1. If some practical fx person was trying to make it look like a UFO was deploying a drone, they failed. Looks like something fell out of the UFO.

  2. Notice how quickly it drops? It looks like a toy, doesn't it? It takes about half a second to get to the bottom of the screen.

  3. This sort of fake video is the sort of thing that will sit on the front page for a couple of days and make us all stupid.

  4. For what it's worth, reports of dripping metal being left behind are very common - since the earliest reports in the 20th century.

  5. I made a post a while back about the movie Flight Of The Navigator about its similarities to the Nimitz craft & it reminds me of this & at lest the liquid metal part does.

  6. No question it’s fake, the object dropping totally killed the illusion letting the observer see it’s a miniature model.

  7. I have seen a literal video around 2000 of a UFO dropping molten metal fragments over water.

  8. The first thing I thought was how the UFO looks like the one you often see for clip art and video titles. Classic saucer with 3 little domes on the bottom. Or maybe this saucer is like the Corolla of saucers. Lots of them.

  9. If this was the real thing, it would be shown EVERYWHERE. EVERYONE would know of it. It would be on national news being played over and over.

  10. unless this space-turd is powered and actively wasting its space-diesel at flying twards the ground... (and imagine how far the closest space-gas-station-is)

  11. Multiple saucers have those balls under them. Apparently they have something to do with gyroscopes / their electromagnetic drives. The German UFO (haunebu) from the 40s has this as well. If it's really or not, who knows. But there are many craft that supposedly have this under it.

  12. I don't feel like doing the exact measurements or math right now, but here's a back of the envelope calculation:

  13. That's a good point, but here's mine: what if the object wasn't in free fall but turning itself on, slowing down the falling speed and beginning to levitate? We can't see what happens when it gets out of frame; maybe it stops falling? I'm not saying the video is real, just thinking...

  14. When the "drone" drops out of the UFO it looks rather small doesn't it? Like it doesn't fall fast enough or something and the wind kind of takes it off to the side a bit.

  15. The item it drops is quite large in comparison to the size of the saucer itself. Basically takes up all the room inside.

  16. Very interesting but something stinks. Who would video this with the object in the edge of the frame and not cantered. The camera will focus better if the object is centered and you are better able to ensure the object stayed in frame should it move a few inches to the left. Either the videographer intentional framed it that way to hide it or it was cropped that way afterwards to hide something. Maybe an object was cropped out in order to hide the objects size/scale.

  17. They’ve been scoping us out for millennia for exactly this. That private meeting with Eisenhower was just them asking if they could dump some stuff out of their ship years later. This is huge.

  18. Tom Delonge posted a picture of this on his Instagram account more than two years ago. I’ve never seen the video tho. Here is a link to the Instagram post

  19. How do we get to a place where these types of videos are filtered out and what remain are the truly unexplainable and/or quality UFO videos?

  20. This is the video that Tom Delong shared on Twitter. I am not aware if its origin has been confirmed, but it exactly matches the observations of discs with up to three domed “landing gear” and deploying those a spherical orbs. Eg Brazil dropping off orbs

  21. People always say, "Why is every UFO video blurry and shaky?" Even when one isn't, there are always 10 other problems with it.

  22. Extraordinarily good vid. The cube released seems similar to other cubes recently captured on vid elsewhere too.

  23. This could be the real deal and nobody would know because of the top comments. Smfh. Boys in black are active asf on Reddit.

  24. They did the same to the now famous USS Nimitz F18A Tic Tac FLIR video of 2004, when it was leaked in 2007…then December 2017 happened and all those naysayers kept their mouths firmly shut.

  25. I wish we had a word for “if it’s real”. Because if it’s really something new it’s no longer unidentified.

  26. As someone posted below, the oddness with which it drops out kinda adds credence to the video. If someone were trying to make a believable video they most likely would have made whatever that is dropping out look more like what we would think a drone would look like. Instead a molten metal liquid poop.

  27. UFOs dropping molten metal is a frequently reported activity, so if someone wanted to make a convincing fake this is definitely one way of doing it. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure this one is fake because of how the "metal" falls. It's too fast and erratic, revealing that this is a miniature model :/ Someone did a quick approximation of the size in another comment.

  28. The way it falls out very awkwardly (yet realistically) makes me feel like it's not a fake for some reason. I feel like if someone was cgi-ing this cool craft, they'd try and make the drone look interesting too. That thing looks like it's taking a dump.

  29. Yeah, the unnatural feel of it makes me want to think this is real. If real, this is one of the greatest videos ever of a UAP.

  30. It’s most likely dropping it’s waste from the fuel source. Lots of reports of UFOs leaving behind blobs of liquid metal beneath.

  31. Nobody can know for sure if it’s fake or real….Disclosure comes at a time when we can photoshop lifelike video footage so perfect that actual footage can be disregarded. So once again, secrecy is still in effect for enough time that allows the powers that be to keep the truth hidden.

  32. He waited and waited…distracted by the person taking a VIDEO (c’mon, a ‘lil privacy) then the sweet release and exhale. Someone hit the fan.

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