1. I’m content with 300HP/300TQ as a daily driver. It’s a great spot for fun/reliability. Go flex fuel already, you won’t regret it.

  2. I got all the bolt on goodies minus flex and headers and I think around 300whp is a fun daily number on this car.

  3. Same. But I still want to get an access port when my warranty ends just to feel something a bit different with the car.

  4. My sti is stock at the moment. I'd like to get some mods eventually down the line, but even stock it's such an incredible car. I've never driven anything like it. Every turn, every pedal push, every gear shift (save for 1-2 lmao), every turbo spool, it all feels amazing. I've never driven anything like it, and I feel grateful that I've been able to get one before Subaru stopped making them.

  5. i mean if you care about it being “fast” and “horsepower number” you’re gonna hate the car and feel like you made a devastating financial choice. in the grand scheme of things wrx/sti are great cars for different purposes. you cant go fast in a straight line? who cares, that takes no skill with all the cars people like driving for straight line pulls. i truthfully enjoy my sti, and i thank God for blessing me the opportunity to afford such a machine. it’s fun driving it, it’s a drivers car, but if you care about it being fast and competing with other peoples’ fbos then you’re gonna hate. money talks in the car game, and subies can be dumb fast if you don’t mind throwing bread at it. just enjoy the car, and appreciate the fact you have a car that is a great part of histories in all things cars. stay blessed homie!

  6. This sums it up perfectly. Our cars are just fast enough to be fun, but we all know there are better options on the market for straight line speed.

  7. I just traded mine in. I realised I wasnt content with it and when subaru announced that they weren't going to make the sti I made the decision to sell it.

  8. It’s exactly what I want in a daily driver at this point in my life (kids in car seats, relatively inexpensive manual sports sedan, and awd because I have to get to work in the worst of weather).

  9. Even if you got those faster cars, after you get use to it, they will also feel slow and you'll wonder why you didn't spend a little more to get something even faster. If you want to feel like a car is fast don't daily it. It's more important to really like the cars feel and look more.

  10. Bone stock 18 WRX and don’t feel the need to add any more power. Shocking, right? The B roads around me are so broken and slow that I rarely get to wring it out

  11. It's more than just speed, it's about the overall driving experience. I've put PLENTY into my wrx and it's pretty modified up the ass.. worth it.

  12. The WRX/STI have never been known as straight line cars. Anyone who wants a car with legit straight line speed, or who uses a 5.0 as a benchmark to not bother with these cars, should steer clear. If you want to hang with a modern 5.0, you're going to have to spend a shit load of money.

  13. I have and daily an 05 WRX. Mods are catback, STi Intercooler, rear sway bar, 4 piston front brake calipers, boost gauge, wheels, and mudflaps. No tune or anything, and I love it for what it is.

  14. I feel your pain, but the car is fun to drive and seats 4 comfortably. That was my main reason for buying.

  15. When I had the regular WRX , I was only about 80-90% satisfied with it. It was good, but slightly lacking. Not in speed and power, but in driving feel and how "connected" it made you feel to the road. Now, in the STI I feel 100% satisfied with this car.

  16. I almost sold my base 2020 because i hated how sluggish it felt. Finally said fuck it and went full bolt on (no headers) and flex tune and now the car rips. Glad I decided to mod because that car was boring as fuck stock.

  17. You’re just used to the power. I am certain when you first got all the mods you loved how it feels, but after a certain time you get used in the power and it start to feel slow. It’s the with anyone, they get a Porsche but then decides Lamborghinis are faster. The grass always seems greener on the other side.

  18. “realizing at that point I could have had a faster car with warranty kinda makes me feel shitty in my choices”

  19. 2011 wrx owner here, never did anything to it and just kept her stock. Obviously not that fastest car around but still like it quite a bit. Personally saving up for something with more power next time.

  20. Honestly I like my car as is, it’s pretty much on rails grip wise but I do want a bit more power just to have fun, I’m just running the COBB stg1 ots but getting custom tuned once I have the rest of my mods.

  21. My mods have been pretty inexpensive. OTS tune was cheap and just a little more punch to get me out of dangerous situations and crazy drivers. A slight lift and skidplate because i live in an area with lots of unpaved shite roads. My read on mods is that you can make it your own. I used to believe the "why not just spend a little more on a faster car?" I don't need faster, I ain't racin. I want it to be who I am.

  22. If power/speed is what you're after, there's almost always a cheaper option. For me personally, my gdb wrx is about look and feel. I just like it more than I would a 400hp civic

  23. Yes, Maperformance s1 tune, Grimmspeed charge pipe, Nameless axleback. Have just over 74k on my 18 that I bought brand new and |I'm still very happy.

  24. I bought mine with the idea of getting a daily, with the ability to carrying friends/bikes/kayaks/etc, and still be fun to drive. I'm very content with my WRX for that purpose.

  25. Totally content with my stock 2021 Limited. I don't have a garage to facilitate modding. I have enough stress in my life that adding an Anxiety Port would bring more worry than joy, I think. I get in my car, do my daily shit about town, and truly enjoy driving this car for what it is out of the box.

  26. Basically stock base 2020 WRX here. Have some minor shifter mods. Shifter still feels like shit. Wanna get a trans brace, shift plate, short throw shifter and solid bushing. It’s a daily driver. Other complaint is the stock oem rims. They are quite clunky looking. It’s like 2 rim styles on one and I hate them haha. Otherwise it’s a great daily and checks all boxes I wanted in a car.

  27. 100% agree on the OEM base wheels. They are 🤮, Subaru could have done so much better although they don’t look as horrible when they are nice and clean. Can’t wait to replace mine.

  28. I love the car in any form, but I will always be modifying as long as the budget allows it. Will be around 450ish wheel on the 20th of this month. 50k into the car, including buying it. Could have had a nice M4 or M5 but oh well. No regrets here.

  29. Doesn’t the ‘18 sti have the RA block? Way better reliability assuming you take care of it. Also, rattles are easily fixed with exhaust :P

  30. I realized a while ago I wasn’t really content with my stage 1 2018 and pretty much agree that these cars are not worth modding beyond the basic stage 2 setup. Going crazy with performance mods on these cars seems crazy to me, you could have a much better performing car for a lot less money at that point. There’s nothing special about a wrx (I feel slightly different about sti), they aren’t fast, they don’t handle well compared to their competitors, the inputs aren’t great (shifting/steering) and they aren’t built particularly well, either.

  31. Content with my 19 wrx stock, I do have a catback though and love it. No plans to go to the track anytime soon.

  32. Before prices went nuts I didn't think hp to dollar ratio was too bad with sti. 36k for 310 hp, Mustangs 5.0s were 44k with 460 hp. I would like to think 8k in my sti would out run a 5.0 in a straight line.

  33. im fine with my stock ass 2016 wrx , i dont have any money to make it faster and its faster than the majority of cars in my city sort of

  34. Stock besides aesthetics and catback. Absolutely love the car. Itll be a almost a year of ownership for me and still havent had temptation to add power haha

  35. All I’ve done is take the mufflers off my 21 STi. I don’t see myself changing much else for a while. It sounds great, has the raw feeling I bought it for, and still has all the modern things people look for in a car. Hard to want much else

  36. I was content with my stage 2 '13 WRX, made about 295 awhp and it was fun however it never THRILLED me like my 2002 Z06 did. BUT the Corvette was impractical for daily driving especially in winter. So the WRX was a very good all around DD. UNTIL I put it back to stock. Holy cow I forgot what a turd these cars feel like on the stock tune & hardware. So no I would not be content with a stock wrx.

  37. The WRX/STi was never the fastest car on the block. Especially these days, with many other performance models available and the WRX's glory days about twenty years behind us. It's a fun car to drive, fills a specific niche, and has some pretty cool history behind it.

  38. My 07 WRX Wagon has been a hastle to own. I know what I signed up for buying one with 130k miles, but boy, it's a lot of work. Motor is fine running strong, but all the minor repairs I've had to do are a pain in the ass to say the least. Seized bolts everywhere, missing stuff, damaged stuff, etc. Next on the list of things I need to do is replace the clutch. The previous owner put some POS stage 2 clutch that started slipping pretty soon after I bought it. So, time to drop the trans for the first time. Never done it before, so should be memorable. Might not be that bad since the trans was out in the past 2 or 3 years to put in that clutch. Smh, we'll see.

  39. i’m content with my stock 2004 wrx wagon. all i did to it was add a nice exhaust and make the interior nice. love it so much and i daily drive it unless i’m going to run it hard then i go out to the country back roads and just have fun with the turns😅

  40. I enjoy my 18 for what it is and have been making modifications to further improve its strength - handling. Sway bars, wheels, and eventually coil overs. It’s got enough power to be fun, although I am considering a flex fuel mod. Living in CA though that’s as far as I would care to go, because I don’t want to be uninstalling and re-installing anything else come smog time.

  41. I love my stock 2020 WRX. I don't need any more power, but if this ever becomes a second "fun" car I'll probably go nuts. I think it's just fine the way it is.

  42. Idk my stats but with vf43, bigger pump, intake, up pipe and turbo back; I'm enjoying it. It's quick enough to be fun and most importantly I never race anyone so I'll never be disappointed lol.

  43. my 2009 wrx265 is stock with only SPT exhaust and light tuneup, pretty happy with the car and while there is always a better car out there I’m happy, reliable in the winter, fun drive in the summer and dont want to spend money on another car.

  44. I am 2018 WRB stage 2 + dyno, and even tho I love it, if I could go back, I would have remained stock, gotten a stage 1 pro tune, and focused around comfort mods.

  45. Yeah it's a fun car to drive. Not the fastest by any means but I didn't get it for that reason. I got it because it's quick enough for a daily, awd, manual, and feels good to drive. I have other cars if I want more fun. I like it because while it's a newer car it still does have a little hint of that 90s Japanese car in it still I think and I really enjoy that.

  46. I'm stage 2 plus... Looking to get an intercooler because I love in a really hot climate, and I'd like to swap the wheels and tires out at some point, but other than that I'm happy at this power level.

  47. I left mine stock because modifying always turns into a never ending rabbit hole of me throwing money at it. Don't get me wrong, some cars are better at modifying than others. I'm just scared of the limitations of my 2019 WRX itself. I'd hate to bend a rod, overpower the clutch, grenade the transmission, etc. all because I tried to make the platform into something that it is not.

  48. I'm very content. My cousin's daily is a Porsche and he drives like I do, but taking him into the corners in the rain and watching him try to find places to hold on while yelling "oh shit" proves my car is worth it. Straight lines are still fun, but ripping through the corners and good handling in all weather is what I wanted.

  49. I guess it depends on what you like as a car enthusiast, do you want the satisfaction of buying a car and building it into what you want, or do you want to just buy a car and drive it as is. I bought my STI because of the enormous aftermarket support because I like working on my car, but that might not be you

  50. IMO a lot of people get into the car mod game without a direction. Get a car they like, mod… then what? Be the fastest of your friends? Ok you did that… now what? The new v8 car is always going to blow the doors off you.

  51. I bought my car in need of a lot of work for cheap though it was my dream car. I have spent all the money. And all the time replacing every bolt bushing hose cable and so on. Nothing on the car is stock. It's entirely put together and built in my image with my own time. It has been reliable and dependable. And fun. Saved my life in the winter and made good memories in the summer but. Now im starting to see the wear and age. All of my fancy new parts are showing scratches and dings. Rust is forming on my suspension. And some sensors have gone bad and needed replaced. All of these things and new in my head. Just replaced how could it break? When in reality it's been tens of thousands of miles. It's like the process of a brand new car ageing except. It's probably the second one maybe even third time the car has experienced it And it starts to make me wonder if it's time to get a new car. And let someone else mold the cars 3rd life.

  52. Im happy with my STI. I bought it in 2020 with 35.5k and im at 88.5k now. Turbo went at 70k-ish which is normal. I did it myself. All stock, ill tune it when I eventually have the motor end its life.

  53. I sold mine like a year ago. Was a 2017 WRX with stage 2 and flex fuel. It was definitely a fun car. I enjoyed driving it. But, like you, I felt I spent too much to get to where I was. I decided to take a break from more expensive cars and invest.

  54. I'm more than content. It's a good looking car, very large for a sedan, and has great AWD. We camp, snowboard, etc and it gets good mileage, fits the dog, a car seat, and all our gear. It's a great performing car totally stock though I did add some stuff to help shift feel. I can't think of another car that would compete for my use cases honestly

  55. Happy with the WRX stock, but the eventual goal is a Stage 1 tune just to improve the torque curve and have maybe 270whp.

  56. I’ve been making 440+ WHP on my 15 WRX for a few years now. It’s fun but I think it’s at a perfect spot. Still a great daily driver but will surprise a lot of people in the end. No matter what car you choose there’s always something that will perform better in a certain aspect. Just enjoy what you have if you like it and don’t worry about the “what if’s.”

  57. Love my STi, but i sometimes hear rattling inside from various places in the cabin. Could also use more Horse Power

  58. I’ve already put around 12k in mods for my STi in the year I have owned it, nothing power related though. I really do enjoy the car but I also agree I could have gotten much faster cars with a warranty. Ideally I would want to be around 400hp, and from what I’ve read it would cost around 20k in power/supporting mods to make that reliably. Which is something I do not think is worth it to me. So for that reason I will be keeping the engine stock and will probably sell it once my financing is done, I’m sure at that point it’ll be worth a pretty penny too since it was the last generation STI and an EJ

  59. Yeah, i feel that a bit too; especially after subaru tells the planet -we not doing an sti wrx this next gen. im looking at bmws and audis now; just hoping to find one in manual…

  60. I’m on the other side of the spectrum. I’m not very happy with the driving dynamics of the FA motor. It’s jerky, and the ECU is very sensitive to any sort of knock - and flex fuel is the only real fix. I’m kind of over it, and want to see why the GR Corolla brings to the table. I’m curious where Subaru will take the STi if they ever bring it back.

  61. Very content it has a turbo back exhaust, larger top mount and a tune. Whenever I feel like I need more I just drive around in my girlfriend's car for a while and as soon as I get back in the WRX it feels crazy fast.

  62. I only have a Remark muffler delete, a K&N air filter and oil filter, mudflaps and headlight and tail light upgrades and I'm happy with my WRX. It turns heads when I'm in town and I've been complimented a bunch of times by strangers. I love the car but I don't like the direction Subaru is headed so in light of that note, I will not buy a Subaru again. Definitely trading in for a GR Corolla Circuit next year.

  63. I got mine to stage 2, and I'd say I'm finally happy with it. Stage 2 remedied one of the biggest detriments to the car, and that was how quickly the turbo would spool, so not only can I feel more power, but it hits much harder and faster, adding a huge factor to the fun. It also retained the mileage on the highway (consistently around 30) and improved the city mileage. So yeah, as a practical daily that's also very fun and fairly efficient, I can't complain.

  64. Yes but no. I bought a 21 WRX Limited new last year when I still had a marriage. At this point I've got a house to sell and divorce to get through... at which point I just want to sell it and get a 2012 hatch STI.

  65. Part of me wishes I would've kept it stock. Maintenance, repairs and little issues are aggravating in a daily driver when there are large portions of my free time consumed to fixing my daily. But it's quick and drives exactly how I think a wrx should in my mind so if I had a different daily I'd probably not regret it at all. Mind you I am a bit beyond the intake/exhaust stuff and going a bit further this spring.

  66. I too was in a similar situation about six months ago with my previous STi. I had put almost $10K into it (basic bolt-ons + pro-tune, Ohlins coilovers, SSR wheels, powder coating both the stock and SSR wheels gold, Accessport, etc…).

  67. I'm in the middle of my build with my 18 sti. So far it has the Grimspeed stage 3 performance package and some cosmetic mods. Next year will install bigger turbo and flex fuel. I love my subie more than life and love the endless mod possibilities 🖤

  68. Three months into ownership of my 2021 WRX Base. Stock and no plans to mods. It’s my daily driver and commuter. It’s aesthetic, AWD, good handling, and more than enough power for me for a daily. That’s good enough for me.

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