1. you should work on developing a unique, stylish, and flattering wardrobe. play around with eye makeup. get some subtle balayage highlights. and confidence is 50% of the game. if you walk around like you’re hot shit, people will believe it.

  2. You're quite pretty and your skin is amaaazing. Honest answer is just wear makeup. Lash extensions, some lipstick and maybe a touch of eyeshadow and I guarantee you'll get more attention. ALso, honest advice is that your haircut isn't really working for you. The length is kind of awkward and shaggy but not in a good way. Either cut it shorter, re-style it, or wait for it to grow out & learn how to style it better in the meantime. Also not sure if you were wearing what you'd typically wear outside, but something fashionable that shows more skin will always garner more attention. Find or create a style you like that makes you feel confident & bam, you'll boost the looks you get easily by 50%

  3. You are really pretty! You need to exude that and believe that you are. Mascara, blush and a little brow/hair maintenance and you're all good! You have beautiful doll eyes, play those eyes up! I see an easy transformation for you! Keep your hair dark, it looks really good with your great complexion.

  4. I like your features, reminds me of those earlier paintings. You look pretty even with no makeup on and your skin is really fine, but your features will definitely pop more if you wear light makeup.

  5. your nose is soooo cute. i agree that a red lip would look really nice. play around with defining your brows more with some brow gel or a pencil. dark mascara, a bit of a plum or red toned blush, and a stained lip would be low-maintenance. you can play around with parting your hair in a swept-back away, also, or putting it up, or just giving it some volume on top. clothing will make a huge difference as well. if you’re busty and like low cut, embrace it. find an outfit you like on someone with a similar body type and copy it. honestly makeup, earrings, hair, tank top, jeans, and cute shoes go a looooooong way. i also agree that lash extensions long term and a different haircut will help. you could try a drastic short, straight crop or grow it out (which i think would be the more flattering option)

  6. Your profile is STUNNING! I would wear hair up to really show it off and maybe simple daily earrings. Also trying a lighter hair color might work too...

  7. Very naturally beautiful. If you aren’t getting attention it’s just gonna be a bit of softmaxxing and confidence. ❤️

  8. Your profile is very pretty!!! I think your hair is too dark. Your eyes are your biggest halo. Try various types of make up. Maybe something for protruding eyes if I'm not mistaken

  9. Grow out your hair. This is just me, but I’m not a fan of short in the front longer in the back hair. You have great skin. Play with different makeup pallets and styles to find what colors and styles suit you best.

  10. Your features and proportions reminds me of Emma Chamberlain. Don't place value in how you are being treated by other people you'll never win ❤️

  11. You have such a beautiful eye shape! And brow structure! I think you are really beautiful! If you wanted to level up a little I would maybe try Some slim winged cat eyeliner, and a flattering red lip? Maybe go to Sephora and ask someone to help match you with one! I would also get something like a tinted eyebrow gel and make your brows pop a little more bc they are so stunning !

  12. I love your face, you’re super pretty. I think you just gotta work on your style. Maybe change up your haircolour to something that stands out more?

  13. Rf micro needling on jawline and neck, jawline filler to give more definition on side profile. Grow your hair out longer, darken your eyebrows, get some light lash extensions, a little bit of Botox on your brows to lift them. Your lips, chin and nose are very flattering and proportionate.

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