1. I'm suspecting he dislikes the children honing the power of Tiga. Anno seems to enjoy more gritty takes on Ultraman (shown by Leo being one of his more preferred ultra shows outside of the first 3), so I think he enjoys the eldritch horror thing going on throughout Tiga (they sort of are angels from Evangelion), but not the cheesy conclusion. I personally am fine with Tiga's ending, and believe that it's a great ending for a returning show for kids, but I understand that it can feel cheesy and coming out of nowhere.

  2. I've never liked the children parts of Tiga's ending either even as a kid watching. it feels forced. There is no build up whatsoever. Also, why only children? So, anybody older than like 15 is not capable of giving Tiga light? The simillar scene in the final odyssey is much better where the ancient ultras are giving him the light.

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