1. The gathered fabric is supposed to make your rear look more appealing by making the cheeks look more separated and defined. But, it has come undone beginning just below the small hole. The gathered area was initially longer.

  2. That shouldn’t have been put on the shelf. Good thrift stores only put up near perfect condition items with zero holes that’s the bare minimum people expect.

  3. It's meant to have that stitching to make the ass look better unfortunately these were a sad attempt to be the famous "TikTok" leggings.

  4. I have some of these blue ones from the local thrift store that are just as bad. It happens when they are pulled up right and have to be reuedited. The way they get torn and itchy. When I've put them up and they start melting. So I will wait until I don't have to put them up any more.

  5. I hope you sorted it out with a good merciless ribbing.You must laugh raucously and perpetually, and tilt her. Tilt her until she tells you to get fucked. Then puppy dog eyes and return them for her or burn them and make it into a music video or something

  6. She bought those for you?? Must have been an extremely hectic day for her, whenever I went to the thrift store, my man looked GOOD, even if it took 6 hours!! Haha... And those pants are coming apart as well! I see a tiny, tiny piece of flesh that I might only see if I looked very closely at you in a bathing suit..

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