1. It looks to me like a mixture of several languages. Some of it looks Japanese, some looks Arabic, and there may be some other Asian language in there.

  2. I took Japanese in college and some of the characters look like extremely sloppily written Hiragana, but there are characters in there that I have never seen before. I never very far with it as I had no one to practice with, so some of it could be Kanji, but the last image does not look like Japanese whatsoever.

  3. This. Someone was trying to write Japanese hiragana or katakana without knowing the stroke order or other nuances to writing it correctly.

  4. I thought it was Japanese too. I can’t really read what it says, but I think the 3rd to last one is like え そ ? そ で

  5. There are individual Arabic letters that can be made out but as a whole completely illegible. Looks more like an attempt to write Arabic than actually words. Can make out و، ي، ت among many others but as a whole, still illegible.

  6. Looks like somewhat sloppy hiragana to me. Written kinda sideways/without an actual "line" defining character orientation. A name, maybe?

  7. pretty sure it's arabic. it's not my mother tongue so i can't read it but Google translate is saying "the 10 bon". no idea if that's accurate

  8. Hopefully its just a artistic tag with random characters but I'll be weary if some things happen around

  9. It says, "7LF3%FA". Looks like gangs are going high-tech; using a password as their tag sign now. The rest of the marks are caused by sloppy tagging...rookie mistake.

  10. It looks like Tobias Fünke visited your town. As a standby for the blue man group, he always has to be painted and prepared to step in and often leaves a trail of items he has touched.

  11. I can translate. It says; “ain’t nothing like the hobo life. Stabbin folks with my hobo knife”. My advice watch out for hobos with knives.

  12. I am so fucking torn about this. As someone who ran bars and venues for 20yrs I really really hate taggers. As a nerd I’ve got some respect for this.

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