1. Perhaps the unexpected part is that he is bashing his own head in (in VR, after he created the character) because he married the wrong person.

  2. I played the forest VR with my daughter...we play a lot of games together so it felt normal. but it was only after we chopped some dudes up in the woods at night, mounted their heads on spikes and burned and ate their bodies, that I remembered when I was older then she is now, the pinky from doom scared me...

  3. Would love to play it more but one vr controller has a ridiculous amount of thumbstickstick drift sadly. Was the only VR game I enjoyed

  4. Am I only vr gamer that's fine with guns and bows but finds gory melee uncanny and mentally uncomfortable?

  5. This reminds me of taking random people in red dead 2 and lassoing them, putting on my horse and throwing them into moving rivers while tied up. It seems weird to think about it in hindsight lol.

  6. One of my favorite things to do, in both RDR2 and GTAV was to run after someone and jump into them. Sometimes it would knock both of us down, sometimes just them.

  7. Another thing I've never done is build roller coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon and delete a segment after 60 lucky people board the roller coaster straight into a pond

  8. In GTAIV i would play a little game where I would pick someone and just torment them as much as possible without killing them. First shooting out windows and tires on their car until they got out and ran, and then shooting their leg, arm, foot, whatever I could without killing them while following them around. I figured out exactly how much damage could be done to each limb without killing,

  9. Guys play a lot of extremely violent games! I have played a lot of them and definitely done worse than this in a game, but it doesn’t matter. None of this is real. I would never even hurt another living thing unless O was defending myself.

  10. Believe it or not, most people can distinguish between an imaginary act and a real one. I played the shit out of Super Mario as a kid. Never once felt the urge to stomp on a real turtle.

  11. Thing is, this level make you fight this boss bare handed, punching doesn’t do much damage and the boss’s health points feels super high. This is the easiest way to cheese the boss to death after you smashed all the surrounding vases.

  12. I felt this one in my heart. You never know what path life takes, or how long someone is in your life. Unfortunately I think a lot of us have learned that over the last few years :/ I agree. Tell the people you love that you love them while you can

  13. I haven't laid a hand to anyone in my life (oh except that one time I was in grade 6 and got egged into it), consider myself kind and gentle, tender with my family, no anger issues etc.

  14. It’s a physics based puzzle game for the most part and the ability to spawn people in is a collectible found near the end of the game

  15. In reality people who are violent in video games are the most peaceful in real life because they have all their violent needs met from the games

  16. I remember playing Half Life forever ago; one could chase the scientists with a crow bar and beat them to death - complete with them screaming and trying to run… I showed a friend this (to showcase the AI at the time…) and received a shocked look… I’m fine by the way, not a psychopath..haha

  17. For anyone wondering the game he is playing is Boneworks, and that boss actually has a lot of health, and the easiest way to kill him is to just bash his head in so he 1.) can't stand up and fight back, and 2.), so he dies fast. Also a great stress reliever :)

  18. Im a very non-confrontational person and I love playing Blade and Sorcery, which is... violent, to say the least.

  19. He's not even holding his head properly. And that's never the expression they actually make when they're getting their head bashed in. Speaking from expei- I mean triple AAA vr games.

  20. I earlier read a post on a relationship advice subject reddit about a wife being very concerned about what his husband was doing in VR. Basically doing bat shit gory stuff on it.

  21. This is the first time in my life I’ve gotten a TINY TINY TINY bit worried video games may start distorting reality for certain people. We’re not quite there yet…but I’m scared what shit will look like in 25 years 😂😂😂

  22. Well. If you could not see on a screen what he was doing then yes. If he was a real one he would not let you know what there is in the game. 🤣

  23. Lol, are you the one who posted on relationships asking if Blade&Soul meant your husband was a secret killer?

  24. Can you paste someone else face into a game like this? Boy are there some peoples brains I would like to (virtually) bash in...

  25. When I first played dying light sith some friends the first thing I did was to attack a zombie for like 49 sec even though he was done and got sn achievement "was this necessary"

  26. This part of boneworks is super frustrating as this dude wss a "king" like a boss level... He has way more health than the regular dudes and you've lost all firearms during a level transition.

  27. "Whenever he wants to blow off steam we come on down the the visual reality store so he c-" "I GIVE HER A KNUCKLE SANDWHICH"

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