1. Every time people join onto stream to do nothing but harass me over something in game that happened. Every time I ever posted a highlight and only one person commented with a "who cares". Sometimes having nothing but a negative presence makes it painful and can create a lot of anxiety for smaller streamers. It is natural. - After a year of streaming, when those bad people joined onto stream, I had friends and a small community of people there to fight back and hold me up. So it can be rough in the early days but there is something very wonderful about having people grow to support you eventually. They will help take that feeling of anxiety away.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that! It’s awful when you put yourself out here and people are cruel in response. I’m glad to hear it’s improved

  3. Been over 2 years streaming and I still get anxious when about to press the Go Live button. I don't offer anything special but I like to at least have quality streams, so among the thoughts racing in my mind when pressing it is being locked into a stream for at least a couple hours and the big one, being more talkative than I am, which is hardly at all.

  4. Me too. Yesterday I had a panic attack on stream and had to leave for like 10 min. Like you said though, I’m hoping putting myself out there everyday will slowly ease the anxiety.

  5. Yes, definitely! Repetition gets your brain used to things and realizing you CAN handle things is super important. I’m glad you’ve stuck w it!

  6. If it's something a little unusual or out of my control, I get nervous. Like every month I do a community games evening and I'm always anxious that people won't join in. Or if I'm streaming a game I might not typically play.

  7. Every single time I hit that live button. Every time someone sends a chat. Every minute is anxiety. But I've done live shows and events and public speaking so often I'm able to turn it off. I feel it in the back of my mind for the whole show, but it is suppressed.

  8. Wow! That sounds hard. You are so brave for continuing! If you don’t mind me asking, what has drawn you to performance? How do you continuously overcome the anxiety?

  9. Streaming doesnt make me feel anxious. I can relate to not achieving what I want though. I streamed (nearly) every day for nearly 18 months. Then slowly started streaming less and less due to just not getting what I wanted out of it.

  10. It's a slow process , streaming is both easy to get into and hard to maintain , keep at it you will get their

  11. It used to. When I first started years ago, I was very worried about it since I was more used to youtube content and doing only pre recorded things I can scrap if I was unhappy. I then took a 2 year break that I broke a couple months ago and I've been liking it much more than ever before. I stopped worrying about counts or the numbers and just did it for fun and it felt so liberating.

  12. That’s good to hear! Streaming and YouTube videos are definitely two different ball games. I’m glad you were able to have fun with it and not worry about numbers!

  13. I'm just starting out, but it's usually the physical sensations of anxiety and fear of public speaking that come in one big paralyzing rush before hitting the stream button, and it gradually subsides as I get into what I'm playing. Though I do get nervous when I'm by myself and trying to think of stuff to say without stuttering or tripping over my words. Sometimes my S.O. (who is long distance) will watch and talk to me in chat so that helps with the speaking aspect, but obviously I can't rely on them for that 100% of the time.

  14. I understand that. I think at a certain point I was able to tell myself “I’m gonna do dumb things and if people don’t enjoy that as part of my charm, they aren’t my kind of people!” But it’s hard to get there! It’s hard to not take it personally when you aren’t someone’s cup of tea.

  15. Yes, I’m still new to streaming and really starting out my channel. But every time right before I hit that go live button I feel my heart racing. I always have this little bout of nerves as I’m streaming. But so far I’ve been lucky to have close friends supporting me and helping me push through it. ❤️

  16. I’m glad to hear that! I definitely get that - in the last minute or so of my countdown before I’m actually on screen I’m usually freaking out a little aha

  17. Absolutely. I use a heart rate monitor when I stream and my heart rate sits at like 95 to 100 when streaming and 75 when I'm just chilling out. Definitely anxious.

  18. Life has been pretty busy the last few years, so I haven't had the opportunity to play games almost at all, but now I've set aside a few days a week that I stream, which has allowed me to venture back into gaming, so I think it helps that I'm ALWAYS excited to go live because it means I get to do one of my favorite pastimes, and share it with other people.

  19. I think that’s a very good point of view! I think a lot of ppl are too preoccupied with growing when there are other great things about streaming that don’t require a bit audience. Thank you for sharing!

  20. I was lucky enough to have my first ever anxiety attack while streaming (at least, the first one I recognized as such). Don't know why it happened while streaming - I enjoy streaming, but it is actually really personal. I'm used to working in theatre and every moment in a show is planned out - all the lines are written ahead of time, we practice technical elements repeatedly and have contingency plans, and I'm used to having an audience that responds audibly when they see something they like. None of that is necessarily the case while streaming, and putting yourself out there without the safety net of a team or writer or director is difficult.

  21. Definitely! When I stream there are always those anxious thoughts of is todays stream going to be entertaining for viewers? Am I going to provide a nice chill de-stress/unwinding environment for viewers? Is whatever I'm doing in game going to be interesting or will I be able to help viewers accomplish something in game? Am I going to struggle with something in game and create a bad vibe/provide less than stellar viewing?

  22. I think it’s sweet that you care so much about making things good for your viewers, but I totally understand how stressful that can be! I’m sure you’re doing your best and your viewers appreciate it.

  23. Absolutely... I suffer from a speech impediment so I'm already anxious enough as is before I go live, but once I stream that anxiety sort of lingers and builds up, I've really lost confidence over the last year with the whole COVID-19 thing. I've not even streamed for about a week now due to having an anxiety attack on the weekend and a voice in my head telling me I'm not ready to try again just yet. Trying to push myself to do another though!

  24. 8 months of streaming and I'm still anxious, anxious to say the wrong word, or do a silly face expression, I try to control myself when I stream a lot, cause when I play off stream I have a poker face and am very concentrated on the game as well as quiet, nobody's gonna watch that xD so I try my best to intensify all of my feelings and experiences on stream.Important thing that I noticed, I sometimes feel like I'm doing some bs on stream, but when I check the VOD it doesn't look so bad, not all of the attention is pointed at me, but to the game as well, to the music and so on, nobody's gonna watch your every single move with binoculars, so I just try to forget about my anxiousness and focus on the moment, on the game, chat and on the meaning of what I'm saying.

  25. I've been doing it 2 weeks and you've got to have yourself ready to go live. However as I have been gaming for years I already have a inner vocal reaction to how I play and its just sharing that experience with people. I'm going to be myself and hoping it works out for me. Setting a routine and time is working well too.

  26. I feel this way often. I would highly suggest checking out David Goggins. He explains that the human mind tries to push you into doing things that are comfortable because they're safe, and that in order to fix those feelings you have to push yourself in the opposite direction. He stresses the idea of making calluses on your brain/mind, so that these experiences become easier for us as we continue to do them. Has helped me a ton.

  27. After a couple of years streaming I decided to retire recently because despite the good streams now and then, I started to notice after every stream, it was actually making me feel more anxious because of the "performance" I was putting on for those few hours. It would often end up taking me a day or 2 to come back down and feel normal again because I would feel very wired and tightly wound and not in a good way. Until I can work out what is causing it I just can't do it to myself mentally, I feel like a fake and a fraud if i were to force myself to stream and put on a happy face for everyone.

  28. Every time! Before I start, it’s certainly at its highest, but I feel once I get going it sort of falls off. I try to just have fun and engage with whoever is in chat and watching. I also try not to let a “bad” stream (low viewers, energy levels low etc.) get to me and start the next one with a fresh mindset.

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