1. All I can say is, the majority of those who voted were Japanese. Ultraman and Seven have the status of not losing to Tiga and Zero in the hearts of the Japanese. So I think the top4 will be their competition.

  2. It really depend on why do people vote for the ultraman, like some may vote because they like the ultraman design, some may vote because they love the series, some vote because they like the ultra as a character, Trigger as a design is pretty good that I can easily see people vote it for that alone.

  3. The trend is always that the ultras who had a big role in the last year or so are much higher on the bar than they usually are.

  4. Yeah, recency effect is very strong for such polls! I'm expecting Regulos to show up in Top 10 because of UGF (he also won another Tsubu poll for fans to pick their favorite ultras to be made into merchandise).

  5. I wanna see Victory up there lmfaoo. There would be more chaos than Chaos Header ever dreamed of. I want to say Man is top 3, but its probably Seven and then Man.

  6. It's a very memorable monster, being a creature that adapts to whatever is thrown at it. Attacking it will only make it stronger and more violent. But if you introduce something peaceful, like music, it will cease to be a threat on it's own. That sticks out in this franchise.

  7. Mebius and Ultraseven should be easily top 7. Kaiju: Baltan, Redking and Gomora top three. Although i would prefer to see Pandon up there. Mecha/ships: U7's Ultra Hawk 1 should be there, Magma Riser could be, too.

  8. I'm surprised at the surprise here that Max is low (not really "low" since he's still top 20 over many other ultras despite not getting much airtime, which is a great feat imo).

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