1. "Pronounced dead at the scene" is such a very odd way to put it if she had been deceased for nearly a decade, which is what it sounds like. I mean, I know that the legal time/date of death can be long after the time they actually died, if that's the first time someone in authority can attest to it as a fact. But I've never seen it mentioned in a news article unless it was about someone who died at the scene of an event like an accident or crime at which first responders were present for the immediate aftermath, or died at the hospital shortly after. It's strange to talk about pronouncing potentially skeletal remains dead.

  2. that day the police said they found a deceased female on Lapeer Rd at an abandoned house. Not skeletal remains. I hope they found evidence on her person. I am shocked I hope they give an update soon.

  3. goodness. i wonder where she was for all that time. or if she had been there all along? how sad, i remember the original story breaking, at least there’s a bit of closure now. i hope they can find out what happened.

  4. Hmm like others have mentioned, I'm interested in finding out whether she was recently deceased or had her remains been there for almost a decade m ..very odd wording .

  5. Thank you for posting this, Jina is a distant relative and my family have been following the case. I doubt it will ever be solved but I'm glad they've finally found her.

  6. This is so sad, but I am glad that she is found. Flint Michigan has so many problems to this day, and so much of the area has been chronically scapegoated and mismanaged. It reaches a point where the local and government and police mismanagement of so many simultaneous things really does bleed into how these cases are solved or not.

  7. Flint is an awful place to live (I was there for 5 years). The police don't stand a chance, they are horribly underfunded and there's just too much crime. When I got robbed at gunpoint by a guy wearing a ski mask, they couldn't even be bothered to come out to the scene.

  8. I’m confused was she found deceased recently (May 26) and was alive all these years or her body has been there since she was missing?

  9. From my understanding there are many abandoned homes and probably more dead bodies that haven't been found yet. I imagine she's been there the whole time but that's just my understanding from what I've read here.

  10. It’s sad that it had to end this way, but at least her family and friends can maybe start to find closure and she can finally be laid to Rest In Peace

  11. She was pronounced dead at the scene. What was the condition of her body. Apparently not skeletal remains the police knew it was a female. Missing for 8yrs 6 months. Has she been held captive all this time? She was only 19 when she went missing did she have any children these last 8 yrs? So many possibilities? I hope they have evidence/DNA at the abandoned house.

  12. Thanks OP for a great write-up. Def going to keep an eye out for updates and developments in this case. What a dire picture is painted of the town- even just from the fact her body was located in an absconded house, and evidently there are many other such abandoned houses?! Eerie. Glad her family now has (some) answers, and can lay her to rest.

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