1. That’s also not a mountain lion face it’s too broad and longer snout, cougars have a more narrow triangular shaped head with a shorter snout

  2. Agree its either a mountain lion maybe some dumbass had it as a pet (if it escaped a zoo it would have been reported) or a weird looking dog

  3. Between the ears, and the size, I'm coming down on the side of this being a large dog. Also, I think the limbs would be heavier for a wild cat, and I don't see evidence of the belly pouch that cats develop.

  4. It looks a bit like a elderly Labrador to me, the tail is kind of flat and wide, a lion's tail is more rounded. The length is right for a labs tail, if it's ears have been clipped it could look even more cat-like

  5. Do y'all have privately owned big cats in Switzerland? Could be some kind of home made hybrid big cat that escaped, thinking of Tiger King, lol

  6. This is a dog. We have lions where I live. This certainly does not look like a lion. Ears are wrong. Tail is wrong and snout is hidden. Dog.

  7. Looks like a big dog. The tail is wrong for any kind of big cat or big cat hybrid. But it’s a crappy pic, so I don’t blame the authorities for being sure.

  8. Solved! The police have looked at the tracks left by the animal and they came to the conclusion that it was… a DOG! Thank you guys for all your comments!

  9. They're not assuming lion they're giving their opinions. It's not impossible for it to be an escaped pet. More big cats exist in captivity than they do in the wild at this point.

  10. Too shaggy to be an American Puma (Mountain Lion), plus the nose-cheek coloring is off. It looks a lot like a female Barbary lion - Which despite being extinct in the wild, do exist in captivity

  11. Lol do you not consider a lions legs to be muscular? Females lions top out at close to 300 pounds which is much bigger than any dog. They would need stronger legs to support that weight and their natural agility.

  12. I can see how you would think lion/mountain lion just glancing, but looking closely, it's got to be a big dog. The tail is too fluffy, you can kind of make out the flopping ears, and there's no way a random lion is just around without someone knowing. I think the face only looks feline (sloping) because of the fence obscuring part of it

  13. I agree with others on the hindquarters looking like a dog, but given the head i definitely understand the person who called thinking it was a lion.

  14. At first glance it seems like a lion, but after closer review, it’s quite possibly an optical illusion, and appears to actually be a dog. The lines the fence creates cause it to look like a Lion but is more likely a golden retriever or mutt of some sort. In my opinion.

  15. Wait so are the Police looking or the Army? Do you have any articles on this? How do you know that's what they're looking for?

  16. At first sight, it looks like a dog, but the face looks too canine-like and the tail doesn’t look like a lion’s of any kind. It also seems smaller than a lion, but that could be due to its distance away from the camera.

  17. looks like a red heeler x something big, the color is right and so is the super fluffy tail. Not sure why it'd be in Switzerland but I guess exotic dogs are a thing.

  18. Thought it was a liger since they have kind of a fat tail and are pretty bulky-looking creatures on average. Ligers also seem to lack the distinguished stripes that tigers have and they're kinda "mellow" in color. But they are also rare as hell (and bigger than the animal in the picture), so there goes that idea. It must be a dog.

  19. The more I study it, the more I believe it’s a hybrid dog mix. Not a lion at all. Being Switzerland I’m sure larger dogs are bulky and have a thicker coat like this guy.

  20. Looks to me like an Irish Wolfhound mix, or some other large wirey haired dog. The soccer ball on the side really helps with size comparison, it’s quite a bit too small to be a lion or other big cat.

  21. Could be an american mountain lion escaped from a zoo from the shape, but my money is on a dog. The fur looks more like a golden retriever from the color and length.

  22. You know the saying in the medical field, if you hear hooves assume horses not zebras? If you see a blurry picture of a tan animal in Europe, assume dog not lion.

  23. A cats tail in most cases is just as long as the length of their back. We don’t see that here, and it looks an awful lot like a dog.

  24. I have a feeling it's a crossbreed. It looks like a lion but has dog-like hind features somehow. Maybe it's an escaped government experiment. Oh crap, now I'm gonna die.

  25. It’s a liger. It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic.

  26. the tail doesn’t look like a lion tail imo but idk much abt lions i just looked up a picture so idk hopefully things will work out n the animal in the pic n everyone near it will be safe

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