1. The color schemes match that of Fake Dyna. Also, having a colour timer on centre doesn’t really make sense when all 3 forms have that on side

  2. There's no point of Fake Decker since Decker's Earth aren't xenophobic or racial profiling aliens as invaders. That's the original Gregore's reason to imit Dyna's appearance.

  3. But there's also a possibility that Fake Decker just to create a misunderstanding just like what Alien Babalu do in Ultraman Leo.

  4. Dynus or Decker Dynus is set to appear in the movie tho.. if this is Dynamic type and it appears around ep 14 and damn we will see this form for another 11 episodes and it will be boring af. Atleast they should show in ep17,18

  5. Probably not, but honestly if the designers intended Dynamic Type to reference Fake Dyna as an easter egg, it's a really nice one

  6. Wasn’t there a leak (posted on this sub) that stated that Decker’s final form would have horns on it or something? If it’s accurate, this tracks

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