1. Zero’s blades are a quantum leap from his dad’s. I bet the creator of this feature got a bonus. Who would attack you for this? Seriously.

  2. Hard do choose. I like almost all of them. Only Seven and his variants (Taro, Zero and Taiga included) I'm not really crazy about. They are decent but I like the others more.

  3. Gaia V2. Honestly, the quintessential Ultraman design. Simple, red and silver + gold and black.

  4. I’m a Tiga and Zero fan. Oddly enough, I like the recent live action version of Joneus. The white with red really looks good to me.

  5. You really can't go wrong with OG Ultraman, and I think Shin was an excellent alternate take on it closer to Narita's original vision. But I'm also with you OP, Nexus is a great modernized take, though I prefer his form with red highlights and a proper color timer over the silver one you posted. And of course Zero is the hypest, a great evolution of Seven.

  6. Yeah shin Ultraman is an awesome reimagining of classic Ultraman but I wish zōffy had he's medals because he looks like a recolor of shin but zōffy Is still awesome

  7. Nexus, other ultraman tend to be colorful but his anphans form is kinda unique to me cuz its not just the most designed zero form, it has more design than his other junis forms and it's rare to see ultraman with color palette having black and silver or grey color palette

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