1. "I know giving up my career and uprooting our life is a big change and taking a toll on our family emotionally as well as financially but I really missed chilling with my buddies a few hours a day and talking about how much we hate our lives. We make considerably less money but I feel like MY life finally has purpose again"

  2. If you miss it that bad, you may be able to do a non obligated drill with a local reserve unit. Just standby for a good ol motivation crushing cluster. Then decide if you want to enlist in the reserve. For a lot of prior active guys it takes the edge off. Both gives you time around marines, and allows you to be a husband and a nasty civilian in a much more manageable and lucrative work life balanced

  3. This is a great answer. I agree 100%. I was in when I was single. Now married with a 2 year old and a 5 year old I can't imagine the toll it would take. Marriage and kids are hard enough without the USMC. Gives me an entirely new appreciation for guys that do. The true sacrifice of being an active duty Marine is what it does to your family. Rah.

  4. Wake up at 2:30 am. An hour early to the armory, wait an hour for armorers. An hour or 2 early for transpo. Transpo is 30 min to an hour late. At this point its around chow time. Gunny says no one can leave staging area in case transpo shows up. Ur hungry. Food truck comes by u pay $15 for a monster and a less than stellar burrito. Transpo takes u to field. You play dress up for 4 days eating mre shit. And after 4 or 5 gear checks waiting for transpo to go back to civilization Ssgt tells u ur the last stick and will have to wait an hour and a half for transpo to return. Once ur finally back to parade deck. Ur LT informs u no one can leave until ur whole squads weapons are clean. Ur starving and caked in dirt. Ooh rah

  5. Dude, memories are great. You know what else is great? Life outside. Fuck going back. The friends you make outside will never match up with your boys just live with it but know that if you go back it in won’t be the same. That bond will never match so keep your freedom.

  6. Ive been stuck at SOI reception for 6 months and the fuck-fuck games are eye gouging worthy, standing outside for 2 hours just to get counts right, and more.

  7. Anytime I get an itch or a thought like this I just remember the night we did Night Jumps, got back to Company at 0200 (only had 1 injury on the jumps requiring a hospital visit yaaaay), Then had to turn around and get saddled up for a hump (weapons, packs, etc.) at 0430 or some shit like that that. The Regiment CO wanted all hands and no one could get out of despite doing legit fucking training the night before. Yes I know it could be worse but damn if I wasn't beat the fuck out by the end of it.

  8. I went to a muster after I got out. I had similar feelings of missing it. They brought out all their motivational speakers and honestly you could feel an energy building in that room among all the people they were targeting. We had to fill out a paper and answer some questions and turn it back in during all the speeches and powerpoints. Some 1stsgt was told to collect all the papers and I guess we weren't turning them in good enough and he goes "okay fuckers, single file line. Hand these pages in nice and neat so I don't have to reorganize everything. None of this upside down shit. Its not that fucking hard." I don't know how to describe the tone he used but I feel if I say the 1stsgt announcement voice you'll all know exactly what I mean. The whole room had this collective "oh yeah, thats fucking why" moment. Some people literally just tossed the papers at his chest as they walked out after that. No fucks were required, so none were given. The look on his face as he realized he had no power was hilarious and the looks on all the other people who were trying to get us to reenlist was kind of sad. They were devastated and knew they lost the room in like 5 seconds after getting us there for 2 hours.

  9. Now that you are married you won’t be living in the bricks with the boys. No more 4 am drinking , waking up at 530, and doing PT while still drunk. Shit won’t be the same.

  10. "You're a stupid piece of shit that's barely even worth the air you breath. I hate you and your stupid fucking face. You need to act like an adult, but I'm going to continually treat you like a child because fuck you. Also, your leave is cancelled, you're on duty every Friday and Saturday for the next month, you'll be in the field all next week and you're due to take the PFT/CFT and go to the range this month. Why are you so fucked up?!" -Marine Corps

  11. If you really wanna get back into things, I'd recommend the Reserve. You'll get a taste of things again, some decent benefits and training, but you'll keep your civilian job and not uproot your entire life. Not the same vibes as active for sure. But you only have obligated service if you lat move and you can drop right back to the IRR.

  12. Join an air guard unit that deploys a lot. By the end of your first contract, your job and your marriage will be a mess, then you'll remember why you got out.

  13. You say your wife would hate it but “understand” 🤔? , let me say this without being specifically talking about your personal wife.

  14. Go to your local sex shop and pick up a big dildo. Spray paint it green and they dry fuck your asshole with it? If you enjoy that then by all means reenlist.

  15. Most Corpsmen I know get stationed the exact opposite of where they hoped for and hate their lives, stuck in a clinic looking at leaking dicks all day and signing off on PFT/CFT waivers from lance corporals with pre-existing conditions that never disclosed them and are now to chicken shit to admit it.

  16. The prior service recruiter I was talking to essentially told me that going back in was going to be incumbent upon me, and he wasn't going to lift a finger to do a single piece of paperwork; he would talk to his command, but only when absolutely necessary. Sounds like the most skate billet in the entirety of the Corps.

  17. You can find the camaraderie and purpose outside of the military - find veterans groups, like Team Rubicon, where vets collaborate on getting stuff done for the community (without the ff games, of course).

  18. Hit up a prior service or reserves recruiter and join your local Reserve unit. They’re essentially headhunting IRR prior-Active Marines rn to fill out their Reserve spots. They don’t need trained, go through the schoolhouse and have more experience than most Reservists do. You get your monthly fill of working with fucking retards again and it won’t uproot and dismantle everything you’ve worked for since you’ve been out.

  19. Remember that time you were doing fast rope training out of ospreys? And those three dudes fell out of the birds and were pretty badly injured? And then 1st Sgt bragged about chewing them out to make sure they knew they fucked up? As if falling between 30 and 50ft while fast roping wasn't a clue you fucked something up. Or being hospitalized for that matter.

  20. I completely get where you’re coming from. So this Friday if you’re feeling moto, Go dig a fighting hole after a 20 mile hike with 80lbs pack, turn your sprinkler on so it’s “raining” on you, and sit in the fighting hole on security until Sunday.

  21. Have you thought about the national guard? Maybe that could help. You"ll have a sense of purpose without any of the activre duty bullshit

  22. I went through that phase in the mid 2000s. Daydreaming about what it would be like if I were still in. Feeling nostalgic. You'll snap out of it.

  23. There has to be another organization that will fill that hole. You could try the classics of motorcycle clubs or social groups.

  24. Fuck I thought I was the only one. I still dream of going through boot or my time on wack ass quantico being a barracks manage and dealing with a bullshit court martial. Except I’m only 27

  25. I’ve been out long enough that my body has finally started to recover. My knees don’t kill me, my back is solid. I had to do and still do a lot of maintenance body work and yoga and stretching.

  26. Different question I’m 19 and going back and forth enlisting really have no direction and don’t have a job that I like. At my age would it be worth it?

  27. If civilian life is missing something it’s because you aren’t fulfilling your life. Maybe find a hobby or something you find rewarding?

  28. Navy here. Don’t go back lol I had the best time my 6 years in but being a civilian again has brought so much more life into me.

  29. There’s a reason you got out to begin with, and that’s what you gotta remember, because nothings changed over there and it’s gonna be the same shit, different day. I’m sure your family has gotten used to you being around too, and do you really want to go back to being gone 9 months outta the year, and babysitting grown adults?

  30. Join the Fire Department as a volunteer or something. It will keep things interesting. If your body is still intact, I would suggest learning some outdoor adventure skills, a lot of bonding and shooting the shit with people in those social circles. Also, if you re-enlist I will hunt you down and kick you in the genitalia. Just know that is looming over you now.

  31. What describe is that you're missing the comradery and fellowship with people working towards a common goal. It is not an uncommon feeling for veterans like us-especially when those relationships have been forged in literal fire. Finding a hobby that is away from work can help. Hanging out at a VFW might help as well. Your time on active duty will be with you for the rest of you life. You've been out 2 years. It takes time to create relationships outside of work once you get out. Also,

  32. Prep for a 96. On Wednesday when you would be securing early, give your self a 5 hour safety brief. Once this is complete, pretend to form a school circle around the 1st sgt. Have him give a speach that reiterates the safety brief. Then have Gunny take over, and him reiterate what 1st Sgt said. Next have the Staff Nco take over to REALLY hammer home what Guns and 1st said. Secure it to the NCO's. Now, if you're going to be an NCO (or a Staff) go ahead and hit those junior's with more of the same. Now that Wednesday is completely fucked, prepare for your 96. Dammit anyhow, your PFC rolled his truck before coming on base because he gaffed off the safety brief, and 13 other Marines reiterating said brief. The 96 is now fucked, and you're reporting to work on Saturday. Just remember in this lovely scenario that you COULD be back home in your boring life, but nah, you chose this.

  33. Omg don't do it brother. If you were at the end of an enlistment that would be 1 thing but you're doing too good to bring your quality of life down that bad. Also if you're getting any disability compensation its highly unlikely they would let you reenlist anyway without a ton of waivers.

  34. Go volunteer to help out with the local recruiting office, after 1 week I guarantee you will not want to run the risk of getting HSSTed.

  35. The memories are with people you initially served with. They aren’t there and the new memories wouldn’t be the same. You would probably hate your life. Don’t do it.

  36. I feel the same way, but I got out for my family. I just went out and found a range, got a membership and kick it out there for a few hours every weekend. Find a group that gets together and fills the void.

  37. I think a lot of people feel this way. I know I did. Rekindling your purpose as a civilian can take some work and time. I found a career that I’m passionate about and my kids give me a reason to keep training. What you’re describing is normal but it gets better with time.

  38. Dude you’re not the same person you were 2 years ago and you got out for a reason so try to remember those reasons.

  39. I'm a lineman and it's pretty similar to the military. I've been on two storms living out of my bucket truck with the boys. I smell like a wheelbarrow full of assholes on storm and I work my dick in the dirt some days doing shit that actually matters, but at the end I can say I did something important.

  40. Unfortunately, re-entry to active service is extremely difficult unless you have an extremely desirable skillset, such as CSO. That being the case, this decision will likely be made for you. That said, you have two options:

  41. You are most likely unable to go back to anyway. You could go be a non obligor reservist if you really need convincing to not fucking do it

  42. Well you could always join the Army Reserves / National Guard to get your fix and not commit to making a full on mistake.

  43. Is there a site with this info? I’m 100 and I’d like to go to school but I also don’t want to go through a rigamarole if it were to mess with percentage or having to reapply.

  44. You sound like an abused child only remembering the good shit and blocking out all the bad shit daddy did to you.

  45. You’ll end up divorced and she’ll take the house and a good chunk of cash. Kids? She’ll get them too and you’ll never see them because she left on deployment and moved to another state. Have fun.

  46. Don’t do it man. You’ve got a family and a nice job and as you said, your wife wouldn’t be happy with it. There’s a possibility that she becomes okay with it but if she doesn’t? I wouldn’t risk anything you’ve got right now. You did your time and your duties in the Corps, it’s nice looking back at the good times. But now it’s time for you to do your duties as a good husband and father (if you are one). It’s good times we hold onto but just remember the equal or more bad times😂all the bullshit and stupidity that goes on. Just ain’t worth it man.

  47. Go Reserves - the Individual Mobilization Agumentee (IMA) program is the greatest reserve secret. You are assigned to an AD unit and can run your drills on your schedule. It is not the clusterfuck SMCR is. YOu still get your taste of .mil but still make the civilian money.

  48. Go live in a desert for 6 months so I can weasel my way into your wife's bed. When you come home I'll be sure to wave goodbye as you pack all of your shit and leave

  49. I'll come inspect your house on a Thursday afternoon when I'm about 8 beers deep and run my finger over random surfaces while I make out loud judgements about your personality based on the things I see in your residence. Then I'll say something about how you're not living up to your potential and how "back in my day" people were competitive and NCOs were real NCOs.

  50. You can additionally find your local Legion or VFW if you’re that interested in finding local vets. I’ve heard mixed experiences in them, but on paper they give an opportunity to be around veterans and give back to your community. Could be a cool outlet based on your needs

  51. Just re enlist if you’re still qualified bro. Just know it’s really hard to re enlist prior enlisted and there are a lot of factors to still being qualified. I honestly would go talk to the prior service recruiter to see if your even still qualified before putting too much thought into it. You’ll have to take the ASVAB over again too so that’s another thing. Just some food for thought.

  52. Go to your computer and spend countless hours going through PowerPoint presentations, as well as the same stupid cyber awareness, sexual harassment, blah blah blah courses that you’ve year in and out with absolutely no memory retention at all because reasons.

  53. You’re not in control of big life decisions in the military. You’re very unlikely to decide where you want to live and you’ll be doing. Once you get out for good, you’ll be faced with the reality of making big decisions that you didn’t learn how to approach because the military did that for you.

  54. You’re not missing anything good you can’t find somewhere as a civilian. You seem pretty set in life. Do t ruin it by taking a pay cut to go back to a career that’s more stress than reward.

  55. All those fun and good memories/times you had were probably only 10% of the total time you had in the service. You cherish them so fondly because 90% of the time during your service you were just getting shit on or doing mindless boring tasks.

  56. You probably miss that camaraderie that you don’t have anymore especially if after you EAS and don’t keep in contact with anyone you served with, I’m not sure where you are but the reserves could quench that thirst. It gives you a break from the wife, kids and work. I’m still tight with the guys I EAS from the reserves not so much from when I was active. I would check the command though to see how they are, it’s very little fuk fuk games because a majority are prior active and have careers and are a bit more mature. And if you like it you can get a pension I still believe it’s after 20yrs of course with time served form active counts towards that. Just something to consider.

  57. The feeling you’re having about life missing something will happen now, or when you’ve done 20 years. It will always be there. So learn to find your purpose now and spare yourself the misery

  58. I talked my son out of joining the Marines and instead being a corpsman who serves with Marines. "The stupid jokes we'd make and how we bonded over a mutual hate of the situation" the camaraderie is why he stays in, he is not too sure where else he would get that. Having those shared memories means something to him and guess it does you too? Hope that was not homoerotic in any way.

  59. Take all the furniture out of your house, stack it in your yard, clean your house, move it back, let some random dude come tell you it's not clean enough and do it all over again.

  60. Tell your wife she has to move and find a new job and that all needs to happen by next month.

  61. A Marine under 21 from your BN just got a dui after he wrecked a jetski on land with the CO's 16yo daughter on the back of it. Good new, the baby survived. Bad news, 0500 safety brief and paternity test for the whole unit.

  62. Honestly, think about what made you get out in the first place. Or, if you plan on having kids, would you want to miss your child’s birthday because you’re deployed? Or take a significant pay cut? The rose tinted lens of nostalgia can be dangerous. More “military things” you may have forgotten about, including but not limited to:

  63. What’s an RO? Regardless - try out the reserves if you’re still in the IRR. You can join an SMCR unit with little to no commitment. If you did your 4 active obligated years, you can join an SMCR unit and drop immediately if it’s not for you.

  64. Go ask those recruiters how much they hate their lives. Granted if you wanted to get back in they’d be drooling over your cock to get you to sign but since you’re already prior service they’ll be more straight up with you about how shitty life is I’d assume

  65. Here's a simple exercise to help prepare yourself: go look in your freezer. If there's ice in it, your field day is failed, now spend the next 12 hours cleaning your entire house from top to bottom and prepare for another grown ass man to tell you why you did it wrong.

  66. Nostalgia is enough. It won't be the same experience you had before and the stupid shit will be much harder to take after having your freedom.

  67. Honestly, my reasoning for not getting out is simple. You wanna miss the next conflict? Be on the sidelines? 😎 Cool, cause I don’t. If I retire before it then sure, but I truly cannot see myself not being there. Look at Ukraine, the whole country was conscripted. I would rather prepare everyday than be told hey your going. Also, I couldn’t bare the thought of another man serving for me. Maybe one day I will grow older and tired, but until then this goat rope keeps me young and annoyed.

  68. Make plans to go out of town for the weekend. Then at the last minute, lock yourself in your bedroom until Sunday evening cleaning because some dipshit got in trouble. Problem solved.

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