1. I contacted support and the stupid support person said the customer never tipped me. Lol I said that's BS bc the estimate was $15 and I'm missing $5 and it doesn't say the customer removed the tip.

  2. Had a lady say "Meet at Door" I get there and ring the door bell... no answer.... so I wait about 5 mins..... still nothing... I had another persons order so I couldn't wait any longer and left it at her door. She took her tip back for this....

  3. I think some customers don't pay attention to the delivery options they choose during checkout. If a customer isn't at the door visibly waiting and the note section is empty, I leave it and keep pushing.. haven't had any issues or reduced tips bc of it. In my experience, the people who actually want to meet at door are watching the app and ready to greet as soon as I pull up. If you aren't watching the app for your food, I'm going to assume you're not pressed and leave it for whenever you're ready.

  4. I've cancelled 2 orders that said meet at door and nobody came(and kept the order), no consequences yet. On one I saw people inside and thought they had to put dogs away or something but they never answered...

  5. I had a tip bait fake out last night. It even got to the point where Uber told me the customer reduced the 8.00 showing tip after delivery. Wound up being a 35 dollar tip. First unicorn.

  6. Same thing happened to me on my last 2 deliveries, i was pissed because i was out in shitty winter conditions... Then I woke up to a 14$ in tips lol

  7. Yes. One of my least favorite things about Uber eats. I also hate how you can’t zoom in on the map to get a better idea of where you’re delivering to. Both big reasons why I mainly do DoorDash now.

  8. I liked DoorDash for a while, but I just can’t get over the fact that you can’t leave your “zone“ even if your delivery takes you out of it. It’s also especially annoying because I live in Tampa, and it’s divided into like four different zones for one city.

  9. If Uber tries the hiding pickup and drop-off locations in my market, I won't be taking a delivery under $20 per order. DD can be bad as is, but I decline way more on UE due to not being able to see multiple pickup and drop offs on the map.

  10. Uber eats offers are garbage I think you mean. I'd have to scroll back through my screenshots, but I am pretty sure I had a $1.76 offer tonight.

  11. Anything for exactly $8 means that 99% of the time it's over $8. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that to tip batters marked tips for higher than $8.

  12. It’s frustrating, I’m actually waiting for some right now. But it’s worth it compared to like DD where tips are kinda forbidden apparently lol

  13. I wouldn’t say that tips are forbidden on DoorDash, just more rare than they are on UberEats. But the whole tip hiding thing on DD makes it such a gamble that these days I make most of my $$ on UE (over DD and GH), tip transparency really needs to the norm on all delivery apps tbh.

  14. No, it’s a glitch. I got all orders but 2 after an hour tonight. Just a really annoying problem w the app I’m pretty sure

  15. This has just started happening to me recently. It will say customer reduced tip and then it shows up the next day. And it’s not all of my deliveries. Just one or two a day this happens to. Ugh

  16. It says they reduced, then you get it? I hope that’s what you mean because It just said that my tip was reduced after that wait.

  17. don't be ridiculous we are individual contractors they are always going to satisfy the consumer and that would just be one of the stupidest things you can do business wise.

  18. Update: I was tip baited on one too, $20 expected payout for 12 mi, $12.64 actual tip. If you tip bait, I hope you drop your baby on its head.

  19. Not really. As long as they tip, they can take as long as they want. I finish delivering at 9 pm or so, cause I gotta go get my dog from my sister's place, and on my way back home I start getting tips notifications from the trips I did at 6pm or 7pm. The last tips arrived at 11pm. As long as they tip, customers can take their time.

  20. Yeah, and you know exactly how much you’re going to make way beforehand, unless you work weird hours. I have no fucking clue how much I made tonight. I could’ve been tip baited, I could’ve gotten larger tips, how the hell could I know?

  21. In my market, the tips are coming in properly but I can’t string together more than three deliveries in a row before I have to go off-line, force close, and re-launch the app to keep getting pings. That is far more damaging to my ability to make a decent hourly rate

  22. Yes the hell I am smh...Why I'm getting a fucking job and do this shit whenever i feel like it... I'm still waiting for my tips, and it's been over 6 hours!!!! Total BS man!!!!!

  23. I've delivered there ! Yeah sucks I'm waiting on 6 orders to go through actually missing 1 order completely and this address bs is well bs

  24. First time I've ever had this issue, called support it was a mistake guy was clueless. Also one of my other trips I had a stacked order and one customer completely disappeared from my earnings hopefully that gets fixed too.

  25. This is one of the reasons I don’t do Uber eats as much as Doordash ..waiting to see if you actually get tipped and in terms of just the app itself.. I think the DD app is the best ..when it works …lol

  26. Been that way for years, the client can adjust your tip up to one hour after the delivery so it will always be a one hour wait

  27. Thanks to this post I’m no longer mad about an order I thought I got baited in today. Before I got off it said they took it off but looking now they actually gave $3 extra.

  28. Send me a private text, I’ll explain how you can not only correct this, but make UE personally apologize for every one of these contract violations. I don’t charge a dime for advice. I don’t want your name, location or contact info: just want to teach some skills to empower EVERY UE driver! -peace out

  29. My last trip of the day yesterday. When I got home, after I ate my dinner, I checked the app to see how I did. The last trip said $13 instead of $18. It reads “Yhe customer reduced the tip”.

  30. I’ve noticed if you’re an X driver for Uber and turn your passenger option off they just want to fukin punish you and not send you an order for long enough time for you to frustrate you.

  31. How about this one...whenever there is a surge there is no tip and the trip equals the exact estimator amount even when the customer says they're leaving me a nice tip 🤔

  32. VA, NJ & FL courier here. I've only had this problem once, first starting out. Other than that, I get them an hour after, always. Call support, see if they can help. I've been having trouble cashing out in general. It ALWAYS gives me the 'server is down, wait a few minutes' prompt. Then I get a text to confirm my account and then it goes through. 🤷🏼‍♂️ There's tons of fuckery within the Uber platform.

  33. Crazy we have to wait a hour and now we have to sometimes wait 10 hours. My tips came in this morning almost 10 hours after my shift. When I worked for Bitesquad the biggest plus was u get your tip right when u drop the food off. The only downside is you don't get very many orders with bitesquad. Uber eats has to fix this its not fair to us drivers when we don't get paid hourly

  34. I’ve done 20$ orders and when I’m finished my wallet says 2$ for literally 2 hours or more and it comes in pieces. Like literally 4 payments. It’s annoying

  35. I suggest using Uber eats for only getting gas. Just have it in the background while doing doordash so you can make some real money. Utilize the fact that Uber has 5 payouts. And use this to expand doordashes one daily payout and you will be making bread.

  36. It's annoying, but I usually don't need them right that second, so waiting a few hours isn't the worst thing.

  37. Here is a thing, in canada they dont show "expected tip" i guess its because the customer tip after the delivery. But whenever UE has quests going on like "make 1, 2 or 3 dollars extra per trip", i tend to get less tips than when there is no quest. I wonder why?

  38. Been this way since day one. On top of that, you wait all this time so the customer can later cheap you out of the tip. Fuck that shit!

  39. I think when it happens this way the estimate is based on whatever (time distance ect) and so if everything goes off without a hitch and it takes you no time at all then they lower what they pay you. The reason it almost never happens is because uber pays next to bothing compared to the tip anyway. So if they THOUGHT it would take a hour based on other deliveries and cancellations but then you knock it out in 20 minutes they adjust it. I think, i cant remember what or where i saw that leads me to think this.

  40. I drive in Tampa too! I had the same issue last night, two tips were not showing up but after several hours afterwards. If it doesn't say the customer reduced the tip then we have to wait......

  41. Honestly it used to bother me but with Spark (Walmart) it's 24 hours so I don't really get upset anymore.

  42. It’s extremely frustrating. Uber needs to raise their base pay to compensate for gas and car maintenance. The people we deliver to shouldnt be entirely responsible for all that, a tip is supposed to be extra

  43. Honestly I don't mind it because it makes me mentally push more. Like if I have a goal to make 100 and it's purely without the tips it always good having that extra flow come in in increments.

  44. wait, so you guys see the tip before you drop off the food? im asking because, sometimes I put $0 only because I tip in cash.

  45. So i just started used uber eats and i got a trip that has a 9$ estimate and now it shows as $4.4 instead. Should i wait and contact support? Also, how would i know if the costumer removed the tip vs the app just not showing it?

  46. I stopped delivering for a while because of tip bait. They place a large tip to get you to accept quick on bad deliveries and then remove the tips or reduce them

  47. Yes it’s super annoying, especially when they take longer than usual. I had a order yesterday that was estimated at 11$ and I still haven’t received any tip. Like it’s almost been 24 hrs and support isn’t helping. I just want to know if I should expect it still or try to get over being stiffed…

  48. Why people in the USA feel like they are 100% entitled for their tips?! The app is paying us to cover your costs and time ( not a lot but still ), In UK you barely receive any tips I get like £1-3 every 10-15 rides. Tips are optional and you should be thankful that you get something extra

  49. I think because when you’re told one thing and then get paid a lower amount, is not okay. In the OP, they were given an estimate of $15.38, and only received $7.38 and it doesn’t show the customer removed/reduced the tip.

  50. It's not several hours unless something is messing up. It's 1 hour exactly, and that's because the customer can change the tip for 1 hour after you mark the food delivered. If you don't like it, you could always go work at Domino's and make 4 bucks an hour, but at least you will get your tips right away.

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