1. My understanding is that most unilateral mydriasis is due to something benign, but it can appear concerning because it can also indicate stroke or traumatic brain injury.

  2. Hmm… idk honestly I don’t think I’ve had a stroke or brain injury, it was just weird when it happened my eye got really dry I went to the bathroom to put some eye drops in and I noticed my eye like this

  3. I went to a walk in facility for this, they said I was about to have a stroke. Went to the er had a bad spinal tap that was an entire other issue. Either way I had thrown my electrolytes off and ended up spending a week in the hospital do to the bad spinal tap.

  4. Negative. Usually is indicative of TBI or hemhorragic stroke. Very rarely it's normal - condition called anisocoria. And it's usually not to the extent of OP's

  5. Yea.... Definitely want to check that out. I didn't realize I had hypertensive retinopathy until I got a scan. Now I'm on meds to control my blood pressure and my retinas are healed last time I went to the doctor

  6. I have a permanent condition where my Left pupil is shaped like a upside teardrop and I'm nearly blind in that eye it's called coloboma I've seen one person that had the same condition I do with a pupil like that a full circle

  7. Wow that’s wild I’ve never heard of anything like that before! Did you always have it or did it slowly get worse? And I’m sorry to hear about that

  8. Yeah thankfully no bleeding, been ok since, I haven’t had any eye surgeries or anything that might’ve cause it, it’s just my eye was really dry for about 2 days then it got a little worse then my eye got really dilated for a few hours went to work and joked to my boss that I did cocaine and it only effected my left side of my body and then it kinda went away by the end of the night

  9. I have this. Google Horner's Syndrome. I got it as the result of a dissected carotid artery, which is the main cause of stroke in relatively young people (and it can happen pretty randomly - I'm in my 50s). If I were you, I would definitely go get yourself checked out. I'm on medication and the artery can heal itself within about six months if I'm lucky, but if it isn't treated it can lead to brain aneurysm or more sever symptoms.

  10. This is how a girl I know found out she had a dissecting carotid artery as well. This is very serious. She was eventually diagnosed with EDS.

  11. No wasn’t a concussion or anything major I think it was something called mydriasis which is relatively harmless just uncomfortable

  12. It wasn’t a concussion or anything major I think it was something called mydriasis which is relatively harmless just uncomfortable

  13. My wife had something similar at 1pm. Saw the doctor at 3pm and was having emergency surgery on her eye by 7pm

  14. Definitely doctor territory. I have a blown pupil caused by a traumatic brain injury, and whenever I see a new optician they always spaz out about it and make extra sure to check everything in that eye, so it's kinda a big deal.

  15. this happened to a friend. turns out she has a brain aneurysm. genetic. her sister had them as well. both had brain surgery and must be monitored for life.

  16. Hi! I am certified ophthalmologist Assistsnt so not huge on the medical food chain but have worked in retina and general for 7 years now. You could’ve had a stroke and never known, there are also other neurological problems that cause this Anisocoria. I would go see an ophthalmologist asap. This can usually be a symptom of a larger problem.

  17. Looks like Iritis to me. I've had it. My wife just had it. You'll want to see a doctor about it and get it diagnosed as it can lead to vision loss if uncorrected and it's a really bad case. Couple of drops a day for a few weeks and you'll likely be fine, but don't take chances with your vision. Typically triggered by runaway inflammation (the itching you had to start might have been mild allergies and they just triggered this). See a doctor.

  18. Yeah it was weird, because in my right eye it was fine but if I looked through my left eye it’s like someone took the saturation slider on photoshop and turned it up also it had a weird green tint that I wasn’t expecting I like to think it was because the color of my eyes but idk

  19. This happened to me once. I was struggling with my contacts for months but insisted on continuing to wear them. Eyes were feeling super irritated one morning about an hour after i put them in and looked in the mirror and my one pupil was just rank dilated just like yours. Obv took them out, saw an eye doctor, he figured it was just irritation and dryness from the lenses. It took about half a day to go back to normal.

  20. you're seeing a doc right? That's also a sign of a stroke. My father had the same eye issue. Dropped dead a week later of a bigger stroke

  21. EMT here. This is something to worry about. Unless you were told specifically by a doctor who examined you that it was something else, this is usually a big red flag for us. If you haven’t seen a doctor, I highly suggest you do.

  22. Just out of curiosity- did you use eye drops in just one eye? I had this happen a few times and I realized that it was only the eye I put Visine-A in.

  23. Same thing happened to me in the hospital! It was because I had touched the nausea medication patch behind my ear and then rubbed my eye

  24. Unless your eye drops specifically cause pupil dilation you need to go to the doctor right away and show them this picture.

  25. Hey, you might have damage to your oculomotor nerve, an important cranial nerve for dilating the pupil, focusing on objects, and eye muscle movement. CN III does originate from your midbrain and it’s uncommon to have a problem there. You really need to get this checked out by a doctor, it might not be uncomfortable but it’s likely a symptom of a bigger problem.

  26. Must’ve forgotten how to zoom out. Try a soft restart on your cyberdeck. If that doesn’t work you may need to visit a ripperdoc for the faulty cyberwear

  27. Just FYI for everybody, if you see this, go to the Emergency pronto to get checked out. If it nothing, then you are good, or it could be you only warning of a possible life-altering brain event.

  28. I have this permanently to a lesser degree! One pupil noticeably larger than the other. I was told it’s something called Aides.. I sniggered like a mature adult too!

  29. I have this! Mine is due to a stupid benign neurological condition called Holmes-Adie syndrome. It just appeared when I was 29. My dad has it too.

  30. Might be iritis. If you are really photosensitive, you probably should get checked out by a Dr. Unless you are an American, in which case you probably can't afford it.

  31. Op has to be American. Something like this happens anywhere else you would be straight to the ER. America nah it’s fine nothing to worry about I don’t have $20k to spare right now anyway.

  32. Yeah pretty much I can’t afford any more medical bills but after reading a bunch of these comments I’ll be going to the doctor just in case

  33. I had this happen with a particularly nasty iritis. Part of the iris stuck to the lens. I was seeing fireworks with my eyes closed at night and light hurt like a knife.

  34. Lol! I've got a rare eye disease that was diagnosed 6 months ago and I was prescribed several different eye drops. I woke up the next day and saw the same thing. One was a tiny dot the other VERY large pupil.

  35. My dad had this, but it was intentionally caused by special eyedrops, because he injured his eye and for some reason needed to enlarge his pupils?

  36. Wow! Same thing happened to me. Except I had brain abscesses. I’m glad yours is nothing to worry about!

  37. Do you have any night shades on your property and if so were you doing any gardening on them and then touched your eye without realizing it? I have seen several nightshades dilate eyes like this.

  38. I got Lyme disease and was part of the 18% to develop permanent side effects. Half my face is partially paralyzed from Bell's Palsy; I can half smile and half my mouth moves when talking, I also slur my words sometimes, and my eye has overactive tear ducts. It closes and opens slower than the other and I can no longer do the Dwayne Johnson eyebrow wiggle.

  39. This has literally happened to me. I went to an ophthalmologist immediately though because I convinced myself I had an aneurysm, turns out it was an ocular migraine. It took about two days to go back to normal

  40. I was going to make a funny but all joking aside, you really should go see an optometrist. It could be the beginning of a neurological disorder, and those are definitely nothing to balk at. Research whats called Adie syndrome and it's symptoms, it could help to know even if you feel that you're"doin' fine".

  41. Anisocoria - it's weird but it can be normal for some people. For anyone without that condition, it's pretty bad news bears indicative of a significant head injury or hemhorragic stroke

  42. So, Op mydriasis vocabulary just means pupil dilation. It can happen for a variety of reasons.. anisocoria is what you have, which is one pupil being dilated (mydriasis) and one pupil constricted (miosis). Anisocoria is often but not always a sign of increased intracranial pressure.

  43. Any medication before the mydriasis? Scopolamine patch would be one possible culprit. If the cause isn’t known this should definitely be examined further.

  44. My pupils look like your large one all the time! I was struggling to find out which eye was the problem haha

  45. David Bowie over here says he's fine. Also, a condition I deal with. Mine is due to a concussion. Occasionally my right eye doesn't dilate properly. I'll walk around with it closed for a while and it usually self corrects.

  46. I’ve had this happen twice, I’ve been told it can be a sign of migraines. I feel like I’m fine, it happened about 3-4 years ago.

  47. I know David Bowie had this but it was permanent for him. I believe he got hit in head or something as a kid.

  48. I once had a branch pop right into my eye when walking in a forest. The result was a fine tear in that eye and the pupil was tiny while my other pupil was normal. After a few days it all recovered as if nothing ever happened. I love biology!

  49. Well mydriasis is not really a diagnosis. It just means an enlarged pupil. The actual condition is anisocoria. There are definitely scary things that can cause that. An eye doctor could run tests and tell you it’s okay. Truly, though, they need to have checked your pupils in the light and dark. And obviously if drugs or drops are involved that is a factor. But scary stuff.

  50. That happened to me once when my mother let me use her Visine drops, except she switched the white cap with the red-capped liquid to dilate your eyes. My right eye was fully dilated for a month and a half. I walked into work and they threatened to call the squad on me before I demonstrated I was not, in fact, having a stroke.

  51. I would assume his optic nerve has been damaged or pinched and he should go see an optometrist asap because that's not normal

  52. your pupils can become like that when you have a brain tumor that is pressing on the vision nerves. ive had a brain tumor. you should check that up if you havent

  53. My wife worked in a home for people with brain injuries and got some sort of medication/gel in her eye she was administering. That is exactly the same as what her eye looked like. Had to take her to the hospital to get checked out but wasn't to serious. Had to wear an eye patch for a few days. I couldn't even look at her eye she looked like a terminator.

  54. I just had my right ear bitten and inflamed. To the point of the right side of my face going numb af. Nothing to worry about

  55. That looks terrifying. My meds sometimes cause me dilated pupils and very slow reaction to light. Makes me look like a druggie :/

  56. This happen to me also not to long ago, gave me a headache Edit: i went to the doctors and they couldnt find anything that was causing it.

  57. Congratulations, you now have David Bowie-eyes :) He didn't have heterochromia, he just had different size pupils :)

  58. My eyes do this about 80% of the time, especially in bright or slow strobing light. Had a serious injury to my right eye in highschool and the pupil to this day is out of sync, so to speak, with my left. Most people think it's cool.

  59. I had this happen to me after someone threw a stone at my face hitting my eye socket pretty hard (I'm glad it wasn't directly at my eye lol) went to the hospital and they gave me some eye drops and my eye was like this for a bit, after it settled down my eye permanently changed colour from a bluey-green to more of a grey, my eyesight is fine though.

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