should tell them all we will send them to Venus where the world is already warm and they will have no restrictions.

  55. i once saw someone say that climate change is not a threat to the planet. just to humans and others species. they were criticizing how some people use it to kinda imply “it’s not a danger to me, just to nature”… as if they were not part of nature.

  56. How the fuck do these retards keep getting into office. It's literally just like middle schoop class elections - the loudest/coolest/most popular idiot gets picked and not the person who will actually help.

  57. Read again. The planet itself doesn't give a shit about CO2 levels. That weird infection on the surface might have some issues with it though.

  58. Technically, he’s not wrong that the planet is still there. It’s completely uninhabitable by life as we know it, but the big rock is still there.

  59. This is why "Save the Planet" was a stupid slogan. The planet will be just fine. The human parasite will be removed soon enough.

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