1. Played with fingers an upright has a tubby note with a quick decay. The definition of the attack is usually somewhere around 3.5kHz and the body of the note will be around 80-100Hz. Use EQ to carve out any muddiness around 500Hz. Use compression to even out the transient of the fingers on string and allow the decay of the note to ring.

  2. I just got done working with a rockabilly band and I would duplicate the bass track and make one high and one low. The low was everything 400hz and below and is more compressed and flat-lined and mono, then having the high track 400hz and above allowed me to put some sauce on it without affecting the low being flat and mono. I do similar things with rock/metal bass with some grindyness on the high track.

  3. A bass player buddy of mine opened for the Stray Cats back in the 90s. He said thier bass player had (2) SVTS. One amp was with the normal bass pickup with all the low end. The other amp was with a neck piezo pickup that was all treble and percussive clackyness.

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