1. Wouldnt this cause people fighting for Ukraine to not want to surrender? Like why surrender if you're going to get sentence to death regardless. Might as well fight to the last breath.

  2. It's also more likely to make Ukrainians (and the folks fighting alongside them) less likely to take POWs, or treat them fairly, knowing that they won't receive the same treatment if captured by Russians.

  3. My thinking exactly they kill a few pows after a show trial and sentence 100s or 1000s of their own troops to die when they have to attack position where they troop will fight to the death..

  4. Logically it would, but fighting heroically to death is much easier said than done. We all like to imagine ourselves as badass martyrs, but things are different when you're in an actual life or death situation.

  5. I think this shows they are actually really scared of foreign troops in the fight. They want to discourage people from helping Ukraine fight more than they fear people being encouraged to fight to the death.

  6. Because Russia is saying they're "mercenaries" (Aiden literally has dual citizenship and has been a Ukrainian military member for years, but I digress) thus foregoing Geneva convention and being able to sentence them to death in the first place. Anyone who Russia recognized as actual Ukrainian military, they wouldn't do this to. It's mainly for in-house propaganda, but also serves as a warning for all the foreign fighters, which are the only people your point would really apply to. Not the regulars.

  7. I'm fairly sure Ukrainian military is aware that capture by Rushit is torture, rape, followed by death by torture-rape. This is just a kangaroo court.

  8. It’s long been known to never surrender to Russia. Some say the real reason Japan surrendered was because Russia moved into Mongolia, not because of the A-Bombs. Which is kind of wild.

  9. Russia is choosing to escalate. My guess is that they aren't going to like the outcome of the escalation. 100,000 dead Russian soldiers by Christmas at the rate alone, and it seems like they desperately want those numbers to ramp up.

  10. Hopefully they’ll send plenty to the Russians, tip first via F35 or cruise missile. I’m not a Boris fan but if he blows the fuck out of the Russians for executing British POWs I’d call him a damn saint.

  11. Yea unfortunately that is the trade off. The best things to ever happen to Britain were the Germans sinking the Lusitania and the Japanese attacking pearl harbor.

  12. So if your a foreigner you might as well fight to the death. That's all this does. Anyways, it's just a bargaining chip to black mail the countries they are from. I highly doubt they will go through with the execution.

  13. It's a bad decision. Even if it did deter recruitment for the foreign legion, Ukraine is not lacking manpower nor even experience. All this does is arm them better with more advanced weaponry from a vengeful West.

  14. Except these guys are Ukrainian citizens registered as members of the armed forces. They just happen to have dual citizenship. This is in fact a war crime.

  15. If you’re a foreign fighter who volunteered and fighting for Ukraine, this means you probably need to fight to the death rather than ever surrender if you were faced in that situation.

  16. Given how many torture basements, "filtration" camps, videos and photos of mutilated corpses with bound hands there are, every single person without a Z in Ukraine should know Rushit capture is a slow death.

  17. How can they sentence anyone to death for defending a democratic country who asked for support. The aggressor continues to violate basic human rights

  18. I don't think they will actually execute them. They will use them as bargaining chips for something in the future. A lot of countries do this even though it's pretty fucked up.

  19. russia is a terrorist state like isis, and all countries in the world should officially recognize this.

  20. This is mind boggeling, they invade Ukraine, people joint to help the defending nation and the invaders have the audacity to sentence these defenders to death??? WTF is going on here.

  21. They aren't even volunteers they are Ukrainian military personnel Both those Brits live in Ukraine and are married to Ukrainian women.

  22. Russia just wants to make sure that in 10 years time, when this war is over, Russia is fked and Ukraine is rebuilding, Russia still will get 0 help from the West. They don't believe they fked their future generations enough, they want to make sure all possibilities for a future prosperous Russia are dead.

  23. It seems some people in Russia aren’t as afraid of the SAS as perhaps they should be if they go ahead with executing British subjects.

  24. So all captured Chechens, Syrians and any of those African guys fighting for Russia should be executed on the spot? Oh hey, why don't we throw in the Wager guys as well since they aren't actual state military..

  25. Because that's what Russia wants. Right now if you surrender you're treated acceptably, for the most part. If you make it so that there's a death sentence if you surrender you're gonna have people fight until they can't. They don't want their help giving up so easily.

  26. All Wagner group are not part of regular army. Does DPR believe they should be sentenced to death when captured? What about all Russians captured fighting for DPR? Could be considered mercenaries since not DPR.

  27. They intend on invoking fear in the British government and any Brit intending on traveling over to fight them. I`m sure they will receive the opposite effect if these brave men are put to death.

  28. That fear really worked well when nazis bombed London, right? Everyone got really scared and asked Churchill to surrender.

  29. These poor guys, they never had a chance. A sham trial, with the result pre-ordained: to kill them in sacrifice in the name of propaganda, to try to discourage other foreigners from joining the fight against Russia.

  30. It also means Russian soldiers are less likely to be given decent treatment, and more likely to be simply executed when they surrender.

  31. Kinda shocking they got a trial and weren't just executed as they were collected. This is how Russia handles propoganda, trying to scare would be defenders. We can only hope the war ends before these guys get whatever it is coming, and they can be forcibly released.

  32. They didn’t execute them on sight for the purpose of a sham trial . Their execution is supposed to scare away new volunteers and/ or pressure England to pull their support.

  33. Well, I actually imagine them to get used as propaganda to scare away foreign fighters and as bargaining chips for Russian POWs. Not saying it's unlikely but I'd be surprised if they get executed so soon when they'd be more useful as bargaining chips.

  34. Really hope this is some Russian propaganda BS / prisoner swap strategy and they will not actually go through with it. Prayers for these guys and all held by the Russians.

  35. as always. russia and its puppets accuse others of what they are doing. what is DPR..its mercs and illegal combatants. yet they judge others to be that... what a fucked up orwell reality they created

  36. I genuinely feel sick. Russia is doing this in the hopes of making negotiations, which Britain/the West won't give into. Let's hope Ukraine can win before the sentence is carried out.

  37. Unless carried out immediately probably won’t happen because foreigners are captured on both sides and retaliation is bad for morale. Plus all foreign fighters for Ukraine won’t surrender which also is bad for morale. Remember Malmedy, A rallying cry for US in WW2, battle of the bulge.

  38. US soldiers stopped taking SS prisoners after that massacre. Wehrmacht were POWs, SS got the bullet. Unfortunately for the Wehrmacht panzer troops their uniform was similar to the SS so they were often shot in the belief that they were also SS.

  39. This is just going to make foreign legionaries a tougher opponent. If they know they'll die if captured why not fight to the last

  40. заебали эти республики уже. пацанам стойкости, думаю, все будет хорошо, вызволят.

  41. The UK are now in the process of trying to convince the Russian government that these are not mercenaries as Russia would believe but actually prisoners of war an should be treated as such.

  42. Since at least one of the guys is ex British army, I feel like this is more likely to serve as a call to arms. Even just suggesting it

  43. Yes, but its not just that. These 2 have been ukrainian citizens for 8 years and are both married to ukrainians and have both served in the regular ukrainian marines for 8 years since the start of the civil war.

  44. Tick tick tick, time is running out for Russia. The world will drop the collective hammer. Putin and his cronies will be strung up and go down in history as another failed attempt at European domination.

  45. Unfortunately not, Russia chose Ukraine because it's the only country they can invade without the world jumping in. If they choose some other NATO country, then shit would kick off

  46. Damn, nice way to increase moral in defenders since they probably are more likely to fight to the end and maybe live instead of surrender and get sentenced to death

  47. So to recap: A court that only russia recognises hands out a sentence that russian courts themselves doesn't have (death) to 3 foreign nationals who should be treated as POWs.

  48. Is it not against the Geneva convention to kill pows? This seems like a brazen disregard for international treaties.

  49. Isn't this in and of itself a war crime? They are enemy combatants taken as POWs. They can be held, but not tried in a criminal trial with sentence of death unless they have proof that they committed a capital crime according to the Geneva Convention. This is fucking outrageous

  50. The Russians are just as inept at international relations as they are ar warfare. What exactly do they think the British are going to do? Rescind aid? No. Opposite. They have made the worst decision possible. It's a trend for Russian leadership.

  51. Well now you know do not surrender take as many Russians Orcs as you can with you. fuck🖕🏻em, this just makes me hate Russians even more now, & if you're a Russian that has traveled outside of your country on most likely not talking to you you guys are cool. It's almost like Russian citizens are in a deep coma until they visit a different country they snap out of their demonic possession.

  52. Brave men and so is every Ukrainian serviceman and so is every nation that wasn't afraid to provide support to Ukraine.

  53. if those in uniform are so sure they are doing the right thing, why do they find the need to wear masks and hide their identities.

  54. poor guys that wanted to help in this fckin war to get the aggressor out. I hate this evil russian war on this friendly democratic state. The Invaders should all get death sentences instead! Hope for them they can return home for some prisoners exchange or something like this but you can’t give putin anything else!

  55. Court officials will live forever in fear of the noose if they kill these guys. Hopefully they'll become more reasonable.

  56. They are looking at 100 years of sanctions. Russia never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to fuck up.

  57. Barbarians. Hope the UK government get involved now. After all, the only necessary thing for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing. Better late than never. Slava Ukraini!

  58. I'm 100% down with us giving them absolutely everything they ask for. Realistically we are an island and a half and not particularly involved in any other military operations right now, we don't need our stockpiles and in a bad situation we have allies, the US in particular, who could send us what we need.

  59. So they call them mercenaries when these two have been ukrainian citizens serving in the ukrainian marines for over 8 years, both married to ukrainian women

  60. These ruskis forget that unlike his French and German counterparts, Boris looks up to Churchill and not Chamberlain. We didnt negotiate with evil then and we wont be doing it now. The UK has been resolute in its support of Ukraine with lethal aid, which will only ramp up. We fight evil. We dont give in to it.

  61. Will Boris Johnson kick out any Russian diplomats? He’s kicked out none since Russia invaded in February.

  62. The moroccan dude was just a student who enrolled in UA army last December. Morocco won't even try to extradite him or take his defense like UK.

  63. This you can suspect that your captured, complete show, and 1 week before the death penalty the Russian get something in return to let them to the west.

  64. If they do follow this through, there will be no point of return, so i bet/ and really hope this wil be one of there bargin chips 🍟

  65. Considering how strongly they reacted to Ukraine being under attack and the few brits Ive talked to about it, this is just a good way to really really piss them off and make them give even more support. These dumbass toilet thieves just like to fuck around and find out, so like, bet🤷

  66. I've seen model casting interviews on Pornhub more legit and credible than this court and the law it applies. Executing POWs is a boundary nobody in his right mind will cross.

  67. Can't do it in Russia, so DPR is the ideal place to kill off the enemies. Technically not Russia so they can still deny the accusations.

  68. The worst thing is, the two British soldiers have been with the Ukrainian armed forces for years. They’re not freedom fighters that went over in February, they’ve lived there for years. They’re genuine POWs, not mercenaries, and as such, should be treated as POWs

  69. Yeah, keep telling me how the Russians aren't to blame for this and it's all Putin's fault. Russia's entire culture is a plague at this point. Maybe the US is no better, but we all need to stop denying plain truths.

  70. You can see part of the mentality of the country just from the layout of the courtroom. In Russia and here the accused is kept in a cage, a literal fucking cage, in cuffs. Innocent until proven guilty is basically nonexistent - if you are in court it's because someone powerful is pissed off with you and the verdict is decided long in advance.

  71. May God give you a glorious death knkwing you sacrificed yourself for everyone you care about. You will not be forgotten.

  72. Regardless, they will get what they deserve. Like I don’t understand, just don’t fucing be a dic to people? Don’t invade, don’t rape, don’t kill (for zero reason, especially because “orders”) it’s hella cringe and I’ll be honest, seeing this crap has gotten me so emotionally upset and angry, it’s making me into a war-Monger. War is horrible. NO ONE WINS, but to sit back on our hands while this shit happens in 2022, I’m just not interested in waiting to be dragged into the conflict. The US (my country, has an absurd military, and have had so for a long time, I’m not interested in storing things for 20-30Y till decommission?) Please, for the love of god, stand for our nations values 😐

  73. I dunno man a government that isn't recognized by the rest of the world sentencing people to death . That's not gonna go over well .

  74. How would you explain the Geneva Conventions to those who rape and kill kids and steal old doghouses? Russia is a terrorist state. Any business with Russia shall be an international crime.

  75. I guess we can start capping Russian pow's now. Did the UK men commit any war crimes? Putin taking a bitch shot at the UK . Because you know Putin is a worthless cunt

  76. Obviously Moscow doesn't have as much control of the DPR as suspected. Russians strategists will understand that this will have disproportionate blowback to any potential domestic gain. Sure a few dozen brits will be less likely to fly out and fight but every british tabloid will be lobbying to the public to send as much hardware as possible.

  77. This is going to backfire on Russia so badly.. Probably more sanctions and more aid to Ukraine. Maybe get UK to send in SAS or something into the fight if they haven't already been covertly.

  78. This entire case is absurd but the shocking part about this is that these guys didn't just show up a few months ago and start fighting. Both Brits have been in Ukraine since 2018 and official servicemen in the Ukrainian military.

  79. When people are sentenced to death on Russia they are almost immediately killed. Just letting everyone know what kind of pigs they are if you forgot or are beginning to fall under Russian propaganda.

  80. Well they just broke the Geneva Convention in public, on TV.. these guys are absolute morons. I just cannot compute how a nation that gives us Chekhov, Kasparov and Tchaikovski is so fucking stupid. Did they start putting their babies next to microwaves or something? Are only the dumb promoted? Just mind-bendingly stupid people.

  81. There was a reason the conventions of war were agreed on in the first place. Humans will do some terrible shit to other humans if allowed. And to call the war you started something other than a war and expect not to be bound by the agreement you signed onto seems a bit of a stretch to me.

  82. If these people were officially fighting for Ukraine and wearing a uniform or at least a symbol identifying them as Ukrainian fighters, they should be considered POWs and be protected by the Geneva convention. But I'm not surprised that Russians don't give a crap about legality or even morality.

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