1. That's the funny part, the guy reacts a bit as he turns to look, then really flinched when he sees it's a cat. Like he would have been ok with a skunk.

  2. as someone who has a back-scaling shoulder cat, you definitely get used to the feel of a cat climbing up your body lol

  3. I had one of those hairless cats do this to me while I repairing a wall at a customer's house. I was ok with it until the cat starting licking me behind my ear

  4. I have a sphinx that does this, but it’s mostly to people who sit in a specific chair in the house for some reason…. Or go near our fridge where they hang out on the top of it.

  5. I believe the mindset is more or less "Well that's simply a 'you' problem" when they make any decision.

  6. Mine too! Apparently whatever I'm doing is very interesting. Until the evil sucky machine comes out. Then it's under the bed for her.

  7. you'll want to move slowly and carefully with a cat on your shoulder, and give it as much space as possible to sit. You do not want that cat to think they have to hold on because that's going to hurt a lot

  8. The cat looks like a smallish Maine Coon. I have three of those, the smallest is 23lbs. For the record, when a 23lb cat decides to mount you as a perch, most people come out with a "Fuck" and then stand as still as they can. Dude gets bonus points for not pissing himself.

  9. I wonder if he has shoulder cats at home. He bent forward and gave lots of room for the cat to adjust into a good spot. Cats are little boogers; they never want to settle right away.

  10. Humans have a disable button behind their neck. When they are little their mothers carry them from holding there so they don't wobble around.

  11. When I was a kid, we got a new cat late in the year. For the entire winter, whenever my father came home from work, the cat would greet him by climbing up on him just like what you see in this video.

  12. That cat looks exactly like mine omg. Same fluff, size, and colors. Pattern is a little different but I still managed to laugh out loud and mutter "you little bastard, ziggy" when I saw this.

  13. I don't know why you're getting downvoted for speaking the truth. The cat goes straight on her shoulders when she takes it back, not on the ground.

  14. This is the most chilled out delivery guy ever. If it were me that cat would have been tossed across the street before I even knew what it was.

  15. I have a shoulder cat now. I kind of regret teaching her that trick. It’s fine in the winter when I have a couple of layers on. Not fine in the summer with just a t-shirt. She also does it to random guests. Not cool.

  16. I’ve wanted a cat that rides on my shoulders ever since I met somebody with one. I might just be willing to steal such a cat if the owners would sell it. I’d kill myself from guilt if I ever stole anyone’s pet, but not that. I’d even help the crying kids search for it. No guilt. None. My cat now. I’d name it Aron Ralston & it’d go everywhere with me. Well, everywhere the former owners are unlikely to see me.

  17. I am so jelly of this...I welcome surprise kitty jumps...and also because my own 16-year-old indoor cat has been doing this to me since he was a wee kitten! 🥰

  18. I was fishing at a local river and had a tiny kitten come up out of the rocky bank and climb my leg to my shoulders. She’s ruled my house for 12 years now.

  19. My friend’s cat does this. I picked her up one time as I’m leaving, she proceeded to climb and perch on my shoulders. I had to go back downstairs so my friend could get the cat off my shoulders.

  20. My cat likes to jump on my back every now and then. But, she usually meows before and sits down looking up at me to bend over so my back will be a platform for her and mrrp before she jumps. Sometimes she’ll walk upwards and be a shoulder cat. Pretty nice, but don’t really understand what’s in it for her since she’ll jump off ~30 seconds later.

  21. Delivery people are just amazing. They are the modern day pioneers that keep our civilization going. They just take anything, and roll with it, and still are good people (most of them).

  22. Awe this reminded me of my late sweetheart, anyone in my house that was stationary for long enough was free real estate for shoulder rides ❤️

  23. My cat always wants to be on my shoulder but she is NOT graceful enough to do it without scratching the shit out of my back.

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