1. You made me go back and look. I was too horrified by what it was encircling to notice, but you’re right, that is a fancy ass red circle.

  2. Yeah, I was wondering why it was here as it just looked like that would be like a second safety in the gun (holds the mag but is unable to fire or even chamber a bullet).

  3. And here is the real answer yet all the fake tough guys who like to feel good because they are losers are all bwhahaha ing up above.

  4. Why does the circle have shading and shadow effects? Makes it look like it’s a physical object that’s present in the photo.

  5. Reminds me of when my bosses wife showed me the pistol in her purse and told me she paid $15 for a concealed carry permit and has never shot a gun in her life.....

  6. My aunt has her concealed carry, had never fired her gun, and found out that she couldn't pull the trigger when she finally took it to the range to tried to shoot it.

  7. Which state is this in?? As a European the laxness of American gun laws astound me… and y’all wonder why you’ve got so many shootings 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. When I was working in patrol, my then partner was cleaning her Glock 19 after a series of very long and tiring shifts. She struggled hard for a while with getting the slide back on before realising she had inserted the barrel upside down. Apparently, you can get the slide to stick this way, but getting the thing apart again took a lot of time and nerves.

  9. The magazine is backwards, which yes does mean the bullets are backwards. But also the magazine can't go in all the way so there is no way to get a bullet into the chamber, which won't accept a backwards round anyway...

  10. The magazine which is The thing at the bottom of the handle, If you see the round part, is hitting the plastic handle. The flat part is sticking up in the air. It’s in backwards. When properly inserted it should be flush with the pistols handle/hand grip.

  11. I was going to say, "Hey it's not like all Americans know the stuff." So I showed my elementary school aged son this picture and asked him to say what was wrong. He casually replied, "The magazine was installed backwards." Then went back to watching YouTube.

  12. I have heard of this being an indicated standby position. Some instructors do this when between sessions, while carrying in groups. The magazine is with the gun, you cannot chamber. It visually indicates to the people around you that yes you are carrying, however your gun is at the very least not loaded at most one is chambered however all you can access is that single round. If you do need to have it fully ready for action, just out - 180° - in - slide- good to go.

  13. Honestly, I at first was part of the people laughing at the mistake....but really this explenation makes a lot of sense for me. Especially since for me, there is never too much gun saftey. On the range, with this mind-set, I'd see it like a person with a shotgun whose constantly keeping the breach action open. Loaded or not. At the firing line or tossing back soda's on his truck tailgate.

  14. I've done this for exactly that reason before. Didn't want to fumble around in my dump pouch and my hip pockets were blocked by belt so I just said fuck it and put it in backwards for a quick second while I fixed something before going hot.

  15. Nah! That's a safety feature. Insert mag backwards means no accidental firing in to your butt cheek while freeing up a pocket for your jerky.

  16. This could be a safety measure from the carrier. Some ranges also ask that you do this, clear chamber and backwards mag.

  17. Those of us who believe that everyone should be allowed a gun also believe that people should be educated on how guns work and how to use them safely

  18. Since this basically renders the gun useless until corrected I’d say it was the perfect design as an IQ test to using the gun

  19. Or when your country's law mandated it possible for any citizen to have a gun, the maintenance, cleaning, and using of a gun shall be part of the mandatory education curriculum in schools, and there should at least be one school teacher who holds the certificate of a firearm specialist to make sure everyone knows how to deal with them.

  20. Everyone in these comments giving you grief over calling a magazine a clip, and nobody bothering to explain the damn difference. A magazine is a cartridge that holds multiple bullets and feeds them to the chamber to be fired. Not all guns can take a magazine(revolvers, for example, are fed with single bullets), but those that do require a magazine to function(well, beyond firing whatever's leftover in the chamber), as it's essentially part of the ammo feeding process.

  21. Totally agree. As a gun owner who came from Massachusetts but bought guns in Arkansas I think I can safely say downloads are way too easy and a lot of southern states and way too hard and a lot of northern states there’s absolutely middle ground.

  22. Do you not have to take safety/handling classes in the states to own a fire arm? You do in Canada for sure

  23. Own? No. Carry? Yes… usually. There was a slew of local laws a long time ago requiring a license to carry a gun. Recently some of those local laws have been tossed in favor of “constitutional carry”. Constitutional carry is supposed to mean that anyone and everyone has the constitutional right to carry a firearm. So no license required. If you can legally own a gun then you can carry one. No class required.

  24. In the southern state that I live in, they even got rid of the need for a license to conceal carry a firearm. I went to a gun show one time and walked out with an AR-15. As a responsible gun owner, I love it here, but at the same time it's scary to see how dumb people are down here and they can own and carry guns with essentially no training.

  25. In my state (Iowa) anyone 21 or older can now walk around with a pistol on their hip or even concealed, with no class, no training, no permit, no anything.

  26. In my state you can walk into a store and just buy one like you were buying anything else. There's a quick background check before the transaction, but there's no waiting period. Literally just in and out.

  27. Depends on the state and typically type of gun. For rifles typically not but for handguns it’s more often (since most unintentional gun discharges that result in injury or death are from handguns). Some also depend if you’re trying to get a concealed carry license (CCL) or not.

  28. Every state is different. That’s the hard part about the United States we don’t have any universal gun license that works for all states. So in places like Arkansas you can buy a gun with just your drivers license, and places like Massachusetts it takes six months numerous interviews training and even then you might only get approved.

  29. What if , that's how he safely stores the magazine temporarily until he's ready to deploy the weapon? Never forget context.

  30. What is wrong in this picture? I am neither a American nor have i ever hold a gun. Is something broken or on the wrong part of the gun?

  31. one of those dudes that do their drills like they’re in a firefight surrounded by 10 ppl in a circle jerk then they pull out their knife cus they’re basically john wick lmao

  32. I don't know much about gun culture, but is it at all possible something like this were to exist? Like a custom magazine to look like it's in reverse, but is actually in it correctly.

  33. Upvoted because no question is dumb (well some are, but I digress): To answer your question: no. Unless someone were to completely custom-fabricate a magazine to look like this for some very odd reason, no. It’s pretty clear that the magazine is inserted backwards in this picture.

  34. Y'all are funny but this is for safety, actually. Ex Special Ops here (not American). I haven't used it this way myself but trained with Germans who kept it safe this way.

  35. Gravy seal in training. “The best of the best of the best that showed up in a Walmart parking lot at 3am and had $11 for membership dues”

  36. Context would help on the picture. My bets are he found out it fits backwards and jammed it in that way on purpose because he wanted to look cool while being safe from accidentally loading the chamber.

  37. There was a soldier in my unit that couldn't qualify on her M16. She had already tried twice, and failed both times. On her third and final attempt, I was chosen to supervise her because I was the most junior NCO. We get set up at the range, she fiddles with her rifle, and I tell her she can fire when ready. She aims, pulls the trigger, and nothing happens. I tell her to do SPORTS to clear the malfunction, but it still doesn't work. She hands me her rifle, I look inside, and become extremely confused when I see flat metal instead of a bullet. She had loaded the magazine upside down, which I didn't even know was possible.

  38. I actually triggered myself pun intended, i’m going to walk upstairs and get my XD-S and see if I can do this

  39. He's got the "negligent discharge" holster as well. Thank goodness he put the mag in backwards or he would have shot his leg.

  40. Safe to say I don't think you understand how a cartridge works? No problem. If your gun can't physically strike the primer at the base of the cartridge, no pew. (the technical term ;)

  41. I don't blame you. H&K had a couple of gun ads in published magazines where the models holding their products had the magazine loaded incorrectly. Maybe it's a German thing? ;)

  42. You people are all asses. WTF am I looking at, why should they put it in a box carefully and take it back to where? Is something wrong with the gun? Is it a fake gun? I've wasted too much time on this already. Nevermind.

  43. The magazine is in backwards. The implication is that the individual has no idea what he is doing with the firearm and should return it before he hurts himself or someone else

  44. This country is so fucked. You need all sorts of tests and time to get a drivers license but any asshole can get a gun with zero training. We feel it's our god given right to own a gun, hell you can get a high capacity semi auto rifle at 18 ... Look where that got us yesterday. Fuck this country, sick of the gun rights advocates... just a bunch of angry white guys wanting to play Rambo on the weekends. I say do it... go to Ukraine and do it for real pussies.

  45. What you consider "high capacity" is literally standard capacity for a magazine. NY has all ar15 style rifles banned as well. Still happened in this state.

  46. I don’t see how this is a problem if you don’t intend to fire it and the magazine doesn’t extend far enough in to the firearm when slid in backwards to actually load a round.

  47. The magazine is facing backwards (the wrong way). See the rounded part on the bottom of the magazine? It is supposed to be facing towards the tip of the gun. I am not familiar with this particular pistol. You'd think the magazine and the handle would be made in such a way that the magazine wouldnt even fit the wrong way.

  48. Being drafted in 1791, second amendment grants permission to carry muskets and flintlocks. Why it was never amended to prohibit/exclude assault weapons, semi autos, field artillery n others, beggars belief.

  49. Correction: it did not specify what type of arms, but muskets and flintlock were military grade weapons at the time, suggesting civilians should have access to whatever is available to the military.

  50. The magazine is backwards. Inserted the wrong way. Bullets are facing the wrong way. The pistol won't fire with it like that. Unless there is a single bullet in the chamber. That one would fire, but the ones in the magazine won't.

  51. Shouldn’t it be designed so that the mag can’t be inserted backwards? Not only a dumb operator, but this is a design fail IMO.

  52. The fact he’s wearing camo and a plate carrier is concerning that he can’t even put the mag in properly.

  53. May be intentional, glocks only have a trigger safety so may be used to make extra sure there are no accidental discharges away from a range.

  54. That means it won't shoot. Seems like a safety thing. I'm sure that person knows it's like that.

  55. Another reason why you’re statistically far more likely to be injured or killed by owning a firearm vs. not owning a firearm.

  56. This would be a pretty good opportunity for someone to casually stroll behind him and pick up a spare mag. Might save him from hurting himself or someone else too.

  57. I’ve taken quite a number of tactical training courses and you would be surprised the mistakes you can make in reloads when you are under pressure, running between obstacles. Luckily this mistake won’t kill anyone. Hopefully he was too busy keeping an eye on the critical safety tasks.

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